6 App Development Companies in India to Know

India is home to some of the top app development companies in the world. Here are the ones worth watching.

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6 App Development Companies in India to Know
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Rose Velazquez | May 02, 2024

App development is a booming field among tech workers in India. Data shows it’s one of the world’s top markets for mobile app downloads, and revenue from apps is expected to keep shooting up in India. The following is an overview of some of the country’s top app development companies aiming to bring quality engineering and design services to customers all over the world.

Top App Development Companies in India

  • Atlassian
  • Appinventiv
  • Simform
  • OpenXcell
  • Konstant Infosolutions
  • Prismetric


App Development Companies in India

Atlassian builds software applications that serve thousands of businesses around the globe, equipping them with the capabilities to work collaboratively and efficiently. Its products enable software teams to plan and oversee the development of digital products, for example, and facilitate visual organization and assignment of project tasks.


Appinventiv is a design and development studio for mobile apps. It takes the app development process and splits it into smaller tasks and subtasks, which it then assigns to specialized team members who are experts in each niche. The company provides development services for apps on a huge range of platforms, from Android and iOS to blockchain, IoT and the metaverse

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Simform develops and engineers digital products like apps and also handles tech transformations for client companies. Its expertise covers product, cloud, DevOps, data and quality engineering. In the realm of product development, Simform is equipped to handle aspects like digital experience design, app modernization and product strategy.


OpenXcell is a software development firm with services that encompass mobile apps, e-commerce, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other digital solutions. Employing a team of over 500 developers and technical experts, the company operates under offshoring models that allow it to offer premium services at competitive rates to global clients.


Konstant Infosolutions is a mobile app development company that has engineered over 1,000 apps for iOS and Android. Using cloud, IoT, AI, augmented reality and blockchain tech to build and support its digital products, the company serves clients across a broad array of industries, from travel and real estate to healthcare and education.

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Prismetric is a certified mobile app development company with its global headquarters based in India. It has built apps for securing restaurant reservations, renting farm equipment, bringing financial services to street vendors and ordering groceries for delivery. Prismetric has worked with hundreds of clients across over two dozen countries.

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