6 AI Companies in Ireland to Know

These AI companies are innovating across fintech, biotech, e-commerce and more.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
6 AI Companies in Ireland to Know
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Margo Steines | May 13, 2024

Ireland is home to thousands of talented tech professionals working across large enterprises and small startups. Many are now working in artificial intelligence, a booming tech sector. These are some of the top AI companies in Ireland to watch.   

AI Companies in Ireland to Know

  • Udemy
  • Nuritas
  • Opa Mind
  • Gemmo
  • Everseen
  • Brightflag


Top AI Companies in Ireland

Udemy is a digital learning platform that users can browse for access to skills-based courses on a huge array of subjects. The company uses AI to power a learning assistant that links users with relevant content and provides them with personalized feedback. Udemy also applies AI to help businesses develop detailed plans for upskilling internal teams to support their goals. The company established its headquarters for its operations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa in Dublin in 2014.


Nuritas is the developer of The Magnifier, an AI tool used to discover peptides safe for human use. So far, Nuritas has helped develop products with anti-aging properties and others that promote relaxation.

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Opa Mind is a mental health platform that helps people manage their well-being. Opa Mind, still in development, will feature a private audio diary. Users can opt to have their diary analyzed by AI to provide personal therapeutic guidance. 


Gemmo AI is a machine learning and AI solutions provider that helps Fortune 500 companies with R&D projects and product development. The company’s AI solutions include computer vision, generative AI and predictive AI. Its platforms are used for sound analysis, chatbots and financial forecasting.


Everseen helps e-commerce retailers improve their profits and operations through its AI platforms. The company’s offerings include automated shopping cart reminders and 24/7 store monitoring. According to Everseen, its AI solutions can cover an entire store from front to back with its Visual AI solutions.

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Brightflag was developed to alleviate some of the operational headaches of running a business for legal practices. As fintech platform, the company uses AI to streamline billing, invoicing, budgets and reports. 

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