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Huzzle App

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Year Founded: 2021

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Huzzle is a three-sided careers marketplace connecting students, student organisations and companies. For students, we've built a mobile app and WebApp that collects entry level career opportunities across the UK, and shows the most relevant ones to students based on their careerpreferences. Students are able to use an AI-pwered extension to personalize their CV and cover letters for every application. For student organisations, we've built a CRM that helps them create, post and manage events, engage with their memberbase, and connect with employers for sponsorship. Imagine Eventbrite, Linktree, and Google Forms in one. For companies, we've built an employer branding & recruiting tool that let's recruiters search for talent, send personalized messages and invitations to their events and jobs at scale, connect with student organisations to set up events and source talent.

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Employees work remotely.

Huzzle is an Early Careers Network for Students, Student Organisations and Companies! Employees get the freedom to work from wherever they want and feel like they are best productive.

Typical time on-site: None