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What Is a Scrum Master? How to Become One, Salary, Skills.

Scrum masters help software teams approach projects through an Agile framework, which breaks a project up into segments and makes room for frequent changes. Here’s what to know about a scrum master’s salary, needed skills and how to become one.


What Is a Scrum Master?

Scrum masters manage and facilitate Agile development teams by ensuring the scrum is maintained. Scrum is a framework that allows teams to work on projects in sprints but still maintain a level of flexibility. 


What Do Scrum Masters Do?

Scrum masters establish and maintain the integrity of the scrum model with their team. This role is people-oriented, leading daily meetings, teaching scrum guidelines and addressing any internal and external issues. Scrum masters also keep projects on schedule by handling product backlog issues and tracking tasks on project platforms.

Scrum Master Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain a scrum structure with their team. 
  • Plan and host sprint planning, retrospective and sprint review meetings. 
  • Ensure scrum cards and tasks are up to date and that all tools are working properly.
  • Ensure the scrum team is free from distractions and roadblocks.
  • Meet with individual scrum team members and key stakeholders to discuss issues and project progress.
  • Analyze and report on the progress of sprints and projects.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities of Scrum Masters

  • Hold daily scrum meetings. 
  • Maintain internal and external communication with their team and leadership.
  • Ensure that scrum tools are functioning at an optimal level.
  • Meet the needs of the scrum team as they arise.

Scrum Master Within a Company

Although not every software company has one, scrum masters typically lead a team of software developers or programmers. They often work with product teams and leadership to set goals for development and report on the success of projects and product releases. 

Importance of Scrum Masters

Scrum masters are essential to the success of software development as they oversee sprint planning and enforce deadlines. Companies that use Agile and scrum benefit from having a scrum master to hold developers accountable and ensure scrum rules are followed.

What is a scrum master and what do they do? | Video: Eye on Tech


What Skills Are Needed to Be a Scrum Master?

Qualifications to Be a Scrum Master 

  • Ability to empathize with teammates and stakeholders. 
  • Ability to communicate clearly and facilitate collaboration between teams.
  • Firm understanding of software development and scrum principles. 
  • Understanding of Agile, its principles and how to implement the framework.
  • Flexibility. 

Scrum Master Prerequisites

  • A bachelor’s degree is often required, preferably in software engineering, computer science, data analytics or a related field. 
  • Many scrum masters hold certifications that are tailored to the role specifically. 
  • Previous experience being a manager or leading a team is an asset.

Scrum Master Hard Skills

  • Data analytics. 
  • Software programming skills. 
  • Expertise in Agile. 
  • IT skills.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving. 

Scrum Master  Soft Skills

  • Communication and presentation skills. 
  • People management and leadership skills.
  • Empathy and coaching skills. 
  • Time management. 
  • Collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Organizational skills.

Tools and Programs Scrum Masters Use

  • Jira 
  • ClickUp
  • ActiveCollab
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • OrangeScrum
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How to Become a Scrum Master

Scrum Master Education and Experience

Scrum masters typically have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, product development or a related field. In order to become a scrum master, it’s best to go through a training or certification program. 

Scrum Master Certificates and Courses

Scrum Master Career Path

Scrum masters may begin their career as project coordinators or product specialists, or even as software developers or programmers, before later becoming certified scrum masters. After becoming a scrum master, someone may hold titles like senior scrum master, product owner or project manager. 


Scrum Master Salary and Job Outlook

Scrum masters and related roles can expect healthy growth over the next several years. The projected job growth rate for operations research analyst, a related field, is 23 percent through 2031.

The full compensation package for a scrum master depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to the candidate’s experience and geographic location. See below for detailed information on the average scrum master’s salary.


Expand Your Scrum Master Career Opportunities

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Scrum Master Certifications + Programs

Take your career to the next level with Udacity’s online project management certifications.

Learn how to build products that deliver continuous value to customers using an Agile approach to software development. By the end of this program, students will be able to differentiate between Scrum, Kanban, and XP, create an environment that fosters high performing teams, and manage iteration planning using Agile techniques. Students will also be able to create a release plan for a Minimum Viable Product, create metrics that show project status, and effectively communicate progress both within and outside of the development team.

3 months
5-10 hours

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