50 Total Employees
Year Founded: 2001

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ProDiscover is a digital forensics product suite company based in India, offering a 100% indigenous solution. Our product suite is equipped to efficiently address cyber incident investigation and response scenarios encountered by law enforcement agencies, corporate cyber security, and policy governance teams. Launched in 2001, ProDiscover has a rich history of being one of the first products to support remote forensic capabilities. As one of the most affordable and reliable digital forensic suites, ProDiscover is used by Telangana police and Hyderabad city police along with law enforcement agencies in several countries in a range of high-level, complex investigations involving cybercrime. Equipped with extensive diagnostic and evidence collection tools for cybercrime investigations and electronic discovery, ProDiscover helps in efficiently uncovering evidence of interest. Investigators are provided with a wide range of tools that combine speed and accuracy with integrated data viewers to explore the evidence disks and extract artifacts relevant to the investigation.

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