21 Best Marketing Newsletters

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Written by Hal Koss
Published on Nov. 17, 2021
21 Best Marketing Newsletters

Some think we’ve already reached peak newsletter, but signing up for a few more couldn’t possibly hurt, right? Especially if they help you save time or do your job better.

So we rounded up some of the best newsletters that marketers should consider subscribing to right now — whether they want to get inspired, stay on top of industry news or gain actionable insights from colleagues in the trenches.

The best part? All of them are free (or have a free version, at least).

This list is by no means exhaustive — and not every entry is applicable to every kind of marketer — but it should offer a solid starting point.

Top Newsletters for Marketers

  • 2PM
  • The B2B Bite
  • The Brief
  • Building Momentum
  • Chantelle’s Marketing Newsletter
  • The Daily Carnage
  • First 1000
  • Geekout
  • The Growth Newsletter
  • Lenny’s Newsletter
  • Lia Haberman’s Newsletter
  • Market Mix
  • Marketing Brew
  • The Marketing Mind Meld
  • Raisin Bread
  • The Sociology of Business
  • Too Long; Didn't Read Marketing
  • Total Annarchy
  • VeryGoodCopy
  • WTF Is SEO?



About: 2PM’s newsletter provides curation, summary and analysis of the most important stories at the intersection of media and commerce. It also includes original essays and data insights by Web Smith, an investor and advisor of several companies.

Audience: 2PM says it’s for “deep generalists and the intellectually curious.” Startup founders (especially those in e-commerce), brand marketers and brand strategists would like it.

Frequency: Once a week for regular subscribers, three times a week for paying members.

Sample: No. 390: Enter MrBeast


The B2B Bite

About: Jason Bradwell is on a mission to change the way people think about B2B marketing. It doesn’t have to be boring or buttoned-up, declares his newsletter’s about page. He proves it by curating and breaking down a few stories each week meant to inspire B2B marketers.

Audience: B2B marketers and startup leaders.

Frequency: Weekly.

Sample: Why Every B2B Org Should Be Selling T-Shirts


The Brief

About: The Brief provides a quick-to-read digest of the day’s most essential stories about digital marketing, strategy and social media. It’s written by Junction, a digital strategy agency, and hits inboxes every Monday to help readers start their weeks up to date with industry news.

Audience: Marketers who want to keep up with news and trends.

Frequency: Weekly.

Sample: Subscribe to read.

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Building Momentum

About: The Building Momentum newsletter tackles many of the challenges facing tech startup product marketers. Previous issues have covered topics like positioning and messaging, pricing and packaging, and go-to-market strategies. It’s written by James Doman-Pipe, who has over a decade of industry experience.

Audience: Product marketers working in B2B SaaS companies.

Frequency: Twice a week.

Sample: Don’t overestimate your customer


Chantelle’s Marketing Newsletter

About: Written by marketing strategist Chantelle Marcelle, this newsletter spotlights emerging ideas and trends, curates interesting marketing articles and surfaces research and case studies that marketers should be paying attention to.

Audience: Brand marketers.

Frequency: Every few weeks.

Sample: Subscribe to read.


The Daily Carnage

About: If you want to start each morning with a quick read that curates a handful of the biggest marketing headlines of the day, you’ll want to check out The Daily Carnage. It also includes a shot of analysis and fun stuff, like a vintage ad and a quote of the day.

Audience: Marketing leaders, people who open too many browser tabs.

Frequency: Daily.

Sample: One Condiment to Rule Them All


First 1000

About: This one’s niche. Each issue explains how a different tech startup got its first thousand customers, providing a quick history lesson on companies like Snapchat, Doordash and Etsy, and the various marketing strategies they employed to grow into success stories. Much more fun than Wikipedia.

Audience: Startup founders, growth marketers, brand builders.

Frequency: Weekly.

Sample: Spotify

ReadIs Being a ‘Marketing Generalist’ Actually Marketable?



About: Whether you run your company’s social media strategy or just want to keep up with the latest Facebook or Twitter news, Geekout provides a weekly digest to keep you in the know. It’s written by Matt Navara, a social media strategist, and he provides original, succinct analysis in every issue.

Audience: Social media marketers.

Frequency: Weekly.

Sample: TikTok Needs to Stop Doing This


The Growth Newsletter by Demand Curve

About: This newsletter curates marketing insights and growth tactics from members of the Demand Curve community, which is made up of growth marketers and startup founders. Each issue is bite-sized, actionable and features new voices from people in the trenches.

Audience: Startup founders and growth marketers.

Frequency: Twice a month.

Sample: Subscribe to read.


Lenny’s Newsletter

About: Lenny Rachitsky, previously a growth product manager at Airbnb, writes a weekly advice column for leaders in tech. He addresses reader questions and shares his perspective on topics like growth, product and people management.

Audience: Growth marketers, product managers, startup founders.

Frequency: Weekly (paid) or monthly (free).

Sample: How to Kickstart and Scale a Marketplace Business


Lia Haberman’s Newsletter

About: This newsletter is written by Lia Haberman, a tech startup CMO who teaches social media and influencer marketing at UCLAx. Each week, Haberman rounds up the most important digital marketing news and trend stories, in addition to highlighting all of the major social media platform updates.

Audience: Social media marketers, influencer marketers, creator economy enthusiasts.

Frequency: Weekly.

Sample: ICYMI: Facebook Smart Glasses Edition


Market Mix

About: If you’re a current — or aspiring — marketer in the cryptocurrency space, Market Mix is aimed squarely at you. Brad Michelson’s newsletter tackles subjects such as brand building, performance marketing and influencer strategy — all written by someone who’s helped build fintech and crypto brands.

Audience: Marketers in crypto and fintech.

Frequency: Weekly.

Sample: Referrals Are the Ultimate Growth Hack for Crypto Marketers


Marketing Brew

About: Written with the trademark smirk of its parent newsletter, Morning Brew, this thrice-weekly newsletter highlights the biggest news items in the advertising and marketing world — along with fly-by commentary and big-picture context — to help busy marketers stay oriented in a fast-moving industry.

Audience: Marketing and advertising professionals, especially those who are Millennials or Gen Z.

Frequency: Three times a week.

Sample: The Driest January


The Marketing Mind Meld

About: Marketing is really all about tapping into human psychology, which is why The Marketing Mind Meld explores the relationship between human behavior and successful marketing. Written by growth marketer Kushaan Shah, the newsletter answers questions like what makes memes sticky and how scents can influence what we buy.

Audience: Brand marketers, curious people.

Frequency: About once or twice a month.

Sample: #21: What Can Pollination Teach Us About Branding?


Raisin Bread

About: This newsletter, “baked” by freelance marketer network MarketerHire, curates relevant news, discusses up-and-coming trends and features exclusive Q&As and interviews with some of marketing’s top leaders, such as Cameo’s Greg Caplan and ShipBob’s Casey Armstrong.

Audience: Brand marketers.

Frequency: Weekly.

Sample: Mafia Marketing



About: Whether you’re an SEO newcomer looking to understand the fundamentals or a veteran who likes to keep tabs on the ever-evolving best practices, this newsletter offers resources and tools designed to help build out your skills. It also includes an SEO job board if you’re looking for a change of scenery or trying to break into the industry.

Audience: SEOs and digital marketers.

Frequency: Weekly.

Sample: Subscribe to read.

Go Deeper38 Free SEO Resources and Tools the Pros Use


The Sociology of Business

About: Written by executive strategist Ana Andjelic, the Sociology of Business is intended to help marketers see the big picture over time, rather than give them tips and tricks to start using today. Each issue explores new consumer trends and evolving tastes, and how brands can keep up and position themselves for success.

Audience: Brand strategists, culture observers.

Frequency: About three times a month.

Sample: The Taste Map


Too Long; Didn’t Read Marketing

About: Curated by SEO strategist Saijo George, this newsletter lists the day’s top digital marketing and SEO stories, and includes glanceable headlines and links to read more — but no fluff. If you’re too lazy to bookmark blogs, it’ll help you discover the right sources.

Audience: Digital marketers and SEO professionals.

Frequency: Daily.

Sample: Thursday 28 October 2021


Total Annarchy

About: This newsletter, written by Ann Handley of MarketingProfs, is written in the style of an old-fashioned, snail-mail letter: It’s personal, voicey and reads like it’s actually addressed to you. It’s also full of marketing and writing insights from someone with decades of experience.

Audience: Brand storytellers and copywriters.

Frequency: Every other week.

Sample: Brand Storytelling Template; My 2 Proven Ways to Increase Open, Click Rates


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About: Leave it to a copywriting newsletter to be extremely compact yet still effective enough that you learn something every time you read it. VeryGoodCopy provides short articles dispensing nuggets of copywriting wisdom and occasional interviews with successful marketers and writers.

Audience: Copywriters and content marketers.

Frequency: Weekly.

Sample: Subscribe to read.



About: It’s really all in the name. This newsletter aims to help readers better understand the all-too-mysterious ways of search engine optimization. And despite being told from the perspective of an SEO professional working for a news publisher, it offers applicable insights for just about anyone who creates content and relies on search engine traffic.

Audience: SEO professionals who work at publishers or who are early in their careers, content marketers.

Frequency: Every one or two weeks.

Sample: What is structured data? How can it support E.A.T. efforts?

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