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Paradigm Life

Salt Lake City, UT
73 Total Employees
Year Founded: 2007

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Millions of people follow financial advice that prevents them from achieving the future they deserve. We come alongside clients to implement a personalized wealth strategy that empowers them to live a fulfilling life now and ensure the future of their dreams. In an age of limitless information, people fall short of their financial potential. The breakdown of potential starts with neglect for individual financial education. The absence of financial education leads to harmful behavior - poor spending habits, reckless investment decisions, and excessive reliance on others for advice. The financial industry perpetuates poor individual stewardship by advocating bad debt, promoting outdated ideas about retirement, and supplying investment products that fail to reward risk. Mandatory Social Security and Medicare programs promise to benefit retirees with mathematically improbable results. Our modern-day financial system’s broken ideas result in continual unfulfilled promises about people’s future, leading to frustration, anxiety, and hopelessness. For these reasons, Paradigm Life created the Perpetual Wealth Strategy, an innovative way to establish an ironclad financial foundation so our clients can experience an even more fulfilling life now and a financially independent future.

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