5 Top Medication Delivery Companies

Medication delivery companies help patients get fast and safe access to the prescription drugs they need.

Written by Rose Velazquez
Published on May. 16, 2023
5 Top Medication Delivery Companies
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Consistently taking prescription medications on time is key to managing chronic health conditions, but getting to the pharmacy and remembering to pick up refills can be tough. That’s why the healthtech industry has stepped up to build services that bring patients their medications when and where they need it. Here’s a list of some top medication delivery companies ensuring fast, safe and affordable access to prescription drugs.

Top Medication Delivery Companies

  • Blink Health
  • Capsule
  • ExactCare
  • divvyDOSE
  • PillPack


Medication Delivery Companies to Know

Blink Health is a healthtech company working to give patients access to their medications at discounted prices. Blink says medications ordered through its website are available at up to 80 percent less than retail prices, and customers can opt for pickup from a participating pharmacy or free home delivery. Patients can ask their doctor or pharmacist to transfer over their prescriptions, or for patients who don’t already have a prescription, Blink Health can set them up with a virtual appointment with a doctor.

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Capsule is a medication delivery service that physicians can send prescriptions to directly. Patients receive texts from Capsule to keep them updated about their prescription status so they can ensure someone will be around to sign for the delivery when it arrives. The company also works with doctors to stay on top of patients’ refill needs.


ExactCare, a CarepathRx company, provides medication management services, including monthly medication delivery. To keep patients on track with taking their medications, ExactCare also sorts and packages each delivery so that patients always know how much they should be taking, and when.


Patients can sign up for divvyDOSE online or by phone and get their prescriptions delivered at no extra cost in comparison to traditional pharmacy services. In addition to prescription medications, divvyDOSE can also deliver over-the-counter medications and vitamins. The company makes its experts available 24/7 to provide support to patients over the phone or online by email or chat.

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Once a patient provides some basic information, PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy connects with their doctors and insurance providers to gather prescriptions. Medications are then delivered monthly in packaging labeled by date, time and dose. It takes about two weeks for a patient’s first medication delivery to ship and refills are automatic, according to PillPack.

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