McCourt Global

McCourt Global

New York, NY
200 Total Employees
200 Product + Tech Employees
Year Founded: 1893

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At McCourt Global, we are builders — of communities, infrastructure, technology and ideas.

McCourt Global is a private family company focused on building for tomorrow through its work across real estate, sports, technology, media, capital investment and social impact. Led by chief executive officer Frank McCourt, a civic entrepreneur and fifth-generation builder, McCourt Global is committed to extending the McCourt family’s 130-year legacy of merging community and social impact with financial results — an approach that began when the original McCourt Company was launched in Boston in 1893. At McCourt Global, we are builders — of communities, infrastructure, technology and ideas. Our teams represent a diversity of backgrounds, industries and geographies united by a common purpose: to extend the company’s 130-year legacy of positive social impact and develop solutions for a better tomorrow. We value entrepreneurship to push new boundaries; adaptability to grow and evolve; boldness to think outside the box; humility to learn from both triumph and failure; a focus on results to drive success in the face of challenges; and generosity to support our people, partners and communities. These values inspire our commitment to the high road and the long view. They challenge us to think creatively and work collaboratively. And they guide us in our efforts to build a better business, a better world and a better future.

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Employees engage in a combination of remote and on-site work.

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HQNew York, NY

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