14 Branding Agencies Setting the Perfect Tone in Phoenix

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Mar. 11, 2022
14 Branding Agencies Setting the Perfect Tone in Phoenix
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It takes time, effort and a well-executed strategy to grow audiences and turn products into household names — even for brands that seem to have been with us our entire lives. The key to one brand succeeding over another in the same market, comes down to portraying an authentic and unique brand. Determining what that uniqueness is, and ultimately building activations that emphasize and promote it, make up the foundation of any successful branding campaign.

Whether an agency offers branding services as part of a list of capabilities or chooses to focus on brand activation as their sole offering, branding experts on both sides are often skilled in copywriting, design, development, production or any combination of skillsets. These creative teams work together to find the perfect solution to a brand-new, unique set of brand challenges. Need an example? See what the experts at these 14 Phoenix branding agencies have brought to the table for their clients so far.

Phoenix Branding Agencies To Know

  • Casual Astronaut
  • Fingerpaint
  • iAcquire
  • The Lavidge Company
  • New Angle Media
  • OH Partners
  • RIESTER Advertising
  • Serendipit Consulting
  • PHMG
PHMG Branding Agencies Phoenix

Founded: 1998 

What they do: Few businesses consider the audial aspects of their brands, so PHMG has crafted unique audio experiences. With PHMG’s technology, companies can set up automated greetings, share after-hours contact info, and craft a personalized voicemail. Delivering more detail to the sounds of a business, PHMG enriches brands and allows companies to connect with their customers on a deeper level.   


Bar Napkin Productions branding agency Phoenix
Bar Napkin Productions

Founded: 2008

What they do: Bar Napkin Productions is a branding and design firm helping organizations craft meaningful hospitality experiences that increase profitability. The team of brand experts, architects and designers blends a unique set of skills together to deliver identity creation solutions to form well-rounded activations for exceptional occasions.

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Casual Astronaut branding agency Phoenix
Casual Astronaut

Founded: 2014

What they do: Casual Astronaut focuses its process on discovering the right channels for connecting its clients with their target audiences, armed with strategy, content, design, digital marketing and measurement capabilities to get the job done. The agency’s branding efforts begin by crafting the perfect brand and content strategies, adding logo design, identity design and additional visual branding elements to ensure brand stories resonate over time.


Endurance branding agency Phoenix

Founded: 2018

What they do: Endurance is the agency businesses and organizations of all sizes turn to when in need of a multitude of advertising solutions to help them grow larger. The agency works to comfortably bring brands from the brand and strategy development phase to social media marketing, email marketing, video creation, creative executions and persona development services that allow brands to tell the stories they’ve been meaning to all along.


Fingerpaint branding agency Phoenix

Founded: 2008

What they do: Fingerpaint is a team of experts when it comes to the needs of the healthcare industry, offering a full range of marketing services that activate brands and allow them to develop into full identities. Built to handle even the most unique healthcare marketing challenges, Fingerpaint offers services tailored to addressing specific client needs and finding solutions in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.


iAcquire branding agency Phoenix

Founded: 2008

What they do: IAcquire works hand-in-hand with companies to ensure content marketing activations match their brand’s identity and goals perfectly. Market research, strategic planning and brand strategy are all comfortably within iAcquire’s realm of expertise, with organic search and social media capabilities rounding out a potent mixture of services for optimal growth.


KEO Marketing branding agency Phoenix
KEO Marketing

Founded: 2000

What they do: KEO Marketing specializes in providing clients with an expertise in the outbound and inbound marketing tactics that help Fortune 1000 and medium sized businesses exceed their marketing and sales goals. Beginning by completing industry and competitor analysis and forming a lock-tight strategy, KEO Marketing offers a wide range of creative, search, social and additional services, including branding solutions like corporate identity creation and online reputation management.


The Lavidge Company branding agency Phoenix
The Lavidge Company

Founded: 1982

What they do: Lavidge is a collection of designers, writers, coders, PR experts and media professionals working together with a goal of building big ideas for brands that effectively reach the right sets of people. A bevy of advertising and technology capabilities allow the agency to craft unique campaigns from the ground up, like its recent campaign with Delta Dental that included responsive website development, print collateral and video spots.  


New Angle Media branding agency Phoenix
New Angle Media

Founded: 2003

What they do: New Angle Media combines the talents of filmmakers, marketers, designers, developers and creatives from all walks of life to create best-in-class content that help brands grow exponentially. Highly skilled in developing websites, enterprise applications and video spots, New Angle Media identifies unique opportunities for digital growth and turns them into solutions that are an ideal match for its clients’ brands. 


OH Partners branding agency Phoenix
OH Partners

Founded: 2008

What they do: OH Partners is a full-service agency acting as an extension of its client-partners’ businesses by attuning itself to their marketing needs and developing brands into their strongest form possible. Branding, creative, strategy, social media, client services and additional services are all available from the agency, which is also home to Matter Films, an all-encompassing production company that comfortably takes projects from script to screen.


RIESTER Advertising branding agency Phoenix
RIESTER Advertising

Founded: 1989

What they do: Every part of RIESTER Advertising’s process is dedicated to keeping innovation front and center, offering strategy, creative, PR, digital marketing and measurement capabilities to take brands to the top and keep them there. The agency is skilled at both determining what a brand needs to reach its potential and designing campaigns that solve challenges along the way, specializing in website development, application development, video production, content marketing and more.


Satow Strategies branding agency Phoenix
Satow Strategies

Founded: 2002

What they do: Satow Strategies taps into the power of a brand’s unique differentiator to develop ad campaigns that are both authentic and effective. From brand strategy and product naming services to product launching, website development and media relations, Satow Strategies provides an effective line of services that allow brands to show progress while reducing spend.


Serendipit Consulting branding agency Phoenix
Serendipit Consulting

Founded: 2008

What they do: Serendipit Consulting is a partner to brands at any stage of the game looking for the right tools to help them conquer new audiences and share their brand’s message with the world. The agency focuses on both the science and art of branding when developing naming, logo, positioning, collateral and trade show solutions for its clients, taking a brand’s history and aspirations into consideration to authentically execute campaigns.

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Tornado Design branding agency Phoenix
Tornado Design

Founded: 1998

What they do: Tornado Design is a pro-team of developers and designers working with small businesses to develop the most cost-effective website and digital marketing solutions that will allow their brands to thrive. Digital marketing, UI design, graphic design and several other services make up a large selection of Tornado Design’s capabilities, complimenting their branding services that create an image every brand is proud to put into the ether.


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