Digital Fitness Startup Vivo Secured $1.1M in Seed Funding

The company plans to develop new programs for its fitness platform made for older adults.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Nov. 24, 2021
Digital Fitness Startup Vivo Secured $1.1M in Seed Funding
Kevin trainer
Kevin Snodgrass, Vivo head trainer. | Photo: Vivo

Keeping up with a regular workout routine is a prime example of hard work that pays off. No matter what stage of life someone is in, staying active is an effective way to maintain personal health and fitness. This is especially true for older adults who are more likely to encounter aging-related health conditions. Working to help older adults live out healthier lives, Atlanta-based Vivo recently announced the close of its $1.1 million seed funding round.

Vivo is a platform that connects those ages 55 and older to live, interactive fitness programs online. Vivo leads users through strength training that incorporates stretching, balance and cognitive abilities. By reversing aging-related muscle loss, the company aims to help older adults maintain their independence. 

The idea for the company was born when founder and CEO Eric Levitan wanted a way to better assist his own aging parents.

“Classes are small groups [of] up to eight people, and conducted live over Zoom so people can join from the comfort of their own homes,” Levitan told Built In over email. “Unlike video-based programs, this is a live, two-way experience that is small enough that everyone can get an individualized experience where we can correct form, modify an exercise for someone and keep them safe, but big enough that we create social engagement, community and a really fun environment that makes fitness accessible.”

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The company has been successful in its efforts so far. Users on Vivo’s platform are assessed every two months to track their progress. The company has recorded average increases of 27 percent in lower body strength, 22 percent in upper body strength and 25 percent in endurance over two a month period. Vivo also has an average monthly customer retention rate of 98 percent, Levitan said.

Following its seed round, Vivo plans to invest in expanding its platform’s offerings. Angel investors in the longevity, tech and healthcare field participated in Vivo’s seed round. With the capital, the company wants to expand its scientific research for conditions where muscle mass plays an important role. It also plans to develop programs geared toward preventing aging-related diseases, like osteoporosis and Type 2 Diabetes. 

“[I’m looking forward to] ​​growing both our team and the impact of what we’re doing by reaching more people and figuring out how to integrate Vivo with healthcare providers, employee benefits and be reimbursable through insurance,” Levitan said.

As the company works toward its future goals, Vivo is hiring across operations, marketing, business development and customer service. The 17-person company is also looking to hire more part-time class instructors who have experience with older adults.

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