21 Software Companies in Sydney to Know

These software companies’ solutions cover customer relationship management, financial management, project management and other critical functions.

Written by Margo Steines
21 Software Companies in Sydney to Know
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Dana Cassell | Jun 24, 2024

Australia is home to offices of many software giants. The country’s software market is largely dominated by businesses that focus on enterprise-level products, but it also includes organizations that serve up tools individuals can use to deal with everyday responsibilities like taxes. Here are some of the top Sydney software companies building tech solutions for both businesses and consumers.

Top Software Companies in Sydney

  • Datadog
  • Miro
  • Workday
  • Intuit
  • HubSpot
  • Procore
  • Smartsheet


Software Companies in Sydney to Know

Notion makes organizational and productivity software tools that integrate note taking, calendars, collaborative documents and other digital assets into a single, user-friendly interface. The platform also offers an AI add-on that automatically fills spreadsheets, generates written content, and performs research, enhancing workflow management for various organizations. Notion is a global company with offices all over the world, including Sydney.


Contentsquare’s digital experience platform offers tools for optimizing websites and apps. For example, Contentsquare’s performance monitoring capabilities help businesses proactively identify and resolve technical issues. The company has more than a dozen global offices, and its operations in the Asia-Pacific region include an office location in Sydney.


Asana provides productivity software for organizations. Its work management platform allows teams to create projects, delegate tasks, track progress and assess company-wide goals and metrics all in one place. Most Asana employees have hybrid work options, and the company’s Sydney office is currently hiring for roles in marketing, sales and GTM operations.

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FloQast expanded into Australia and New Zealand in 2023, establishing a regional headquarters in Sydney. Its workflow automation software allows accounting teams to use AI-enabled technology to manage month-end close processes and improve accuracy, visibility, and collaboration — all while staying audit-ready. FloQast is used worldwide by more than 2,700 organizations, including accounting teams with the L.A. Lakers, Zoom and Twilio.  


IMC Trading has offices in Amsterdam, Chicago and Mumbai in addition to its Sydney office. Founded in Amsterdam in 1989, the proprietary trading firm trades on over 100 exchanges around the world. It teams up traders and technologists to develop software, hardware, advanced networks and algorithms to drive trading strategies.


Bullhorn provides cloud-based CRM and operations software for the staffing industry, offering an  all-in-one secure and accessible platform for managing end-to-end recruitment processes. The company employs more than 1,100 people around the world, and is proud of its people-centric culture. Its Sydney office is one of six international hubs, including Boston, London, Brighton, Rotterdam and Frankfurt.


Xero is a software company that makes cloud-based accounting tools for small businesses. Because its products are designed for small organizations rather than enterprise companies, it focuses on being simple, easy to onboard and streamlined, with the expectation that it’s often used by those who are not solely working on accounting.


Qualtrics makes products for experience management, a space that collects data on how customers and employees respond to various elements of a company’s presence. Workers can answer without fear of reprisal in an entirely anonymous space, and customers can give detailed feedback without the time pressure of a phone call with a representative. Qualtrics serves B2C companies that use the feedback they receive through its product in order to make decisions about products and services.


Own Company makes software that allows client companies to claim and control the data generated by their use of SaaS products. This valuable information, which otherwise is tedious and labor intensive to collect and analyze, is used by technology leaders, CRM platform owners, compliance leaders and chief information security officers to enhance backup and recovery options, secure and archive data and perform data analytics processes. 

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Atlassian's suite of software products, including Jira, Confluence, OpsGenie, Trello and Bitbucket, fosters collaboration, communication and efficiency across diverse organizations, ranging from small startups to government offices and globally distributed teams. These solutions provide insights into code management, project tracking and agile planning, improving collaboration processes for organizations of all sizes and types. Headquartered in Sydney and hiring remote roles across Australia, Atlassian serves a global clientele.


PagerDuty’s IT incident response software is used by clients in the financial services, healthcare and retail sectors, as well as by nonprofit and public sector clients. By using critical event management and automated diagnostics, its software products and platforms turn IT issues into manageable parts of business as usual. Trusted by clients including Zoom, DraftKings and Fox Media, PagerDuty integrates with a long list of popular IT software. 


Serving more than 186,000 global customers, monday.com builds tech solutions for business productivity. Its platform has features like real-time data dashboards and time-saving automations to support various teams, including sales, information technology, product development and human resources.

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Anduril is a defense technology company that specializes in advanced autonomous systems, such as unmanned aircraft systems. Its Lattice platform is an AI-enabled software platform that facilitates collaboration between different autonomous systems, linking them so they can perform complex tasks. The company expanded into Australia with the opening of a Sydney office location.


Datadog’s SaaS cloud monitoring product gives clients the ability to monitor all facets of their IT architecture, from system processes to cloud infrastructure. By quickly identifying areas of concern as well as spaces primed for optimization, the software is built to guard against systems issues like latency as well as external cyberthreats.  


Miro is a visual workspace platform that more than 60 million global users work with to simplify collaboration among business teams like product management and engineering. The company has solutions for whiteboarding, technical diagramming, retrospectives and other processes that support product and business innovation. Miro offers tools to serve every organization size, including enterprise-level packages for large companies.


Workday makes ERP software for a range of industries. Its platform covers all aspects of enterprise management, from people management to business operations, touching all the intricate financials and workflows that keep a business humming. Adaptive planning, facilitated by AI, allows the software to automate a significant degree of planning and preparatory task work. 


Intuit makes web-based financial management software for consumers, self-employed individuals and small businesses. Its products, which are designed to support increased financial autonomy and accountability, include QuickBooks, TurboTax, Mint and Credit Karma. Many self-employed people use QuickBooks to decrease dependence on costly professional accounting, and TurboTax is designed to make filing taxes more manageable for individual consumers. 

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HubSpot offers a customer relationship management platform for tracking leads, enhancing sales processes, maintaining and growing customer relationships and managing the customer experience. It is designed to serve both B2B and B2C companies across industries with emphasis on sales, marketing and customer service.


Procore’s software product is a collaboration platform for construction management. The single-dashboard software connects everyone on a project, from owners and general contractors to specialty contractor teams in the field, through the pre-construction, project management and financial management phases. The software has supported over 1 million projects in more than 150 countries, from the initial bidding phase to the ceremonial ribbon cutting. 


Smartsheet makes an enterprise work management system that is used to track projects, assign tasks, manage calendars, share documents and handle other workflow aspects for large companies and organizations. Its software product includes features for digital asset management, team collaboration, automation and proofing, and is designed to scale from one small project to large, complex projects with many stakeholders.

Margo Steines and Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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