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Greentech • Energy
Rochester, NY
88 Employees

OLEDWorks’ mission is to empower our customers to make unique products with the world’s most advanced, best performing and highest quality multi-stack OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. The only US-based OLED lighting manufacturer, OLEDWorks was founded by many of the original pioneers in the OLED industry - giving the company unique production experience and insight into manufacturing strategies specifically tailored to OLED lighting. Our vision is to bring the unique beauty, unmatched performance and earth-friendly sustainability of OLED technology into products that change the way people light spaces, display images and communicate information. Creating world-class, cost-effective solutions requires an entirely new approach that breaks from traditional OLED manufacturing paradigms. With production in Aachen, Germany and Rochester, NY, USA where the company is headquartered, OLEDWorks boasts two innovative and complementary manufacturing platforms that deliver affordable OLED solid state lighting panels. OLEDWorks is uniquely positioned to offer volume production while expanding product portfolio to enhance design inspiration. For more information, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook, and subscribe to the OLEDWorks blog at OLEDWorks.com.

Owatonna, MN
57 Employees

Revol Greens is the largest greenhouse lettuce grower in North America. With locations in Minnesota, California, Georgia, and Texas, Revol Greens harvests and delivers its packaged lettuce products within one day, resulting in the freshest taste and peak nutrition with a shelf life four to six days longer than out-of-state greens. Revol Greens adopts the most advanced greenhouse technology and growing methods in the industry, including facilities that use 90 percent less water than traditional field-grown greens, irrigation from UV-sterilized water, and sustainable sunlight. Grown Clean and Green™ in an animal and pest-free environment, no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals are used in the process. Revol Greens grows more than 13 million pounds of non-GMO lettuces annually.

Greentech • Energy
Rochester, NY
3 Employees

Arista is a developer and manufacturer of renewable power solutions. From wind turbines, solar energy systems and custom-designed.