5 Software Development Companies in Argentina to Know

Increased internet usage has sparked a tech boom in Argentina and these are the companies leading the way.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jun. 25, 2024
5 Software Development Companies in Argentina to Know
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Like many Latin American countries, Argentina has experienced a tech boom and established solid tech industries. Already, the country is home to several unicorn companies and finding success with software development and outsourcing. Outsourcing companies work with international clients and develop custom software solutions, often using specialized coding languages. Below are some of the top Argentinian companies developing new software products.   

Argentina Software Development Companies to Know

  • Kin + Carta
  • BairesDev
  • Patagonian
  • Intermedia


Top Argentina Software Development Companies

Kin + Carta provides consulting and tech services that help companies enact digital transformations. The company has a sizable presence in Latin America and employs several thousand software engineers and data scientists. Kin + Carta develops AI products and custom software, as well as product strategy and managed services.


BairesDev has worked with Google, Adobe and others and developed custom software for tech giants. Its services include custom software development, QA testing, app development and UX design. BairesDev employs over 4,000 engineers and also provides off-shoring services to U.S.-based companies.

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With offices in Newark, Buenos Aires and Paris, NaNLABS is a trusted software firm with global reach. The company specializes in agile development and has completed SaaS, data and MVP projects. In addition to its custom development services, NaNLABS also provides outsourcing and team augmentation services. 


Patagonian provides custom software development and off-shoring services. On the software side, the company leverages new technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing to build scaleable and interactive solutions.


Intermedia is a software company based in Argentina. The company helps clients design and implement digital solutions that address operational gaps in their organizations. Intermedia has worked with clients like MetLife, Direct TV and Scotiabank.

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