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Australia is home to offices of many software giants. The country’s software market is largely dominated by businesses that focus on enterprise-level products, but it also includes organizations that serve up tools individuals can use to deal with everyday responsibilities like taxes. Here are some of the top Sydney software companies building tech solutions for both businesses and consumers.

Top Software Companies in Sydney

  • Datadog
  • Miro
  • Workday
  • Intuit
  • HubSpot
  • Procore
  • Smartsheet


Software Companies in Sydney to Know

Anduril is a defense technology company that specializes in advanced autonomous systems, such as unmanned aircraft systems. Its Lattice platform is an AI-enabled software platform that facilitates collaboration between different autonomous systems, linking them so they can perform complex tasks. The company expanded into Australia with the opening of a Sydney office location.

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Datadog’s SaaS cloud monitoring product gives clients the ability to monitor all facets of their IT architecture, from system processes to cloud infrastructure. By quickly identifying areas of concern as well as spaces primed for optimization, the software is built to guard against systems issues like latency as well as external cyberthreats.  

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Miro is a visual workspace platform that more than 60 million global users work with to simplify collaboration among business teams like product management and engineering. The company has solutions for whiteboarding, technical diagramming, retrospectives and other processes that support product and business innovation. Miro offers tools to serve every organization size, including enterprise-level packages for large companies.

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Workday makes ERP software for a range of industries. Its platform covers all aspects of enterprise management, from people management to business operations, touching all the intricate financials and workflows that keep a business humming. Adaptive planning, facilitated by AI, allows the software to automate a significant degree of planning and preparatory task work. 

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Intuit makes web-based financial management software for consumers, self-employed individuals and small businesses. Its products, which are designed to support increased financial autonomy and accountability, include QuickBooks, TurboTax, Mint and Credit Karma. Many self-employed people use QuickBooks to decrease dependence on costly professional accounting, and TurboTax is designed to make filing taxes more manageable for individual consumers. 

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HubSpot offers a customer relationship management platform for tracking leads, enhancing sales processes, maintaining and growing customer relationships and managing the customer experience. It is designed to serve both B2B and B2C companies across industries with emphasis on sales, marketing and customer service.

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Procore’s software product is a collaboration platform for construction management. The single-dashboard software connects everyone on a project, from owners and general contractors to specialty contractor teams in the field, through the pre-construction, project management and financial management phases. The software has supported over 1 million projects in more than 150 countries, from the initial bidding phase to the ceremonial ribbon cutting. 

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Smartsheet makes an enterprise work management system that is used to track projects, assign tasks, manage calendars, share documents and handle other workflow aspects for large companies and organizations. Its software product includes features for digital asset management, team collaboration, automation and proofing, and is designed to scale from one small project to large, complex projects with many stakeholders.

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