5 Biotech Companies in Pune to Know

These biotech companies are developing new therapeutic technologies and reshaping the bioscience industry.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Feb. 01, 2024
5 Biotech Companies in Pune to Know
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Biotech is a growing sector in India that’s received significant investment from the Indian government. As a result, domestic and international biotechnology companies are researching new vaccines and gene therapies for global illnesses affecting millions of people. Here are some biotech companies to know in Pune as the sector continues to innovate.

Top Biotech Companies in Pune

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Saama
  • KF Bioplants
  • ArrayGen Technologies
  • Enzene Biosciences


Biotech Companies in Pune

Johnson & Johnson is a global pharmaceutical company developing medicine for multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology and neuroscience. Apart from medical developments, the company conducts bio-research for its hair, skin and over-the-counter products. 


Saama is a global biotech that uses AI to develop new medical solutions. The company’s SaaS AI engine helps scientists process data at faster rates and is also used to mitigate potential development roadblocks. According to Saama, its AI capabilities were used to develop the first Covid-19 vaccines.

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KF Bioplants studies plants and develops processes for cultivating flora for export to other countries. The company uses its extensive lab space to test the effects of LED lighting on plants and mass propagation methods used on commercial farms. 


ArrayGen Technologies is a biotechnology research company that studies genetic materials for national and international clients. Through its specialized algorithm development, the company provides several services like microRNA transcription and genome splicing.


Enzene Biosciences is a biotech company using science and technology to enhance global health by developing affordable medicine. When developing new healthcare solutions, the company takes complete control of the process by using its various facilities for R&D and manufacturing. Some of Enzene’s biotech services include cell line engineering, synthetic peptides and microbial manufacturing. 

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