On-Demand Webinar: Build a Better Brand for 2022

5 key takeaways on setting your company up for success in the new year

Written by Kate Heinz
Published on Nov. 24, 2020
On-Demand Webinar: Build a Better Brand for 2022

Your brand is a vital part of your business, as it impacts recruitment, retention, revenue and everything in between. It’s not something you can switch on and off, nor is your brand something to leave behind. Rather, it should be an evolutionary process; as your business grows, your team scales and your priorities shift, so too should your employer brand. 

In a year marked by COVID-19 and the global shift to remote work, your brand undoubtedly has shifted, as well. The name of the game now is accounting for all the changes that have occurred and creating a stable brand while continuing to remain nimble. 

We rounded up a group of experts to discuss how to do just that. Download the recording to hear the full conversation, and read on for five key highlights. 



About the Webinar 

Talent and employer branding leaders from Saggezza, Bain Capital Ventures and Rally Health joined Built In CMO Sheridan Orr in a stimulating conversation about the importance of employer branding. The panelist shared their insights on the impact of listening to employees to evolve your employee value proposition (EVP), how to pivot your brand during business inflection points, as well as how to align internal stakeholders and employees on brand iterations. 

Below are five key takeaways from the discussion. To learn the full details and hear what each expert had to say about branding in 2021, download the on-demand webinar below.




5 Key Takeaways From the Webinar

Fostering human connections is key

Being a remote company today means employees are spread out and only connected over a screen. Because of that, your employee value proposition has likely changed, which impacts your employer brand, as well. The focus now lies in monitoring employee well being, actively tracking employee engagement and finding ways to forge meaningful relationships between colleagues and teams. With changes happening rapidly, you must listen to your employees and adapt how you talk about your brand and EVP.


Evolve your brand with your business

When you’re a small company, your messaging to candidates might fall along the lines of, “Come be the first in the door, get your hands dirty and build the future of our company.” When you’re a 1,000 person company and still growing, that message no longer works. As your company changes, so too will the internal dynamics. As such, how you talk about your company and brand should also evolve to stay both fresh and realistic.


Create a repeatable process for fast-changing situations

There will be times in your business where inflection points will crop up out of nowhere. In those situations, you don’t have much time to prepare for a pivot. However, the same process of when you would have a longer ramp up period should still apply. Build a process that you would be comfortable using in good times and really comfortable using in a quick, iterative fashion when there’s less time to prepare.


Lean on (and adapt) your values

You don’t want to be adjusting your values all the time so that every month there’s something different, but there are moments in time when your company changes. When considering your brand, refer back to your values and remain flexible so that when your company needs it, your values can evolve. Stay agile, recognize changes and contribute when you can to help the company purposefully shift. 


Collect feedback

In order to build a better employer brand and employee value proposition, you need to know where you’re starting from. Collect feedback from your recruiters and hiring managers on what’s resonating with candidates to get a true sense of your employer brand, and ask candidates for their input on the hiring process to understand how your EVP translates. Of course, keep tabs on your existing employees’ needs and wants so you’re able to create a strong internal brand that reflects your values. 









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