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Marketing Tech • Sales
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
15 Employees

Growstone was formed in 2008 to acquire and exploit a series of patents and technical know-how. Growstone (www.growstone.com) is a New Mexico-based company that has an exclusive and perpetual license to manufacture, market, and sell unique substrates and soil amendments for both the commercial and retail agriculture and horticulture markets. The company provides growers, master-gardeners and novices with engineered products and performance materials that enhance plant and crop performance. The benefits of Growstone products include improved yields, disease protection, and environmental safety. The performance advantages of Growstone products become even more compelling when considering the fact that as a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, it does not present the negative impacts on the environment that are common to alternative solutions and competitive products. At the core of Growstone's product offering is its proprietary foam glass material which has been independently verified through scientific testing by two of the world's leading agricultural universities to meet or exceed the crop performance of competitive products. Foamed glass is a specialty performance material produced from the processing of recycled glass that would otherwise be sent to a landfill. The manufacturing process allows Growstone to produce foamed glass with a wide range of characteristics to meet the specific needs of targeted market segments. The manufacturing process allows the company to alter the porosity, cell size, color, product size, and compressive strength of the finished product with a consistent chemical composition. Plant root systems thrive in this environment as the foamed glass substrate (Growstones) retains water, nutrients and oxygen at the root system level. Growstone’s proprietary technology will divert millions of pounds of glass out of the waste stream each year and turns it into functional, innovative and cost-effective products.

Sales • Software
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
2 Employees

Euroclydon Industries is a company that supplies computer, software, and network hardware products.