15 Atlanta Advertising Agencies Telling Stories Both Online and Offline

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jun. 03, 2020
15 Atlanta Advertising Agencies Telling Stories Both Online and Offline
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Trends come and go but good branding and advertising is the best way to have a lasting impact in an ever-changing consumer landscape. Regardless of how the market shifts, the advertising industry’s value remains unaltered. Every company has a story to tell, but to tell that story well, they need to leverage every messaging tool at their disposal. In Atlanta, advertising agencies are working double time, not only to support companies expanding their brand identities, but to also help Georgia's capital build a reputation worthy of competing with its East and West Coast neighbors. As Atlanta companies grow to serve customers far beyond the South, they must team up with advertising agencies to launch email marketing initiatives, social media campaigns, pay-per-click ads and other strategies to build their fanbase both on and offline. Take a look at these 15 advertising agencies in Atlanta you should keep in mind. 

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Advertising Agencies in Atlanta To Know

  • Moxie
  • Look Listen
  • DMC Atlanta
  • 22Squared
  • Definition 6
  • Phase 3 Marketing
  • SagePath
  • Brandmovers
Terminus Advertising Agencies Atlanta

Founded: 2014

Focus: Terminus is an account-based marketing agency with a focus on both shepherding and training companies on how to build and sustain effective sales strategies. Their platform and professional services help companies connect successfully with B2B partners through global targeting, account metrics, and stage-based ads. Terminus specializes both in pretargeting and retargeting, making it easier for companies to respond to current events in real time and hone their campaigns to be relevant at the right time.


22Squared Advertising Agencies Atlanta

Founded: 1922

Focus: 22squared is a creative agency designing impactful and effective creative advertising content out of their offices in Midtown Atlanta. Having worked in the past with recognized brands such as The Home Depot, Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin' Donuts, 22squared seeks to positively impact markets and company cultures through video content, digital marketing and offline campaigns. Over the past century, the agency has grown beyond the confines of their Georgia location, additionally setting up shop in Tampa to serve the greater southeast.


Look Listen Advertising Agencies Atlanta
Look Listen

Founded: 2007

Focus: Look Listen is a digital advertising agency that collaborates with companies throughout the healthcare, finance, entertainment, tech and retail industries to build rounded and effective marketing initiatives. With additional offices in Denver and Portland, the Atlanta-based agency seeks to embed itself in the biggest tech hubs in the country and help both startups and large companies spread their brand stories. Their team offers performance media services, marketing automation and brand experience development to build campaigns that achieve success and foster long-term customer loyalty.


DMC Advertising Agencies Atlanta
DMC Atlanta

Founded: 2003

Focus: DMC Atlanta partners with larger companies in the retail, cable and telecommunications industries to devise direct marketing campaigns and platforms. Their specialty is in face-to-face sales marketing, developing personalized marketing campaigns designed to reach each individual client and customer to grab their interest and earn their business. Their team guides companies both large and small in increasing their brand name recognition, helping them establish long-term loyalty with customers across the country.


Definition 6 Advertising Agencies Atlanta
Definition 6

Founded: 1997

Focus: From CBS Sports to the American Heart Association, Definition 6 has a longstanding record of creating innovative content and campaigns that take advantage of all available channels, whether they be digital or physical. The agency's suite of creative advertising services covers strategy guidance, public relations, CRM, analytics insight and more, and they can conduct their services both in person and remotely.


Phase 3 Marketing Advertising Agencies Atlanta
Phase 3 Marketing

Founded: 2001

Focus: Phase 3 Marketing provides a range of integrated marketing services to companies across the country, guiding enterprises throughout every step of the campaign development process from ideation to execution. Their team of over 200 marketers help brands in a variety of industries rethink how they approach advertising, and in addition to consulting and creative services, the agency offers a number of content resources to guide clients in the basics of communications and PR.


Force Marketing Advertising Agencies Atlanta
Force Marketing

Founded: 2007

Focus: Force Marketing hones in on building data-driven, ROI-impacting, omnichannel campaigns for companies that want to leverage cutting edge technology to dominate in the digital market. Collaborating mainly with the automotive industry, Force Marketing helps companies integrate the latest technology into their advertising initiatives, whether direct or online.


BrandMovers Advertising Agencies Atlanta

Founded: 2003

Focus: Brandmovers helps companies across the globe activate innovative marketing and advertising campaigns, with past projects including sweepstakes, digital loyalty programs, and social media promotion. The Atlanta agency supports brands in leveraging creative loyalty programs and solutions to build trust and commitment with their customer base,  incentivizing consumers to engage in campaigns directly. Their suite of technology for powering client loyalty programs includes tiered incentives, data-driven moderation tools, catalog customization, receipt validation and more.


Scout Marketing Advertising Agencies Atlanta
Scout Marketing

Founded: 1999

Focus: Scout Marketing is a full-spectrum advertising agency that utilizes the power of data tracking to find out what exactly customers look for and connect with, making it easier for their client brands to design effective and impactful campaigns. For the past several decades, Scout Marketing has provided their data tracking tools to top companies across the globe, counting leaders like Starbucks, AT&T and eBay among their clients.


SagePath Advertising Agencies Atlanta

Founded: 2002

Focus: Sagepath is a digital experience agency that helps businesses engineer effective digital strategies throughout the South and beyond. Their teammates support enterprises through their creative, UX, development and optimization services, and they help Fortune 500 companies organize their brand messaging for distribution far and wide. Their past work with companies like BIC and Krispy Kreme spans projects like e-commerce development, mobile app design, and site creation and redesign.


Moxie Advertising Agencies Atlanta

Founded: 2000

Focus: Moxie's team of advertisers builds effective marketing solutions for leading companies, approaching advertising from creative, data-driven, and technological angles. Guiding powerful companies like Nike, Verizon, and UPS in developing their advertising strategies, Moxie has a proven record of developing successful and impactful campaigns to reach larger audiences. Established in the home of Coca-Cola, Moxie’s team now works out of offices throughout the U.S. in Los Angeles, New York, and Pittsburgh.


MELT Advertising Agencies Atlanta

Founded: 2000

Focus: MELT is a full-service creative agency that partners with companies in sports, food service and entertainment to develop social media strategy, customer experiences, impactful content and other advertising tools. MELT has been recognized for its marketing services with a number of advertising awards, and has worked in the past with top names like NASCAR and Aflac to design their unique advertising initiatives.


YAH Agency Advertising Agencies Atlanta
YAH Agency

Founded: 1996

Focus: YAH Agency's team provides a full-service marketing approach to some of the biggest companies in the country. They offer creative content production backed by data analysis and technology integration to power effective digital campaigns. Their focus is on creating impactful and engaging experiences for both customers and partners alike, teaming up with companies in industries ranging from automotive to social media to draw in brand fans and build up company reputations.


Adrenaline Agency Advertising Agencies Atlanta
Adrenaline Agency

Founded: 1998

Focus: Adrenaline Agency's strategy is to design technology, advertising, environment and culture solutions for companies looking to reach customers on an international scale. With past initiatives ranging from brand positioning to app development, their skilled team of marketers are capable of developing nearly any digital advertising project with their clients.


BrightWave Advertising Agencies Atlanta

Founded: 2003

Focus: BrightWave's experience is in designing effective email marketing campaigns, putting the tools for email advertising and eCRM programs in the hands of their Fortune 500 clients. From Equifax to Ferrari, the agency provides top brands with multi-channel programs through which they can increase ROI and build customer loyalty. Their advertising service suite includes program audits, digital optimization, content strategizing, performance analysis and custom reporting to guide companies through every step of a campaign, from ideation to execution.



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