What These 8 Tech Leaders Are Most Excited For In 2024

An inside look at 8 growing tech companies and the innovative product releases and growth stages ahead

Written by Taylor Rose
Published on May. 09, 2024
What These 8 Tech Leaders Are Most Excited For In 2024
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So far, 2024 is on track to bear witness to some historical firsts. 

Over the course of this year, elections will break records all over the globe; there are over 2 billion voters in 50 countries who are due at the polls, according to The World Economic Forum. Mexico will even see the country’s first all-female presidential ballot this year. 

For the first time since 1972, NASA will return humans to the moon’s orbit. 

January became the first time that the global temperature reached an average of 56.29 degrees Fahrenheit — it’s likely that the rest of 2024 will be the hottest year on record. The National Center for Environmental Information estimates that there is a 21 percent chance that this will be the warmest year on record and a 99 percent chance that it will rank in the top five.

This year could be the first big push toward radical AI and quantum computing advancement if a few key pieces of hardware see breakthroughs. Semiconductors could soon be produced significantly faster if leaders in the AI space have their wishes granted.

Looking ahead, there is only one thing that is certain — change will continue to come, and it may be faster than ever. Built In spoke with eight tech leaders who are tackling these changes head on. They gave Built In an inside look at big changes coming to their companies in 2024. 




Satya Raje
VP of Data and Technology • AnthologyAI

AnthologyAI is a data intelligence company that allows users to take part in the “explicit consent” in how their data is stored and shared. 


What is next for AnthologyAI’s growth? 

In 2024, we are poised to transform AnthologyAI’s ethically sourced consumer data into enterprise solutions that combine billions of unbiased, first-party consumer data with advanced predictive AI models via a multifaceted data and AI platform. This platform provides advanced AI and ML functionalities to comprehend and analyze how consumers behave and interact with different brands across regions, times and demographics such as age, income and gender. 

Our capabilities will focus on personalization, predictions, behavioral enrichment and audience building. This will empower businesses across industries — from retail to banking — regardless of their internal data volume, to predict market dynamics and consumer behaviors.



AnthologyAI’s Soho office provides hybrid employees with:

  • Commuter benefits.
  • A pet-friendly space. 
  • Some meals provided by the company.  


At the core of the platform is a fully ontological, semantically-anchored knowledge graph. This graph offers a unified and integrated perspective across all our diverse data inputs. Moreover, the ontological nature of the graph enables us to employ sophisticated AI-driven automated semantic inferencing, allowing us to uncover hidden connections and patterns within the data. This results in an exceptionally diverse and rich feature set that can power our AI solutions. The platform is designed to cater to a range of client verticals and offers seamless integration with clients’ existing technical ecosystems.

We have grand ambitions and hold ourselves to a high bar, and our team is rapidly expanding to help us hit our goals. We expect this momentum to only increase throughout the year — we plan to continue to recruit talented, motivated individuals across all business functions, with a particular interest in individuals who are interested in the intersection of Data and AI for the enterprise. We are proud of our dynamic, diverse team as well asthe great collaborative and fast-paced work environment we have today. We’re extremely bullish about our ability to maintain this culture as we continue to scale.


What is your personal focus within that growth? 

As the VP of Data and Technology, I lead the development of our capabilities, encompassing the mobile app, application services and the Data and AI platform. From this position, I am focused on cultivating the talent and strategy required to transform data from disparate consumer interactions into a highly interconnected, deeply semantic knowledge graph characterized by billions of data edges and exhibiting exponential growth. This distinctive graph offers unparalleled insights into consumer and brand behaviors by adding dimensionality to our data, which serves as the foundation for the development of our AI and machine learning capabilities.

Our team is dedicated to creating proprietary AI models that are trained on this unique and signal-rich dataset. Because of this work, AnthologyAI is set to revolutionize AI applications in consumer behavior and experience. We bring together high-quality data, state-of-the-art algorithms, advanced technological innovations and a human-centered design approach. Our approach not only promises enhanced accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness but also maintains a strong ethical framework to deliver transformative AI solutions to the industry.




Julie Schaffer
Director of Product Marketing • Fluent, Inc.

Fluent is an adtech and e-commerce company that creates customer acquisition solutions with a digital media portfolio, global commerce partnerships, and proprietary data and tech.


How does Fluent stand out to you?  

Fluent stands out as a workplace like no other I’ve experienced. Our proficiency in seizing market opportunities and our remarkable ability to ideate and develop new products and solutions with agility make each day exciting. As we dive into 2024, we have several innovative monetization solutions for our diverse partners in the pipeline. 

Amidst this buzz, we also recognize the importance of refining and simplifying how we present our offerings to potential advertisers and partners. The product marketing team is at the forefront of this evolution, eagerly shaping the future of Fluent. As we navigate this exciting period of growth, we’re not just participants — we’re guiding leaders to drive the company forward and embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.


How does product marketing play a role in what is to come? 

Product marketing is a strategic function that supports various aspects of business operations, from product development to sales, customer success and marketing. However, within the dynamic realm of digital advertising, the product marketing function takes on diverse forms across companies — each bringing its unique approach and challenges. At Fluent, our product marketing team thrives in an environment characterized by rapid change and a diverse portfolio of products.



Fluent offers benefits to help employees and their families stay healthy, like: 

  • Pet insurance. 
  • Dental insurance. 
  • Flexible spending account. 
  • Mental health benefits. 
  • Transgender health care benefits.


This year, our team has taken on the responsibility to streamline our go-to-market strategy — launching, positioning and enabling new products and spearheading Fluent’s comprehensive repositioning. This means that we are not just stakeholders but active contributors to shaping the overarching vision of Fluent. Our role goes beyond mere execution, it's about being strategic partners in driving the company forward in an ever-evolving market landscape.



Peter Doggart

ReversingLabs is a cybersecurity company that offers visibility into software supply-chain risks.


What is coming up for ReversingLabs? 

This is a huge year of momentum and growth for ReversingLabs — which we now simply refer to as RL. This year, RL introduced the entire Spectra Suite of products to address critical needs in file and software security.

With software supply chain attacks up over 1,000 percent in the past few years, we introduced RL Spectra Assure — the only solution that provides that comprehensive build exam to accurately identify malware and tampering before you release or deploy software. Only RL has the industry’s first AI-driven complex binary analysis to uncover material risk in software binaries — including proprietary, commercial and open-source software, as well as all elements or artifacts in a final software build. This kind of visibility and insight is critical to software producers and enterprise buyers in light of growing global and regulatory guidelines.



ReversingLabs is a remote-first work environment that covers the cost of:

  • Monthly cell phone bill.
  • Monthly internet bill.
  • Home office improvements.


We also introduce the unified Spectra Suite for advanced file analysis and malware detection. Security operations and threat intelligence teams are overwhelmed with alerts in the face of ongoing threats and attacks. Timely and accurate insights are critical, especially in light of the growing volume of files that need to be addressed, and the increasing size of those files. Built on over a decade of research and innovation, RL now offers truly scalable file analysis, with Spectra Detect, Spectra Analyze and Spectra Intelligence. From application security to security operations to threat intelligence, RL is the trusted name to identify if a file or entire software binary is compromised or weaponized.


What has ReversingLabs’ focus been since you joined? 

I joined RL a year ago as chief operating officer, focused on driving the company’s go-to-market strategy of their market-leading technology. We’ve been energizing and expanding our sales and marketing teams and efforts — in addition to investments we have made in our threat intelligence, development and engineering teams. We’ve seen great recognition from our existing and new customers, industry analysts and the press. That recognition is based on the innovation RL has developed and delivers to our Fortune 100 customers, as well as more than 60 of the leading cybersecurity companies today.




Ana Rudico
VP of Operations • LineVision

LineVision is a greentech company that created a sensor to help utilities adapt to a modern renewably-sourced power grid.


What are you most excited for in 2024 for LineVision? 

LineVision is a rapidly growing climate tech company, helping our utility partners around the world lead the energy transition by enabling enhanced grid flexibility, resilience and security. In 2024, I’m most excited about deploying our technology to achieve our mission of accelerating the net-zero grid. We are set to unlock hundreds of megawatts of clean power curtailed by a current lack of transmission capacity. 



In line with the spirit of sustainability, LineVision has a company culture that focuses on balance — work hard and take time off when needed. The perks that support this include: 

  • Unlimited PTO. 
  • Flexible work arrangements.
  • Home-office stipend for remote employees.
  • Catered lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Restricted work hours.


A flexible and decarbonized power grid is crucial for thriving in a modern economy while also meeting our global sustainability goals. Our cutting-edge monitoring solutions deliver dynamic line ratings (DLR) to help us achieve this grid of the future. This isn’t just about meeting targets; it’s about fundamentally reshaping the way we generate and transmit energy. We saw it in 2008 with smart meters and in the 2010s still ongoing deployment of digital substation controls and will see DLR continue down that pathway this decade. It’s about taking tangible steps towards a more sustainable future, and that’s something worth getting excited about.


What does your role look like while guiding this mission? 

As the VP of Operations, my role is to ensure that every customer commitment is met with precision. We pride ourselves on being an innovative company that approaches innovation from a comprehensive perspective. It’s not just about the products or services we offer; it’s about how we execute every step of the process. With ambitious goals ahead, meticulous planning and flawless execution are essential. My team works closely with our utility partners, guiding them through every phase of the project. These complex initiatives also provide us with an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and dedication. 

In the realm of grid monitoring and the advancement of modern electric transmission systems, the projects we undertake this year mark a significant shift in grid operations. Our team is instrumental in helping our customers realize their sustainability and modernization goals. These initiatives represent not only a professional achievement for our team but also a personal passion for driving positive change in the energy sector.




Ken Budnik
Full Stack Engineer • Zealthy

Zealthy is a telemedicine startup that provides critical healthcare services.


What are you most excited to see at Zealthy over the next year? 

I am most excited to see our business continue to expand as we look to satisfy our mission of making affordable, high-quality healthcare accessible to everyone. We are currently offering services in over 30 states and are launching in new states each month. 

The expansion of the services we offer is intrinsically connected to the expansion of our company, which I find exciting as well. We are a relatively small team currently — there are four of us engineers in the office full time. Our company will invariably look different a year from now, and I’m glad to have had an opportunity to join Zealthy at this early stage to both witness and contribute to the shape and direction of the company as this growth occurs. 



Zealthy is a small and young company, having started in 2023. The team is looking to grow soon, which is part of the reason for these perks: 

  • Relocation assistance
  • Company equity
  • Promote from within
  • Company-sponsored outings
  • Unlimited and flexible time off 


What does your role look like in these early stages of growth? 

With expansion comes excitement and certainly a lot of responsibility. We care deeply about making the patient experience as seamless as possible, which means that each day we are focused simultaneously on implementing new features as well as improving on our existing product. We recently launched the ability for our patients to schedule instant live visits with providers via video call, meaning that rather than having to schedule an appointment days or weeks in advance, patients can receive care the moment they require it. We are also looking forward to the initial launch of our mobile app in the upcoming weeks. 

As a small team, my role in this initiative is similar to the rest of our engineers — we are all assigned tickets that have us touching all aspects of our product and codebase. This is what I’ve found most satisfying since joining Zealthy. Every day is different from the last and our work allows us to drive our company forward. This could mean implementing new sign-up flows for different cares we offer, building our clinician portal where our providers, coordinators, and coaches interface with patients, writing integrations with partner pharmacies, and much more. Our engineering roles are truly full-stack, which I enjoy. We are all touching the UI, building out our backend, and making architectural decisions that will enable us to scale as we continue to grow. 

The work we do feels substantial and has a direct impact on our company’s growth and success. I look forward to seeing where we are in 2025.




Michael Udinski
Developer Advocate Lead • Xano

Xano created a no-code platform that helps apps to scale on the backend. 


What new tech developments are you most excited for in 2024 at Xano? 

I’m most excited about a couple of major features coming up in 2024. First, native real-time in Xano; it’s going to make it so much easier for our users to build real-time applications including those building AI apps that rely on streaming API responses. Secondly, we are revamping our marketplace and how our community builds reusable parts of Xano such as snippets and templates. It’s going to help streamline how people connect to other services and build faster by leveraging what other Xano users have already created.



Xano’s dev teams are focused on moving into new technical heights this year. Here are some of the perks that support continuous learning: 

  • Customized development tracks
  • Personal development training
  • Job training and conferences
  • Performance bonus
  • Highly diverse management team


How are you spending your time as a leader in this initiative?

As the Developer Advocate Lead, I have a direct hand in building educational content such as tutorials and documentation for releases such as native real-time. I’ll help create examples and educate our users on how to leverage the new feature. 

For our marketplace revamp, my counterpart and I have spent considerable time scoping, ideating and planning it. I’ll help facilitate the vision and product manage the implementation and rollout throughout the year.




Harrison Stevens
VP of Marketing • TurboTenant

TurboTenant created a software for landlords to self-manage properties. 


What will TurboTenant introduce in 2024? 

In the spirit of making it easier to navigate rental property management, TurboTenant released an AI lease comparison tool in 2024. This tool allows landlords to upload their existing lease for analysis by a trained AI model to find potential red flags around legally required elements that are missing, questionable provisions, and more. These warnings even come with language to explain the issue and provide recommendations on how to proceed.


How does your role connect with customers? 

As the VP of Marketing, my role is to lead the initiative of making sure as many landlords, and renters, are able to access this tool, which is free. I believe that by providing people with free education about lease agreements, which are surprisingly complicated, we will be able to show our company’s value. 



TurboTenant is working to share the platform’s value proposition far and wide. Here are few of the perks that help employees feel connected to the company goals and mission. 

  • Quarterly engagement surveys
  • In-person all-hands meetings
  • Pair programming
  • Open door policy
  • Lunch and learns
  • Personal development training


If landlords do find issues with their lease the tool will provide them with options to protect themselves through our own state-specific lease agreements, which can be purchased a-la-carte. I believe these legal documents will save landlords thousands in legal fees for their rental businesses but also protect both parties involved from legal mishaps. 




Nick Baer
Lead Engineer of Mechatronics • Oishii

Oishii is a greentech and agriculture company that is creating proprietary technology to grow ripe, non-GMO produce year-round without pesticides. 


What are you most excited to work on with Oishii in the next year? 

I’m most excited to be building Oishii’s CEA Vertical Farming Facilities at a greater scale to yield more berries for soaring consumer demands. 

We are working to scale our farms and their systems development, embracing automation, reliability and sustainability engineering. We continue evaluations and assessments of all our current systems to be sure they are equipped to continue 24/7 production while preparing for future expansion.



Oishii is working to create more sustainable farming practices, and to do so the company aims to make sure the employees have what they need to feel healthy and live sustainably too. 

  • Generous PTO
  • Relocation assistance
  • Onsite gym
  • Company equity
  • Generous parental leave 


We balance using internal and external equipment, manufacturing resources, product managers and engineering talent to yield more products for our consumer demands. Without our 24/7 production facilities, there would be no high-quality strawberries.

Our recent series B funding enables us to reinvent our system and create the next-generation vertical farming systems to keep up with the rapidly growing demand of our product nationally. 


Describe your role in this new tech and what impact will it have on the agriculture  industry?

As lead engineer of Mechatronics, I have a team of engineering individuals to tackle the multitude of tasks required to meet the initiatives outlined above. They are executing rapidly on the current list, but with a mindset of continuous improvement. Between my direct work and the work of my team, we are critical to the expansion of the organization. 

The projects we are developing will lead to major improvements in the modularity and expansion speed potential for the industry. We will be able to bring the best-tasting strawberries to the public in a way that makes Oishii even more of a household name.



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Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Shutterstock and listed companies.

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