Introducing Built In’s 2022 Moxie Award Winners

100 women across the tech industry have been recognized for their outstanding contributions. Meet them here.

Written by Shelby Bolinger
Published on Apr. 24, 2022
Introducing Built In’s 2022 Moxie Award Winners

Women still remain an underrepresented demographic in the technology industry but there is no shortage of women doing amazing work within the space. Take for example the fact that last year’s Moxie Award program was the first dedicated to celebrating women, all of which made outsized contributions to their workplaces, communities and industries through their skills and accomplishments. 

In 2021 we received 400 nominations from peers. This year we received nearly 1,000.

It’s proof that not only are women making huge strides in generating success for themselves, their teams and businesses, but their efforts are being noticed. And we aim to broadcast those wins to the world. 

We chose 100 winners. Each nomination was reviewed by a panel of tech leaders whose identifying information is redacted to reduce bias. Rather than filling the list with the growing number of impactful women VPs or CEOs of the world, we chose to represent women rising in their careers who are creating change from the ground floor of tech. The result is an impressive line-up of visionaries who have broken barriers to shape a bright future of technical excellence and inclusivity for women and other demographics in this industry.

Meet the Moxie Award winners of 2022: 100 women ushering in a new era of tech. 


Johanna Acevedo
Group Engineering Manager, Global IT Chicago • John Deere

What Nominator Said About Them: "Johanna is a true role model for all women in tech the way she takes charge of her own career path and continues to strengthen her own technical acumen is both motivating and inspirational to all who are or have interest in pursuing a career in technology." 

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Passionate, Courageous


Veronica Adorisio
Account Manager • Propel

What Nominator Said About Them: "She is one of only two people who leads our user empathy interview, something that every single applicant, regardless of the team, has to go through, because she is so passionate about advocating for those from diverse backgrounds that share our user-centric focus. Every team needs a Veronica and every organization would be lucky to have one."

Words Used To Describe Them: Persistent, Thoughtful, Team-Player


Asieh Ahani
Head of Data Analytics • MassMutual

What Nominator Said About Them: "She’s driven to deeply understand problems – technical problems, but also business problems. She makes the people around her better at their jobs based on her own example and also from the feedback, direction and guidance she provides."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Accountable, Driven


Amy Angelo
Sr. Client Success Manager • Popmenu

What Nominator Said About Them: "Amy is endlessly supportive of her peers and highly capable. She makes her clients and her colleagues feel seen on not just a business-level, but a personal level as well."

Words Used To Describe Them: Curious, Passionate, Creative


Madalyn Armijo
Director of Account Management • Vise

What Nominator Said About Them: "Madalyn has gained the respect of employees across the entire company and is able to identify opportunities to improve the product and push the company towards success."

Words Used To Describe Them: Respected, Inspirational, Detail-Oriented


Alegria Baquero
Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead • Zocdoc

What Nominator Said About Them: "Like Wonder Woman, Alegria always rises to meet all challenges that arise. Even more wondrous? She does so while engaging deeply with and helping others; she’s also a superhero outside of work."

Words Used To Describe Them: Passionate, Resourceful, Courageous


Meg Bednarcik
Engineering Manager • Panorama Education

What Nominator Said About Them: "She is a wonderful cross-functional collaborator who builds relationships between Engineering and our Product, Design, and Research functions that enable us to work and deliver with a strong sense of camaraderie. And it’s because of that approach that perhaps we now all have a little bit of our own moxie."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Confident, Resourceful


Neeharika Bhartiya
Director of Strategy & Operations • Fivetran

What Nominator Said About Them: "Neeharika served for one year as a volunteer for AllRaise, a non-profit organization aiming to amplify female and non-binary voices and accelerate their success. Neeharika helped deliver the organization’s first Seed Bootcamp program that taught female and non-binary entrepreneurs how to run an effective fundraising process."

Words Used To Describe Them: Fearless, Analytical, Optimistic


Jennifer Bodie
Events Manager •

What Nominator Said About Them: "With infectious good humor and incisive wit, she is the life of the party and is a natural storyteller: engaging and animated."

Words Used To Describe Them: Confident, Fearless, High-Spirited


Tori Campbell
Motion Capture Stage Technician • 2K

What Nominator Said About Them: "She works hard to be versatile in her role so that she can support the team in any way possible. She does it with focus, organization, and eagerness to be as successful as she can."

Words Used To Describe Them: Persistent, Enthusiastic, Brave


Ferheen Chaudhry
Senior Product Manager • Boost

What Nominator Said About Them: "Ferheen is always willing to go the extra mile for Boost and the tech team. When engineering growth outpaced product, Ferheen volunteered to take on a second team. When we needed someone to attend a conference across the country on short notice, Ferheen got right on the plane. And when other teams ask for help, Ferheen is always the first to raise her hand."

Words Used To Describe Them: Leader, Dedicated, Supportive


Sheila Cherian
Sr Engineering Manager • Farmer's Fridge

What Nominator Said About Them: "A consummate role model who always leads by example, she provides her team with clear direction by effectively communicating what needs to be accomplished. Sheila is always up for a challenge and proactively steps in when needed."

Words Used To Describe Them: Proactive, Graceful, Dedicated


Nicole Chiantello
Director of Product • Pie Insurance

What Nominator Said About Them: "She offers an impressive combination of tenacity and ability to overcome obstacles within an ever changing environment. She is known for her intense curiosity and willingness to ask questions in order to go beyond the surface."

Words Used To Describe Them: Curious, Impressive, Hard-Working


Jessica Chung
Crafter • 8th Light, Inc.

What Nominator Said About Them: "As a mentor, she works one on one with the talented women in our apprentice cohorts. This is not a small commitment: it takes time, tenacity, and patience on top of her day job as an engineer and consultant."

Words Used To Describe Them: Curious, Enthusiastic, Accomplished


Carri Craver
Senior UX Designer • Take Command

What Nominator Said About Them: "A self-professed philomath who sets aside one hour a day for learning, she believes that if you aren’t always learning something new, you’re falling behind. "

Words Used To Describe Them: Advocate, Expert, Enthusiastic


Renee Danna
Sr Manager of People • Favor Delivery

What Nominator Said About Them: "She consistently challenges convention and has redefined what it means to truly 'think outside the box.' She is a true partner to all those she works with — someone who takes the time to really listen and take in other's perspectives, while also not being afraid to dig in more, ask the tough questions, and provide thoughtful feedback when needed."

Words Used To Describe Them: Strategic, Courageous, Solution-Oriented


Rene Day
Sr. Director Total Rewards and People Operations • Stack Overflow

What Nominator Said About Them: "She has been able to design, develop and modify our policies and rewards programs with a smile on her face while being available for our employees during the most challenging times in their personal lives."

Words Used To Describe Them: Empathetic, Inspiring, Calm


Flavia DeAndrade
Technical Program Manager • Markforged

What Nominator Said About Them: "Flavia has deep passion for product and truly owns her work. When a recent product launch required an injection molded component she worked to get the supplier up, and when that supplier struggled, she dove in bringing earlier technical experience to help solve the issue."

Words Used To Describe Them: Driven, Energetic, Problem-Solver


Amber Dorst
Director, Technology • Spreetail

What Nominator Said About Them: "Amber was a primary force in founding our Women in Technology group. This group has been foundational in bringing together women across our company that both are currently involved in Technology or have an interest in Technology."

Words Used To Describe Them: Inspiring, Kind, Strong


Emily Dretzka
Associate Product Manager • Boulevard

What Nominator Said About Them: "She was instead determined to take the customer’s valuable feedback and leverage it into long-term, product-centric solutions that made it easier for any current or future Boulevard customer to run their businesses more efficiently and create better experiences for their clients. Many of the newest and most popular features of our platform stem from Emily’s ability to think creatively about how to solve a given customer challenge."

Words Used To Describe Them: Purposeful, Creative, Inspirational


Frederike Dubeau
Manager & Data Scientist • Logic20/20, Inc.

What Nominator Said About Them: "She is passionate about equality for women and is working to provide more transparency for our organization about the percentage of women employed, the amount of women employed in leadership positions, and their salaries compared to men in similar roles."

Words Used To Describe Them: Intelligent, Caring, Well-Rounded


Sarah Eckles
Senior Cloud Platform Engineer • Gemini

What Nominator Said About Them: "There isn’t a challenge Sarah isn’t willing to take on and she will bring others along with her on the path to success."

Words Used To Describe Them: Problem-Solver, Teacher, Proactive


Hannah Espina
Senior Copywriter and Content Strategist (Part of the UX/UI Design team) • Saatva

What Nominator Said About Them: "Overcoming challenges, she has deftly built her platform to sparkle with the confidence, poise and mindfulness of the people around her. Her insight is so respected and has been so impactful to Saatva that she is often called to participate and give her views on projects that are outside of her core work."

Words Used To Describe Them: Thoughtful, Positive, Engaging


Rachel Euchner
Director, Flight Test Engineering • Kranze Technology Solutions

What Nominator Said About Them: "...she understands that this is not just late nights, long trips, and constant meetings; rather, she also focuses on building personal relationships with everyone she meets. "

Words Used To Describe Them: Friendly, Empowering, Empathetic


Nicole Frapolly
Senior Manager of Data Infrastructure, Data Strategy and Data Warehouse • Enova

What Nominator Said About Them: "Nicole embraces change, drives a team environment where each person is a 'culture add' and helps give a voice to every member of the department. She can always be trusted to 'tell it like it is' and to do so with empathy and compassion."

Words Used To Describe Them: Dedicated, Empowering, Authentic


Sarah Fricke
Senior Director, Sales Enablement • RingCentral

What Nominator Said About Them: "Her collaboration and empowerment encourages women and others to reach their full potential."

Words Used To Describe Them: Supportive, Learner, Committed


Grace Ge
Associate Director, Data Engineering • MobilityWare

What Nominator Said About Them: "Her business acumen, fastidious adherence to industry standards, and courage to constantly raise the bar by upgrading and improving data stacks (a task which is akin to changing the tires on an airplane while landing it) have helped make her team shine and has cemented their place as a core pillar of our business."

Words Used To Describe Them: Compassionate, Persistent, Reliable


Isabella Giannini
Director of Customer Loyalty and Axon Aid Co-lead

What Nominator Said About Them: "Bella uses her boundless, focused passion to support customers holistically as her North Star."

Words Used To Describe Them: Compassionate, Tenacious, Resourceful


Kara Gibson
Senior Public Relations Manager • SmartAsset

What Nominator Said About Them: "Kara’s participation in the SmartValues team to create a set of core values that reflects the company’s mission also showed her dedication in all aspects of the job. One core value of SmartAsset is ‘We Rise and Adapt.’ Kara truly shows this value in every situation and empowers other colleagues to do so as well."

Words Used To Describe Them: Compassionate, Determined, Effective


Kelsey Godwin
Senior Director, Member Success • Carrot Fertility

What Nominator Said About Them: "Kelsey is a role model for her team. There is no task that is above her and she meets each challenge with a can-do attitude, rolling up her sleeves side by side and working collaboratively. The female leaders around Kelsey have adopted her lead by example style and this type of top-down leadership is why she consistently has one of the highest internal NPS scores across the broad organization."

Words Used To Describe Them: Driven, Supportive, Collaborative


Jigyasa Grover
Machine Learning Engineer • X Corp.

What Nominator Said About Them: "In her spirit to build a powerful community with a strong belief in 'we rise by lifting others,' she mentors aspiring developers and ML enthusiasts in various global programs."

Words Used To Describe Them: Hard-working, Enthusiastic, Leader


Madhuri Gupta
Lead Data Scientist • Enova

What Nominator Said About Them: "And when it comes to experimentation, driving radical solutions and exploring new methods and ideas, Madhuri’s “team ownership” means that designs or code can be rigorously debated without the risk of anyone taking things personally. The debates, feedback and encouragement all pertain to a task, a design or an outcome. In this way, Madhuri has created a thriving culture of expertise where solutions, not people, get evaluated and great ideas get rewarded."

Words Used To Describe Them: Empowering, Leader, Problem-Solver


Selah Hampton
Senior Manager of Growth • US Mobile

What Nominator Said About Them: "Outside of her leadership on US Mobile’s Growth team, Selah has single-handedly built our company’s Strategic Partnerships vertical. She has built relationships and created the strategy for partnerships with companies like BestBuy, Likewise (formerly Brightstar), and Uber — all with the focus of building the country’s most customer-centric telecom carrier."

Words Used To Describe Them: Dedicated, Trustworthy, Driven


Adrienne Hardin
Senior Customer Communication and Engagement Manager • TrustRadius

What Nominator Said About Them: "Adrienne is a founding member of Women of TrustRadius, instrumental in creating the group and ensuring that it took hold. While the group has a singular focus, it is not a task force. In large part due to Adrienne’s work, it has emerged as a community. She helped shape the group’s culture, even though she lived and worked a thousand miles away from her Austin-based coworkers."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Positive, Resilient


Cynthia Hayward
Senior Manager, IT Risk • Enova

What Nominator Said About Them: "Cynthia is passionate about anything she pursues, both in the tech sphere and beyond. She also makes it a priority to share knowledge — and even some of her fearlessness! — with others."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Empathetic, Passionate


Emma Heizer
Director of Experience Design • Mixlab

What Nominator Said About Them: "Since Emma has joined, she has gone outside of her job description and kicked off multiple projects that are necessary for the company’s growth."

Words Used To Describe Them: Kickstarter, Hard-Working, Determined


Lauren Hetu
Lead Gameplay Engineer • Phoenix Labs

What Nominator Said About Them: "Leading by example and being represented among the best engineers in the industry has been one of Lauren's low-key superpowers."

Words Used To Describe Them: Empathetic, Bright, Meticulous


Grace Houghton-Larsen
Talent Acquisition Coordinator • BetterCloud

What Nominator Said About Them: "We did not have a college partnership program but Grace saw a need, put together a proposal, and has since been working to bring this to life for us. She has now formed 20+ relationships with schools across the country for our entry-level roles."

Words Used To Describe Them: Infectious, Creative, Passionate


Salle Ingle
Lead AWS Architect • Cloudticity

What Nominator Said About Them: "Her passion for mentorship is unfleeting, even with a full schedule of customer needs and priorities, she will make time in her day to ensure new hires feel welcomed, employees have the necessary training to achieve success and grow to the next level."

Words Used To Describe Them: Supportive, Influential, Creative


Emily Jacobs
Senior Data Engineer • Gopuff

What Nominator Said About Them: "Shortly after joining the data engineering team, Emily graduated to leading one of our Data Engineering Pods. Her leadership and mentorship helped to inspire and elevate another woman on the team. As a result of her commitment and standout leadership, two of our three pods are now led by women."

Words Used To Describe Them: Energetic, Dedicated, Curious


Tanya Jones
Senior Manager Cybersecurity

What Nominator Said About Them: "I look at her courage as the most significant trait of her Moxie. Tanya has been one of our most vocal leaders/advocates in tech, over the past decade, when it comes to DE&I."

Words Used To Describe Them: Visionary, Courageous, Motivated


Stephanie Jourdan
Support Lead • Popmenu

What Nominator Said About Them: "She comes to work with her best foot forward, bringing energy and passion to push projects forward... She fiercely empowers her team, teaching them new skills, offering them coaching, encouragement, and space to be human."

Words Used To Describe Them: Energetic, Passionate, Courageous


Lauren Katzberg
Group Product Manager • Reverb

What Nominator Said About Them: "Lauren always stresses the importance of measuring the impact of the changes we make to improve our users’ experience... Her inclination to lead by example help[s] motivate others, and her perseverance inspire[s] others to accomplish more than they thought possible."

Words Used To Describe Them: Articulate, Creative, Empathetic


Meagan Keck
Program Director • Affinitiv

What Nominator Said About Them: "Megan is the first to volunteer for stretch projects, constantly pushing her boundaries, adding new skills to her considerable arsenal and expanding her comfort zone."

Words Used To Describe Them: Passionate, Responsible, Resourceful


Jasmine Kent
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead • Enova

What Nominator Said About Them: "Jasmine has a hunger to be bold and move fast, Jasmine earned four promotions within her five years."

Words Used To Describe Them: Hungry, Bold, Humble


Alicia Kortmeyer
Head of Talent Acquisition • Denim

What Nominator Said About Them: "She single handedly designed a new system, secured buy-in from everyone, rolled it out, and, since implementation, has consistently delivered outrageous results."

Words Used To Describe Them: Dedicated, Ambitious, Supportive


Mansi Kothari
Group Product Manager • Maven Clinic

What Nominator Said About Them: "Mansi built Maven’s first user research and product marketing team, where she used research to inform product decisions and advance Maven’s narrative in the market across different buyer audiences. While establishing these the bookends of the product development process, she saw a gap in product management to better serve Maven’s end users while meeting the needs of buyer audiences, and the rest is history."

Words Used To Describe Them: Cross-Functional, Resourceful, Dedicated


Lindsay Kulzer
Senior Manager, Engineering • Carrot Fertility

What Nominator Said About Them: "Lindsay identified that based on our operating model, it was hard for engineers to create space within a given week to dedicate time to level up some of their technical skillsets. Lindsay introduced the concept of “power-up time,” where for four weeks per quarter, the entire team would create a four-hour block each Friday to spend time powering themselves up in such areas as React Hooks to design patterns to best practices for tech leads."

Words Used To Describe Them: Influential, Support, Ingenious


Tricia Leach
Senior Developer • Work & Co

What Nominator Said About Them: "Tricia’s passion for design and technology fueled her to make bold decisions in her professional life and continues to inspire her to continue learning about design systems, creative coding, and accessibility — and find ways to give back to her community."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Organized, Thoughtful


Elynn Lee
Senior Product Manager • Opendoor

What Nominator Said About Them: "Elynn is one of the most determined people that I know. She is also one of the most hard-working humans I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Team-Oriented, Ambitious


Jamie Levy
Director of R&D • Huntress

What Nominator Said About Them: "She is known for her ability to successfully support her team without micromanaging them—a fine line that many leaders fail to walk, but Jamie excels at it. Specifically, she shines as a mentor to other women who are interested in cybersecurity: a field that has historically been dominated by men."

Words Used To Describe Them: Willing, Ambitious, Dedicated


Lauren Linzer
Director of Marketing • Travelers Haven

What Nominator Said About Them: "Lauren exemplifies Moxie through her tenacious grit and eagerness to tackle any challenge thrown her way."

Words Used To Describe Them: Eager, Hard-Working, Determined


Samantha MacIlwaine
Mid Backend Engineer • Fluid Truck

What Nominator Said About Them: "The second she is confronted with a problem, she starts to work through all the possible solutions for it. She consistently urges personal ethical responsibility and ownership of product impact amongst engineers."

Words Used To Describe Them: Supportive, Responsible, Curious


Holly MacIntosh
Chief of Staff - Technology • 2K

What Nominator Said About Them: "Holly is a global champion for #BreakTheBias. She encourages both allies to ask questions and listen to understand. She is passionate about ensuring there is equal representation of women in decision making and creating a space for all voices to be heard."

Words Used To Describe Them: Caring, Compassionate, Humble


Talar Malakian
Sr. Director of Marketing Strategy

What Nominator Said About Them: "Talar throws herself fully into whatever she is taking on, whether it is creative strategy, technical marketing buildouts, hiring, or being a present and nurturing mother to her two children. Anyone who works with Talar feels like she is giving them all of her energy and intellect, despite the fact that she is pulled in many directions at once (and has been since she began as the only marketing hire at RECUR)."

Words Used To Describe Them: Generous, Tireless, Versatile


Belinda Marchand
Director of Astrodynamics and Space Systems R&D; Adjunct Associate Professor at Purdue University • Slingshot Aerospace

What Nominator Said About Them: "From the outside, it’s easy to see the passion Belinda brings to her work. Problem solving is part of her DNA. "

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Supportive, Courageous


Heather Martin
Director Application Development

What Nominator Said About Them: "Heather has only one mode and that is all in. One of her passions is transforming the way teams work to help them maximize the value they can deliver."

Words Used To Describe Them: Passionate, Committed, Driven


Chelsea Mathews
Manager of Audience Operations • Bombora

What Nominator Said About Them: "Chelsea’s outsized passion and dedication to success, makes everyone better at their jobs, both clients and team members alike. She ensures that her team has the proper training and resources to complete their daily tasks while going above and beyond to mentor individuals, instilling confidence in each member for maximum performance."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Team-Oriented, Ambitious


Alexa Maturana-Lowe
Director of Product, Core Experience • Fivetran

What Nominator Said About Them: "Alexa leads a team of awesome product managers who drive forward key pieces of product strategy, touching all aspects of the business. She’s always got a smile on her face and a clear perspective to share and drives others to do better around her."

Words Used To Describe Them: Advocate, Solution-Oriented, Positive


Deena McKay
Senior Delivery Consultant & US Co-Lead for Kin + Carta’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Awareness (IDEA) Program • Kin + Carta

What Nominator Said About Them: "Deena is a self-starter, a lifelong learner, and a servant leader. Deena is constantly examining, improving, and working toward growth."

Words Used To Describe Them: Inclusive, Confident, Authentic


Kalyani Menon
Sr Director of Growth Marketing • Sealed

What Nominator Said About Them: "She has been unafraid to experiment and take risks, and her knowledge and intuition of engineering digital marketing campaigns for scale is best-in-class."

Words Used To Describe Them: Resourceful, Intelligent, Determined


Molly Middleton
Recruiting Manager • Praxent

What Nominator Said About Them: "The courage, knowledge, and determination she’s applied to ensure successful talent acquisition in the wildly volatile and compounding complicated worlds of consulting AND innovative software development AND financial services and technology… well, it means that she’s nothing short of a superhero."

Words Used To Describe Them: Inclusive, Authentic, Determined


Megan Modl
Head of Design • Trust & Will

What Nominator Said About Them: "Megan pushes our entire company to embrace the ethos of empathy in our brand and in all of our products."

Words Used To Describe Them: Talented, Courageous, Optimistic


Yesenia Monroy
Sr. Director, Global Operations • Feedonomics

What Nominator Said About Them: "Yesenia has that rare combination of drive, competency and heart... She is passionate, brave, does the work and is a problem solver!"

Words Used To Describe Them: Curious, Professional, Passionate


Leah Nida
Chief of Staff to the CTO • Collectors

What Nominator Said About Them: "Leah joined an engineering organization on the brink of tremendous growth and transformation. She immediately went into action, creating a career ladder to provide transparency and standardization into mobility, formed and is driving the Technical Program Management department, drove the creation of an engagement survey to measure employee sentiment, and is working on a top-secret project that will benefit the collectibles space as a whole."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Problem-Solver, Advocate


Crystal North
Director, Sales Enablement • Applause App Quality, Inc.

What Nominator Said About Them: "She is hyper-focused on building her team (and those around her) and providing a network of support for other woman at Applause. She has stepped up to organize outings for women across the company to build relationships and community."

Words Used To Describe Them: Positive, Energetic, Passionate


Susie O'Brien
Senior Product Manager • Packback

What Nominator Said About Them: "Outside of work, Susie speaks at a local high school’s “Women in Tech” club. She also does mock interviews with her friends who are looking for new jobs in technology and so far they have a 100% success rate with getting hired!"

Words Used To Describe Them: Curious, Detail-Oriented, Problem Solver


Madeline O'Hara
User Experience Architect II • Lessen LLC

What Nominator Said About Them: "Madeline’s passion for her users is evident in each product she works on; she seeks to understand her user’s job to be done and deliver experiences that create value for both our company and our users. Recently Madeline’s outsized passion for her users helped her team with a challenging transition of users to a new product experience."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Innovative, Empathetic


Nicole Opalinski
Data Materials Specialist • AMP

What Nominator Said About Them: "Nicole approached this daunting challenge with renewed vigor, coming up with nearly a dozen new ideas for us to try rather than giving in to the difficulty of the problem. She seamlessly balances an unrelenting focus on the end goal with proactivity, creativity, and a flexible lens through which she views challenges like the one were up against with fiber."

Words Used To Describe Them: Effective, Creative, Dedicated


Jamila Parham
Senior Project Manager / Owner of The Tech Unicorn • Microsoft

What Nominator Said About Them: "Jamila has dedicated her life to empowering and uplifting hidden figures and 'unicorns' in STEM through impact and outreach initiatives. Jamila has impacted over 5,000+ students, women, and, young professionals with her public speaking and STEM advocacy..."

Words Used To Describe Them: Resilient, Passionate, Resourceful


Emily Paul
Product Director • SOPHiA GENETICS

What Nominator Said About Them: "As a graduate student and throughout her professional career, Emily has mentored numerous young women interested in STEM. From high school students who wanted lab exposure, to peers who looked to her for subject matter experience in genetics, Emily has empowered dozens of students in this field."

Words Used To Describe Them: Advocate, Positive, Passionate


Victoria Perizes
Senior Biomedical Solutions Specialist • Level Ex

What Nominator Said About Them: "How many women do you know that could build a bionic arm, work for NASA, and create medical video games?"

Words Used To Describe Them: Advocate, Logical, Resourceful


Becky Pierson
Senior Principal Strategist • Kin + Carta

What Nominator Said About Them: "She is constantly thinking about what can be improved, and seamlessly creates tangible steps to get there. She’s not only deeply involved and looked to as an expert within multiple client projects, she also always makes time for internal initiatives and mentorship."

Words Used To Describe Them: Authentic, Empowering, Collaborative


Emma Quigley
Senior Influencer Marketing Manager • Current

What Nominator Said About Them: "As a one-woman team, Emma built from the ground up, defining the Influencer Marketing role for herself, engaging with relevant influencers with the limited resources we had while educating her colleagues and stakeholders about the importance of Influencer Marketing for brand awareness and user acquisition."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Curious, Intuitive


Carolyn Russell
Senior Software Engineer • Figure

What Nominator Said About Them: "She has near boundless energy, and is seemingly always working to improve her work and others through coding, reviews, and just up front and honest communication. She is fearless, seeking out even the highest levels of the company to make sure she is doing the right work, the right way, and at the right time."

Words Used To Describe Them: Energetic, Intelligent, Funny


Moana Sato
Sales Operations Manager • AMP

What Nominator Said About Them: "She jumps fearlessly into any setting, whether it’s taking on a new challenge internally or leading the company into new sales markets and opportunities. Her success is driven by her determination to not only see these efforts through, but to complete them with grace and professionalism, even when delivering tough news."

Words Used To Describe Them: Helpful, Advocate, Solutions-Oriented


Danya Sauerhaft
Business Operations Manager • Wisetack

What Nominator Said About Them: "Danya delivers results. She vaulted from intern to Customer Experience Associate to Business Operations Manager in about a year because she continually identified opportunities to improve–the status quo was not good enough. And Danya took on these change efforts in addition to her day-to-day responsibilities."

Words Used To Describe Them: Creative, Persuasive, Receptive


Shaina Semiatin
Director of Talent Acquisition • Grindr

What Nominator Said About Them: "Shaina’s commitment to creating a thoughtful, inclusive, and welcoming environment for candidates during their interview process is second to none."

Words Used To Describe Them: Capable, Inclusive, Organized


Saloni Shah
Manager Software Engineering

What Nominator Said About Them: "During the pandemic, Saloni’s leadership shined bright as she focused a lot of energy on the well-being of her team, understanding the hardships many were going through. She embodies all of the traits that make up Moxie, including the ability to stand up for what is right, unwavering perseverance and energy, and the know-how to get the job done."

Words Used To Describe Them: Dedicated, Compassionate, Enthusiastic


Aidan Sherr
Engineering Manager •

What Nominator Said About Them: "When you sit in front of Aidan, you are the sole focus of her attention and can expect an infectious zealousness for growth. Her passion is contagious—she comes well prepared to any discussion and also brings an open mind."

Words Used To Describe Them: Supportive, Passionate, Thoughtful


Bianca Siegel
Senior Analyst, SEO • GR0

What Nominator Said About Them: "She is also fiercely passionate about inspiring and empowering other women in tech, whether that be within GR0 or just the tech industry in general. She works beyond the 9-5 hours to make sure that her work is completed to her high standards and then goes on to teach other women how they can excel at the same level."

Words Used To Describe Them: Empowering, Passionate, Driven


Rory Skene
Director of Search Marketing • The Lifetime Value Co

What Nominator Said About Them: "Rory is also far from timid when it comes to questioning something respectfully or challenging a position with supporting evidence and data. She strives to avoid complacent group think and as a leader her ability to try and buck that "status-quo" is infectious with the rest of the team."

Words Used To Describe Them: Humble, Confident, Driven


Jade Slade
Director of Global Field & Demand Generation

What Nominator Said About Them: "Being in the technology sector, Jade has stepped back into the shadows on many occasions to let other team members shine and/or humbly empowered team members to gain exposure and experience that she could have taken herself. Jade also developed an initiative across our department last year to allocate budget exclusively for training and furthering education across the team."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Proactive, Enthusiastic


Carie Small
Director of Operations, SMART Monitoring • ADT

What Nominator Said About Them: "If taking on two new jobs at the same time – and doing it well -- doesn’t exemplify Moxie, I’m not sure what does."

Words Used To Describe Them: Leader, Hardworking, Uplifting


Margaret Smiley
Director, Data Operations • Quartet Health

What Nominator Said About Them: "Margaret continues to lead with patience and understanding, even if in an unfamiliar space or an uncertain time."

Words Used To Describe Them: Proactive, Advocate, Problem-Solver


Gina Smith
Director User Research • 2K

What Nominator Said About Them: "Gina’s passion for research may only be outweighed by her passion for authenticity; authenticity in the gamer’s experience, in how she and her team work with each other, their clients and partners, and how she shows up every day."

Words Used To Describe Them: Authentic, Driven, Diligent


Courtney Stepien
Lead Data Scientist • Enova

What Nominator Said About Them: "Courtney drove a “culture add” focus which highlighted women candidates who had a passion for volunteering and supporting their community in addition to their technical strengths."

Words Used To Describe Them: Committed, Caring, Inclusive


Ana Lisa Sutherland
Software Engineer • Artsy

What Nominator Said About Them: "She’s not afraid to speak up when the work doesn’t make sense and sees work through any resistance to the end."

Words Used To Describe Them: Curious, Resourceful, Humorous


Liz Tashik
Senior Director, Client Experience • Movable Ink

What Nominator Said About Them: "Liz has grown a team at Movable Ink from 3 to 30+ people in the last few years, and works tirelessly to engage, motivate and empower the talent on her team. Liz has supported and celebrated +15 promotions (over 80% of whom were women) and is constantly working on ways to uplevel and bring new opportunities to her team."

Words Used To Describe Them: Passionate, Supportive, Solutions-Oriented


Kelsey Van Bussum
Director Technology Capability Enablement

What Nominator Said About Them: "As leaders/founders of the Discover Technology Academy (DTA) – an interactive experience-based platform for Discover's tech employees to grow their careers and build their craft, Kelsey and her team work with 6K+ technologists across three lines of business (Card, Bank and Payments) and their executive leadership teams to ensure a single Agile Way of Working along with a vibrant inner open-source community of learning. "

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Determined, Passionate


Amelia Van Camp
Director of People AMER • Mirakl

What Nominator Said About Them: "In five short years at Mirakl, Amelia has grown from a strong individual contributor for an entry-level role to building and leading a team of 30+ incredible high-performers. She is one of our most respected leaders, both by the team she leads (for whom she serves as a role model) and our C-level executives (who implicitly know that she will do a great job at whatever she touches)."

Words Used To Describe Them: Strategic, Uplifting, Collaborative


Danielle Vargas
Solution Architect - Professional Services • Bringg

What Nominator Said About Them: "Last year, Danielle was invited to speak to a group of sixth to eighth grade girls about her experience in technology. Her ability to make her story relatable and humorous created an atmosphere in which the students were enthusiastic about asking questions and sharing their own experiences, and many of the girls left the session with a new curiosity for technology and what exploring its options could mean for them."

Words Used To Describe Them: Positive, Fearless, Enthusiastic


Andrea "Drea" Vidaure
Customer Success Specialist • RealWork Labs

What Nominator Said About Them: "Drea is someone who never goes about any task as if it were “just a job.” Her mentality is that of excellence in everything she does."

Words Used To Describe Them: Friendly, Determined, Responsible


Yolanda Washington
Director, Data Quality • Ookla

What Nominator Said About Them: "She is passionate about assisting colleagues in other departments to collaborate and get the job done. She has proven to be innovative and effective when it comes to providing results that contribute to the growth of the company."

Words Used To Describe Them: Creative, Dedicated, Resilient


Jessica Wicks
Director of Marketing, Downstream • Proprio

What Nominator Said About Them: "When Jessica sets her mind to something, not only is it going to be accomplished through an organized and efficient process, it’s also going to be completed with collaboration and gusto. Jessica strives to generate high-quality deliverables at all times, and encourages others to do the same."

Words Used To Describe Them: Intelligent, Resourceful, Determined


Rochelle Williams Brann
Head of People Programs • Step Mobile

What Nominator Said About Them: "She’s often responsible for programming that hasn’t been attempted within the company before and requires an element of trust to proceed. She achieves this successfully because she is well-researched and has incredible intuition, she’s able to create magical outcomes that are informed by both data and instinct."

Words Used To Describe Them: Creative, Courageous, Determination


Christina Willis
Senior Analyst • ColdQuanta

What Nominator Said About Them: "When Christina encounters a challenge or an opportunity, personal or professional, she demonstrates her Moxie by rising to the occasion and taking action."

Words Used To Describe Them: Relentless, Mentor, Inspiring


Rebecca Willison

What Nominator Said About Them: "Rebecca has a strong ethical compass. She is uncompromising when it comes to presenting unbiased findings. She is never afraid to represent an alternative view and always brings facts to the table to support her perspective."

Words Used To Describe Them: Solutions-Oriented, Humorous, Talented


Daniela Wojciechowska
Senior Manager, Performance PR • GR0

What Nominator Said About Them: "Dani is a force to be reckoned with; she not only is an extremely detail oriented person, but she goes above and beyond to uproot systems that aren’t serving us in the bigger picture."

Words Used To Describe Them: Organized, Intelligent, Inspiring


Jenny Yin
Senior Manager of Engineering • Syndio

What Nominator Said About Them: "When Syndio began expanding the engineering team, Jenny took it upon herself to identify a number of women within the team that were ideal candidates for promotion. She took the time to identify these women, highlight their skills, and advocate for them to management. "

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Encouraging, Solutions-Oriented


You can learn more about our Moxie Awards program or our esteemed panel of judges here.

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