15 Houston Branding Agencies to Keep an Eye On

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Jul. 09, 2020
15 Houston Branding Agencies to Keep an Eye On
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We live in a world where new brands are launched every day. Some may be offshoots of larger, household names, while others rely on their independence to unleash a vision the world has never seen before. The similarity between the two is that in order to succeed, a cohesive and forward-thinking plan must be laid out to reach larger audiences.

Branding agencies exist for exactly this reason — to analyze business and competitor information and develop insights that will lead to an unshakable strategy and bold creative executions. Combining the capabilities of writers, designers, developers, producers and more, these 15 branding agencies in Houston are leading the city’s industry and taking brands from humble roots to unparalleled success.

Branding Agencies In Houston To Know

  • 9th Wonder
  • AMW Group
  • Integrate
  • Limb
  • Lopez Negrete
  • Love Advertising
  • Softway
  • TwinEngine
Integrate branding agency Houston

Founded: 2009

What they do: Integrate finds success when building campaigns and activations for clients by existing at the intersection of traditional and digital marketing, leveraging techniques from both disciplines to provide solutions. Influencer marketing, event planning, media buying, PR, web design, SEO and social media marketing all have a place within Integrate’s wheelhouse and contribute to the agency’s goal of 15% growth for at least 150 businesses by 2028.


9th Wonder branding agency Houston

Founded: 2018

What they do: 9thWonder’s marketing expertise lies in more than just one vertical, employing creative, strategy, research, PR, SEO and web development services to solve unique challenges while growing brands. Branding services from the agency include brand and logo identity creation, content strategizing, creative campaign development, and photography, amplifying ideas and setting a cohesive vision for brands to succeed through.

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AMW Group branding agency Houston
AMW Group

Founded: 1997

What they do: AMW Group is a leading agency when it comes to managing and growing the brands of event properties, consumer brands, luxury brands, Grammy Award winning artists and high-profile individuals. Providing a unique model and platform that allows clients to purchase a la carte services through the agency’s website, AMW Group offers branding, music promotion, billboard advertising, blogging, digital marketing, public relations and photography solutions with applications across industries.


Field of Study branding agency Houston
Field of Study

Founded: 2010

What they do: Field of Study is a fully independent design consultancy firm, utilizing design concepts to shape culture and define brands. The agency is skilled at developing digital, packaging, space design and branding solutions for its clients, focusing on strategy, naming, identity design and advertising services when setting the tone for emerging organizations.


FrogDog branding agency Houston
FrogDog Labs

Founded: 1997

What they do: FrogDog Labs places its focus on building measurable strategies that provide brands with tools to effectively achieve business goals and set their sights on what comes next. Whether supporting ongoing marketing efforts or building the right strategy to propel brands forward, the agency collaborates closely with clients to discover competitive advantages and the perfect marketing roadmap for brands to execute on.


HandBuiltBrands branding agency Houston

Founded: 2013

What they do: HandBuiltBrands ensures that brands are telling the right stories in the most efficient ways through a turnkey program that produces effective solutions upon implementation. Core services from the agency include SEO-conscious content marketing, video production, website development and analytics reporting, available through several packages designed to support brands’ most pressing needs.


The Hucksters branding agency Houston
The Hucksters

Founded: 1988

What they do: The Hucksters is a design and branding agency with a tight-knit core of marketing professionals combining expertise to create captivating campaigns for a variety of clients. The visually-driven agency focuses its efforts around crafting and discovering the perfect image to define a campaign, carefully choosing copy to accent and form memorable activations. 


LIMB branding agency Houston

Founded: 1983

What they do: LIMB goes beyond strictly design techniques to create marketing solutions that lead to exceptional modern brand experiences. A near-limitless selection of capabilities makes LIMB an excellent choice for brands willing to be flexible and make the most out of a variety of mediums, with rebranding, event branding, brand therapy sessions and animation highlighting just a few of the agency’s capabilities.


Lopez Negrete branding agency Houston
Lopez Negrete

Founded: 1985

What they do: Lopez Negrete is the largest independent, hispanic-owned and operated advertising agency in the United States, featuring a team of experienced marketing professionals turning local market insights into innovative creative executions. Advertising and marketing solutions from the agency span from digital marketing and media planning to creative campaigns, public relations and social media marketing, creating space for inclusionary and multicultural campaign messaging to come to the forefront.


Love Advertising branding agency Houston
Love Advertising

Founded: 1979

What they do: Love Advertising seeks to discover bold, innovative and human solutions to even the toughest business challenges, relying on the vision of an exceptional team of marketing professionals to create unique campaigns and activations. Creative services, research and strategy, SEO, production and web development make up part of Love Advertising’s potent skillset, which the agency has used to influence messaging from brands like Caterpillar, Shell and John Moore.


Melodic Soul Enterprises branding agency Houston
Melodic Soul Enterprises

Founded: 2016

What they do: Melodic Soul Enterprises is comprised of leaders with diverse backgrounds in business development, marketing, film production and fashion, pulling insights from each industry and turning them into breakthrough branding solutions for businesses across industries. In addition to creative, branding and digital marketing services, the agency also works with musicians and artists to deliver solutions that allow them to grow their audiences and earn more money utilizing their craft.


Pennebaker branding agency Houston

Founded: 1984

What they do: Pennebaker knows how crucial it is for brands to stay current and offers a range of digital, traditional and positional advertising solutions to keep audiences coming back for more. Along with branding techniques like identity development, brand implementation and logo creation, the advertising agency is also skilled in website creation, product commercialization, digital engagement and strategic techniques for foolproof brand planning. 


Savage Brands branding agency Houston
Savage Brands

Founded: 1973

What they do: Savage Brands provides brands with the push they need to garner exposure and continue moving the world forward. The creative advertising agency works alongside brands to develop solutions to their unique growth challenges. This is evident in its recent campaign with Civeo, where the agency developed an identity for the Oil States International spin-off brand and unified marketing efforts through website and representative branding executions. 


Softway branding agency Houston

Founded: 2003

What they do: Softway is an all-in-one partner for brands looking to maximize their strategic, creative and technological output, providing human-driven marketing and software solutions for organizations across industries. The Softway team relies on a variety of perspectives and insights in order to understand a business’s role in the market. The agency applies branding solutions like design, video production and cultural communications to launch brands, and utilizes UX, mobile app, cloud, IoT and data science solutions to prepare them for what comes next.

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TwinEngine branding agency Houston

Founded: 1990

What they do: TwinEngine develops palpable brand solutions by focusing on aligning brand strategies and business strategies, ensuring pathways to growth are always in sync with a brand’s authentic vision. The agency has worked with organizations like Capital One Bank, the New Orleans Cancer Institute and Tulane University to determine clear pathways forward through revolutionary visual, strategic and lead-generating optimizations.


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