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What does a sales operations analyst do?

A sales operations analyst leverages a data-driven approach to improve a company’s sales strategies and increase revenue. To inform sales processes, sales operations conduct market research, competitor analyses and performance evaluations. With a wealth of information, analysts can then advise which tools and practices sales teams should adopt to create a more productive work environment.

How do you become a sales operations analyst?

  • In addition to a bachelor’s degree, sales operations analysts should acquire three to five years of relevant work experience.

To become a sales operations analyst, aspiring professionals must complete a four-year degree in a related field. Business, accounting and marketing are ideal for those seeking to develop their business acumen. However, students can also cultivate a unique skill set through areas like computer science and communications.

After finishing their higher education, incoming professionals must gain at least three to five years of relevant experience. Many newcomers start their careers in entry-level roles, such as sales representative. Beginning in an entry-level sales role allows professionals to learn what goes into setting and reaching sales goals. Sales operations analysts also rely on their past experiences to guide their market research, so crafting a well-rounded portfolio is key before pursuing a sales operations analyst role.

What skills does a sales operations analyst need?

  • Sales experience, research, data analysis and technical prowess are all vital components of a sales operations analyst position.

Because sales operations analysts support sales and marketing teams, sales and marketing knowledge is among the must-have skills for this role. Analysts should be familiar with sales techniques and strategies in order to offer suggestions for enhancing them. Sales operations analysts also collaborate with marketing teams, so top candidates either have experience in marketing or are willing to learn about marketing processes.

Another major aspect of the sales operations analyst position is research and data analysis. To upgrade sales teams’ processes, analysts must research market trends, competitors and various sales metrics. Technological savvy also plays a role here since AI technology has become prevalent within sales. By accumulating these insights on trends and tools, sales operations analysts can make recommendations that streamline sales teams’ strategies and raise their performances.

What is the salary of a sales operations analyst?

  • Sales operations analysts earn an average base salary of $67,089, but top performers can look forward to six figures.

According to Built In’s salary tool, sales operations analysts in the U.S. make an average base salary of $67,089. Those who thrive in the role can achieve an additional cash compensation of $7,762, bumping their total compensation to $74,851. Sales operations analysts can have an immense impact on a company’s revenue streams, so the most successful analysts enjoy salaries as high as $150K.


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