The lush green of Fenway Park, the bronze Make Way for Ducklings statues, the bar from Cheers: The list of iconic markers of Bostonian culture is long and storied. But the peak of every list contains the same line. 

So when Wasabi Technologies VP of Global Brand and Communications Julie Barry was seeking out a partner that could match the company’s global reach and Beantown roots, the choice was simple.

“Who better than the Boston Red Sox?” Barry said. 

In her efforts to spearhead brand awareness around the world, connecting with the Red Sox, a customer of Wasabi’s, felt natural. 

“In partnership the Boston Red Sox, we are able to give back to programs that we’re truly passionate about and that reflect our employees’ values,” Barry said. 



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From the Wasabi Fenway Bowl to STEM Day, the corporate social responsibility partnership has opened the door to Wasabi events at MGM Music Hall and the hallowed green of Fenway Park. Together, the Red Sox and Wasabi Technologies have honored educators and veterans, supported youth musicians and aspiring STEM professionals, funded schools and music therapy programs — and they’re just getting started.

“Our partnership with the Red Sox has already achieved so much, but it’s still in its infancy,” Barry said. “From helping this iconic team archive their history in the cloud to expanding our charitable programs with the Red Sox Foundation, we’re really looking forward to seeing the new ways in which this partnership will grow and evolve.” 

Built In sat down with Barry to learn more about the origins, efforts and future of this CSR match made in Kenmore Square. 


Tell us about Wasabi Technologies’ CSR partnership with the Red Sox Foundation. How did this partnership come about?

As a Boston-based company, we wanted to expand our brand reach through a partnership with a pre-eminent Boston-based company that also has world-wide appeal.

The Red Sox are Wasabi customers as well as marketing partners, and, as we navigated our work with them, we wanted to ensure that we included corporate social responsibility efforts at every phase. We have the opportunity to participate in a number of Red Sox Foundation events and charitable endeavors at Fenway Park and other Fenway properties like the new MGM Music Hall.   


Fenway park


Your CSR statement reads: “Wasabi Technologies is committed to living by our values and doing the right thing as stewards of our community – in Boston and abroad.” What notable community engagements and initiatives have Wasabi and Red Sox partnered on to be great stewards of your communities?

Two of our core community values involve education and music. With the Red Sox Foundation, we participate in STEM Day at Fenway Park to help inspire students to pursue careers in technology fields. 

More than 2,000 students attended last year. We are also a founding partner of the new MGM Music Hall at Fenway, which supports music opportunities for local artists and students at Boston Arts Academy, Berklee College of Music and others. Across the Fenway umbrella, we were also able to create a CSR program with Liverpool Football Club, called Red Hot Beats, that bridges the musical roots of Liverpool and Wasabi into a music therapy and education program for students in the Liverpool area. 

Another highlight we look forward to every year is the Run to Home Base event, which supports veteran charities. We’re really proud of this event since it is a great way to elevate Wasabi veterans and show them our support — while being visible across Fenway Park throughout race day. Wasabi is already planning our 2023 participation for both STEM Day and the Run to Home Base. 


Tell us about a notable partnership event with the Red Sox.

In December 2022, we held the inaugural Wasabi Fenway Bowl, a college football bowl game at Fenway Park. In addition to bringing a college bowl game to Fenway, it was built on a foundation of philanthropy with the Wasabi Fenway Bowl Honor Roll that recognizes educators who have gone above and beyond to support their students. The goal of the Wasabi Fenway Bowl Honor Roll is to foster equitable quality education for all children regardless of the backgrounds Since its establishment, the Wasabi Fenway Bowl Honor Roll has awarded more than 90 teachers and given more than $40,000 to support education across New England.  


What qualities of Wasabi and Red Sox align to make a true impact – in a way that is authentic to who you are?

Our founder and CEO David Friend got his start in the music industry, so music is foundational to Wasabi as a company. Being able to partner with Fenway as a whole, across the Fenway Concert Series, the MGM Music Hall and Red Hot Beats ensures that we’re not just talking the talk. 


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