8 Artificial Intelligence Companies in London

Here’s our guide to artificial intelligence companies leading the way in London.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
8 Artificial Intelligence Companies in London
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Margo Steines | Apr 29, 2024

The United Kingdom is looking to become a leader in artificial intelligence, and London already has several companies making significant contributions to the industry. AI companies in London are revolutionizing banking, automotive and many other industries; these are some of the top companies you should know.

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in London

  • PwC
  • SailPoint
  • Telesign
  • Synthesia
  • Quantexa
  • Wayve
  • Robin AI
  • Deeper Insights


Artificial Intelligence Companies in London to Know

PwC works with businesses around the world, consulting with them about implementing strategic changes, new technology and sustainability solutions. The company employs more than 300,000 professionals across its global operations, including AI experts who partner with clients on improving efficiency and accuracy through automation, for example, and applying conversational AI to streamline customer interactions.


SailPoint specializes in identity security, offering solutions designed to protect client organizations across industries like education, financial services and healthcare. Its AI-powered technology provides customers with real-time insights that help them ensure security compliance and automations to streamline identity lifecycle management.


Telesign is a software company that handles communications security for enterprise companies. Through processes that start with customer onboarding and run through long-range fraud prevention, its software uses AI to identify and verify digital identities across various channels, devices and locations. Its services include telephone identity verification, number masking, voice verification and live status reports on phone numbers.


Synthesia uses machine learning to generate videos with AI avatars and audio. The platform is used to create educational or marketing content but eliminates the extra work of recording voiceovers. Synthesia also conducts research to create photo-realistic assets creators can use to develop computer-generated scenes.


Quantexa is a data intelligence company serving the banking, insurance and telecommunications industries. With its AI, the company helps its clients make faster and better-informed business decisions by analyzing more data and automating repetitive tasks.

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Wayve uses AI to analyze driving and traffic data to develop self-driving vehicles. It uses sensors and car-mounted cameras to gather data. It then feeds that data to a deep learning engine for analysis. Already, the company is using its technology for last-mile delivery services.


Robin AI is a legal artificial intelligence platform that can draft and review contracts or common agreements within minutes. The platform also serves as a repository to store contracts for future research. Robin AI aims to help businesses and their legal teams operate efficiently by removing roadblocks in contract work.

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Deeper Insights helps enterprises do the most with their data by building custom AI platforms. The company works to identify business inefficiencies using data intelligence and AI to create greater value for customers. Some of the company’s AI platforms include generative AI, AI consulting and natural language processing

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