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ClubRare is developing the future of commerce and physical distribution, centered on the collectors. Native to web3, ClubRare is empowering the individual by connecting them directly to creators, connecting creators directly to the metaverse, and connecting the metaverse to the physical world. At ClubRare, collectors can communicate directly with each other and the creators they support. With innovative governance protocols, community members shape the evolution of the ecosystem, earn unique physical and digital rewards, and build their presence in the metaverse. ClubRare Universe is an ecosystem of Web3 products built with and for a thriving community of collectors, bridging from the metaverse to the physical world.**** ClubRare is building a NFT marketplace that bridges physical collectibles to the metaverse, built on a sustainable token economy. At the core is $MPWR, which is used to reward users on the platform and forms the basis of the new metaverse economy. ClubRare is a community-owned NFT marketplace where users can trade limited-edition and rare collectibles in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). A Web3 company with a clever real-world logistics plan, ClubRare aims to empower collectors and creators in the new commerce economy.

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