9 AI Companies in the UK to Know

Some of the world’s top AI companies operate within the United Kingdom. Here are the ones you should know.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
9 AI Companies in the UK to Know
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Margo Steines | Apr 03, 2024

With the recent buzz around artificial intelligence, the United Kingdom looks to become a global player in the field. And as such, it created a multi-year plan to drive investment and regulation in the sector. Built In rounded up some of the top U.K. companies worth watching as the country continues to grow its AI capabilities. 

Top AI Companies in the UK

  • Starburst
  • Smartly
  • Telesign
  • Sojern
  • Featurespace
  • Builder.ai
  • Graphcore
  • BenevolentAI
  • Wayve


Top AI Companies in the UK

Starburst is a data management company that operates an open data lake in two forms: cloud-based and fully managed, as well as self-managed and operated on the client’s server. The company’s products use AI to manage and analyze data sets up to petabyte-scale within the Starburst Galaxy data ecosystem. The result of this work is reduced time – up to 10x faster — for analysts to access data, from any type of data source. 

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Smartly is a social media advertising platform trusted by globally recognized brands like Uber and eBay, offering scalable tools to automate ad buying and production for large marketing campaigns. With its artificial intelligence technology, Smartly enhances campaign management and creative production while providing real-time insights for optimized advertising strategies.

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Telesign, a cybersecurity and software company, specializes in developing digital solutions to bolster communications security for enterprises. Its AI-powered software facilitates digital identity verification across channels, devices and locations, spanning from customer onboarding to long-term fraud prevention. Telesign’s suite of services, including telephone identity verification and real-time identity verification, have proven effective in safeguarding clients across sensitive industries like e-commerce and fintech.

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Sojern is a travel marketing company that combines data and AI technology to build actionable insights for hospitality businesses. Its AI-powered platform helps hotels, airlines, tourist attractions and other business types get the most out of their data so they can precisely target and engage potential customers. Sojern’s software includes automations for optimizing marketing budgets and campaigns. 

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Featurespace is an AI company using machine learning and adaptive behavioral analytics to prevent enterprise and financial fraud. The company’s machine learning algorithms can monitor customer activity within several different environments, including gaming platforms, banking systems and payment portals. 

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Historically, mobile apps require heavy coding before going live but Builder.ai is looking to change that. Builder.ai is a no-code AI platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to build mobile apps. According to its website, the Builder.ai platform works as a product manager that will construct an app based on input from the customer. 

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Graphcore is developing semiconductors with AI top of mind. The company’s Intelligence Processing Unit, or IPU, is a specialized semiconductor that enables AI researchers to run large language models at faster speeds. Its powerful processing capabilities have made Graphcore popular with clients in the finance and healthcare sectors.

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BenevolentAI is a pharmaceutical company that uses its BenAI Engine to develop new medical drugs. The company’s AI engine works hand-in-hand with scientists by providing them with increased access to data in order to make medical discoveries. Since launching in 2013, the company has expanded out of the United Kingdom and opened an office in New York City. 

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U.K.-based Wayve uses AI to analyze road data for its self-driving vehicles. The company collects driving data through car-mounted cameras and then feeds that to its deep learning engine to teach it how to drive. Since launching, the company has partnered with several online retailers to test its technology in last-mile delivery.

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Sara B.T. Thiel contributed reporting to this story.

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