Nicolai Berg Andersen
Game Developer at C7Pixel
Expertise: Software development
Education: Aalborg University

Nicolai Berg Andersen is an independent game developer and founder of C7Pixel. Berg studied at Aalborg University.

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6 Articles
iframe (inline frame) illustration of a laptop with a pop-up window. Around the laptop we see clouds in the background, a wrench, a settings gear and tags labeled CSS, HTML and JavaScript
We use iFrames (inline frames) to embed HTML documents within websites. Our expert shows you how to use iFrames and provides some practical examples.
waterfall methodology image of the steps of the waterfall methodology in the shape of a cascading waterfall
The phases of the waterfall methodology provide a systematic structure for aspects such as planning, organization, design and testing. Here’s how it works, plus some alternatives.
JSON image of a pair of headphones and a cup of coffee on a desk. In between them we see a pair of blocks stacked vertically spelling out J S O N
We use JSON to both store and transfer data. Here’s what you need to know to try JSON out for yourself.
Pandas image of a panda in a tree
Pandas is a Python package built for a broad range of data analysis and manipulation including tabular data, time series and many types of data sets.
Ruby on Rails train tracks
Ruby on Rails is a full-stack framework build on the MVC pattern and written in Ruby programming language. It is available for multiple operating systems.
Here’s a hands-on tutorial to help you create your own version of the classic snake game with Processing and Java.