5 Top Alternative Energy Companies

Alternative energy companies work to produce, store and distribute energy without using fossil fuels.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Jun. 27, 2023
5 Top Alternative Energy Companies
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Alternative energy companies work to develop methods of producing, storing and distributing electrical energy without using fossil fuels. Though not every form of alternative energy may be considered renewable, some of the biggest names driving the alternative energy movement focus on harnessing power from natural resources that are steadily available, such as sunlight and water. Here are five top alternative energy companies advancing solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and other alternative energy solutions for a variety of applications.

Top Alternative Energy Companies

  • Avangrid
  • EDF Renewables
  • Ormat Technologies
  • Plug Power
  • Sunnova Energy


5 Top Alternative Energy Companies

Headquarters: Orange, Connecticut

Avangrid, a U.S. member of the international, clean energy-focused Iberdrola Group, has operations in two dozen states. It serves 3.3 million electric and natural gas utility customers under the Avangrid Networks name, while also operating several renewable energy projects, including wind and solar power facilities, as Avangrid Renewables.

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Headquarters: San Diego, California

EDF Renewables deals in grid-scale power from onshore and offshore wind and solar photovoltaic systems. It handles large-scale power storage and distribution, and has an affiliate company that provides solar systems, energy management and electric vehicle charging for individual consumers and businesses. 


Headquarters: Reno, Nevada

Ormat Technologies manages geothermal power, waste heat and energy storage. Geothermal power comes from magma-heated reservoirs deep beneath Earth’s surface, which generate steam and brine that is used to turn turbines. This, in turn, produces electricity. Ormat makes the technology to harness and use this power, as well as the logistics to deliver it to grids.


Headquarters: Latham, New York

Plug Power works with green hydrogen, a clean energy that is created from water using a process called electrolysis. The company offers end-to-end solutions that can power everything from fleet vehicles to industrial robotics and aerospace vehicles. It also provides material handling, transportation and logistics and stationary power sources for EV charging, data centers, microgrids and utilities. 


Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Sunnova Energy is a residential solar company that uses an energy-as-a-service model to sell solar power and storage to consumers. It offers photovoltaic solar panels, home batteries, EV power stations and roofing installation services for panels to both individuals and real estate developers. It also negotiates client participation in buy-back programs, which allows power companies pay consumers for the energy from their home solar systems.

Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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