5 Top Companies in Argentina to Know

These companies are supporting the country’s growing urban population with expanded access to connectivity, banking and other critical services.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jun. 17, 2024
5 Top Companies in Argentina to Know
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Argentina is Latin America’s third-largest economy — and it’s as diverse as it is full of potential. With bustling cities and scenic countryside, much of the nation's population lives in urban centers, which has kindled the need for advancements in technology, banking and other services. Below are some of the companies that are serving the country’s 45 million residents. 

Top Companies in Argentina to Know

  • General Motors
  • Despegar
  • Mercado Libre
  • BBVA Argentina
  • Telecom


Top Companies in Argentina 

General Motors, or GM, is a renowned vehicle manufacturer that operates a facility in Alvear, Santa Fé. In Argentina, GM operates as a manufacturing and importing facility for vehicles meant for the local market. GM also promotes sustainability and has conducted research and development to reduce emissions by enhancing its electric vehicle offerings.


Despegar is a digital travel platform founded in Argentina. The company’s name translates to take off and it helps travelers book flights, hotels, experiences and short-term home rentals. Despegar’s offerings are not limited to Argentina and are available for individuals in other LatAm countries.

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Mercado Libre is one of Argentina’s most successful enterprises. It operates a digital marketplace, selling everything from clothes to electronics and concert tickets. The e-commerce platform has seen massive growth by appealing to tech-savvy customers and non-digital individuals by providing cash payment options.


BBVA Argentina is a subsidiary of BBVA, the banking conglomerate based in Spain. The Argentinian-based company operates over 240 branches and has some 6,000 employees throughout the country. The bank provides millions of individuals with traditional banking services like checking accounts, loans and credit cards.


Centered in Argentina’s northern cities, including Buenos Aires, Telecom provides mobile and home internet services. The company also uses its robust telecommunications hardware to provide enterprises with cloud infrastructure and IoT connectivity.

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