Seal Storage Technology

Seal Storage Technology

26 Total Employees
Year Founded: 2021

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Seal Storage Technology

Seal Storage Technology provides verifiable cloud storage. Seal’s cryptographically secure enterprise-grade infrastructure provides immutable data records, robust encryption, and fine-tuned controls, giving institutions unmatched data ownership and security. Trusted by leading universities, research institutions, and enterprises, Seal meets all requirements of large data workloads and stores data in centers powered by renewable energy. Adopting verifiable cloud storage is seamless with Seal, as our infrastructure integrates into your existing system without disrupting workflows. Switch to enterprise-grade data storage to regain control of your data at a fraction of the cost of centralized options and no egress fees. We are a decentralized cloud storage platform providing secure cloud storage for research data. Our innovative storage solutions offer the best cloud backup to protect your valuable information. Visit our website to learn more!