There Are Big Things on the Horizon for These 10 Tech Companies in 2024

These companies all have ambitious short-term and long-term goals and are hiring now to ensure they smash them.

Written by Taylor Rose
Published on Jan. 31, 2024
There Are Big Things on the Horizon for These 10 Tech Companies in 2024
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The past year registered seismic changes in the tech industry. 

The tectonic plates shifted when ChatGPT brought AI into the dominant discourse. Google and the US Justice Department battled over antitrust laws. Elon Musk sent half a dozen satellites into space as orbiting cell towers, potentially changing the way cell coverage works. Healthcare companies made advancements in wearable tech, analyzing the data with the help of AI in a plethora of use cases. 

Amid these changes, tech employees felt tremors in many departments. The tech industry reported 50 percent more jobs lost in 2023 than the year before, the total coming to more than 240,000 layoffs, according to TechCrunch

But not all tech companies are downsizing and even more are actively adding new benefits and building a more robust company culture. Built In just released a list of the 100 top places to work in 2024, taking into account things like employee engagement, perks and salary. 

With the changing landscape of the tech industry, many companies are looking to bring in new talent to help support ambitious business and product goals in the coming year. Built In spoke with 10 tech leaders who are excited to share their transformation blueprints for 2024. 




Harrison Tang
CEO and Co-Founder of Spokeo • Spokeo

Spokeo is a people search website that aggregates data from online and offline sources. Spokeo gives the example that users can find old friends, identify unknown callers or research a date.


What are you most excited about heading into 2024 for Spokeo?

Spokeo is a leading people search and identity verification service. We fight for data truth to empower trust in the digital world. For the last 10-plus years, we have primarily focused on the consumer market, helping consumers use data to protect themselves and connect with others in an ever-increasing online world. 

In 2024, we are excited to integrate regulated data sources from authoritative data issuers to help us grow into billion-dollar B2B markets. In the age of generative AI, all of us can benefit from trustworthy identity data to discern truth from misinformation and disinformation.  


“In the age of generative AI, all of us can benefit from trustworthy identity data to discern truth from misinformation and disinformation.”


Describe your role as CEO in the context of this initiative. What impact will this initiative have on the data industry?

As the CEO of Spokeo, I help set the company’s direction. Truth in identity will play an increasingly important role in the age of generative AI, where generating fake data is a click away. 

Pursuing data truth is challenging because it involves not just big data technologies but also information security, analytics and UX capabilities to deliver data quality against an evolving privacy landscape. Spokeo is proud to be the only vertically integrated identity tech company in our space, and the integration of regulated data sources to help businesses combat the potential for fraud and misinformation that generative AI poses will be the first in our industry.  




Matt Lynch
CTO and Co-Founder • Sage

Sage is an integrated healthcare platform that can alert caregivers for adults over 65 when help is needed and allows them to coordinate that assistance quickly. 



What are you most excited about heading into 2024? 

As we head into 2024, what excites me the most is the significant impact of Sage’s technology. Sage offers a unified care platform to senior living communities, enabling care teams to make better decisions for residents while driving more efficient operations and transparency for families. For example, with Sage technology a caregiver in a senior living community can respond to real-time alerts faster, 50 percent faster on average, which dramatically improves both the caregiver and resident experience. With the additional benefits of data insights and streamlined communication features, Sage improves operational efficiency and effectiveness like no other product on the market. 

This year marks a pivotal moment in our growth. Having established a strong demand for our solution in senior living, we’re now scaling up our footprint aggressively. By the end of the year, we aim to have our solution deployed in hundreds of communities. This scale-up reflects our commitment to not just business growth, but to making a tangible, positive impact on the lives of residents and the incredible caregivers who support them. 

Our focus is not just on growth in numbers, but on deepening the quality of care and life for older adults, leveraging our modern nurse call capabilities, caregiver application and robust data platform. The prospect of enhancing operational introspection in senior living — while simultaneously improving day-to-day care — is truly exhilarating. We’re not just growing, we’re evolving the very nature of eldercare, and that’s something that fills our entire team with immense pride and excitement.


“This scale-up reflects our commitment to not just business growth, but to making a tangible, positive impact on the lives of residents and the incredible caregivers who support them.”


Describe your role in this initiative. What impact will it have on your company’s success in the coming year? If relevant, what impact will this initiative have on your industry?

As the technology leader at Sage, my role in this initiative is pivotal in reshaping how our company contributes to the senior living industry. The core of my responsibility involves steering the development and deployment of our cutting-edge technology platform. This platform is designed to revolutionize the way care is delivered to older adults in senior living communities.

The impact of this initiative on Sage’s success in the coming year is multifaceted. Firstly, we are addressing critical pain points in an industry that has been working with outdated technology for decades. By introducing modern efficient solutions, we’re not just enhancing operational efficiency, we’re fundamentally improving the quality of life for residents and reducing caregiver burnout.

Our technology provides unparalleled accountability and visibility into operations. This is a game-changer for the industry. It means operators will have the best tools at their disposal, and executives and decision-makers will have a quantitative lens into operations like never before. The potential for informed decision-making and improved care is enormous.

This initiative is not just about company growth — it’s about industry transformation. We’re setting new standards for care and operational excellence, which I believe will have a lasting and profound impact on the entire senior living sector.













Brian Cruver
Co-Founder & CEO • Scorability

Scorability is a platform to assist college coaches in sports recruiting. 


Scorability recently came into new funding. What will this do for the company in 2024?

As a newly funded startup, the Scorability team is extremely excited to release our first products in 2024. We’ll be launching our athlete database and front-end “recruiting engine” for college coaches early this year, and our product roadmap will accelerate as we get feedback from our early customers. Of course, a launch this big and this fast includes hiring a lot of talented people, primarily in engineering and go-to-market roles. So, we’re also very excited to meet our new coworkers, and to watch Scorability take shape with a fantastic team, amazing culture and impactful mission.


How did Scorability begin?

As parents of college athletes, my co-founder Brett Andrew and I started Scorability after experiencing the chaos of our kids recruiting firsthand. 

We discovered that college athletics recruiting lacks transparency, efficiency and a clear process. We want to fix it — not just for the millions of athletes and families that are going through it, but for the college and youth sports coaches who need our help to make their jobs and lives easier. 


We discovered that college athletics recruiting lacks transparency, efficiency and a clear process.” 


As Scorability develops new solutions and introduces them to the market, we will be doing everything we can to transform this industry. We are determined to make the experience better for coaches, athletes, and their families.



Fulcrum GT

Ahmed Shaaban 
Managing Director and Founder • Fulcrum GT

Fulcrum GT  provides an innovative end-to-end digital business platform for the legal and professional services markets. Its true cloud SaaS solutions incorporate over 20,000 industry-specific features to connect the professional services ecosystem through a legal marketplace and business platform that commercializes and digitizes processes and the exchange of data, from source to pay.


What are you most excited about heading into 2024 for Fulcrum GT? 

Heading into 2024, Fulcrum GT finds itself at the forefront of a dynamic shift, having already taken the European legal market by storm. With multiple wins and successful go-live implementations of global 100 law firms just in 2023, momentum is now poised to increase our foothold in the US legal landscape. The excitement emanates from our successful track record of disrupting and transforming the legal profession with enterprise-grade solutions — including full Finance & Billing ERP systems — that have changed the game in legal services delivery. 

Central to this revolution is our RAPIDx platform, which is powered by the Fulcrum Snap Solution stack, and set to revolutionize the relationships between law firms and clients by redesigning the legal supply chain from sourcing and execution through to final payment, on a global scale. The impact of this initiative on our company’s success in the coming year is profound. As we expand our footprint in the US, we anticipate our solutions will service a substantial portion of the legal industry, solidifying our position as a dominant force.

Fulcrum has taken a cloud-first approach to solution delivery since its inception, but law firms in 2024 are chasing cloud adoption more aggressively to future-proof their digital communications, reduce security risk and better manage master data. We are trailblazers in this space, and as we continue this path, 2024 will be a year of opportunity driven by our technology enthusiasts who are united by their vision to continuously question, innovate and disrupt the markets we service.

For potential recruits on Built In, Fulcrum GT stands out as a company that not only disrupts industries but also offers the unique opportunity to contribute to the forefront of cloud adoption in professional services. Join us as we extend our legacy into new horizons in 2024.


Describe your role in this initiative. What impact will this initiative have on your target industries?

As the Managing Director and Founder of Fulcrum GT, I could not be more excited by the potential of this next phase we’re embarking on in 2024. The potential to scale is unprecedented and the vision I hold for bringing additional solutions to market continuously improves our market offering. Empowering the current team and making strategic hires is critical in our scale-up journey as Fulcrum is noted for the quality of our project teams and depth of talent throughout. 

RAPIDX is a transformative product that builds on triumphs with the most sophisticated global law firms, but it also opens a new market with vast potential: corporate legal departments. Our solutions will build a strong bridge between law firms and their clients and satisfy a need that has been lacking in professional services when compared to other parallel markets. However, the legal profession is understandably risk-averse, so can be slower to adopt new approaches and technology. I take a lead role in advocating our new solutions to the market and bang the drum of change as loud as I can.

My broader role is multifaceted, stemming from the vision that laid the foundation for Fulcrum GT. A top priority is orchestrating the strategic expansion of our solutions, ensuring that the Fulcrum Snap Solution stack, the backbone of RAPIDX, seamlessly integrates into the fabric of the next-generation legal landscape. This isn’t just a product launch, it’s a strategic move that underscores our commitment to innovation and disruption, propelling us to new heights of success.


“This isn’t just a product launch, it’s a strategic move that underscores our commitment to innovation and disruption.”


Every step forward for Fulcrum has a profound impact on the legal tech industry itself, so I spend a lot of time ensuring our team does not lose sight of this. When you are 

“In the hole digging,” you often can’t see the whole structure that is being built. RAPIDX is more than just a cutting-edge marketplace or platform; it’s a catalyst for transforming how law firms and clients collaborate and do business. By setting new standards for efficiency and innovation, we aim to influence the broader industry, inspiring a wave of positive change and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in legal tech.

It is important to continuously push for achievement and success for our organization, our team and our clients and partners. This is underscored by prestigious recognition and accolades from Inc. 5000 status, Chicago Innovation Awards, Legalweek Leaders in Tech, EY - EOY, SAP and many others. These acknowledgments showcase Fulcrum’s position as an elite, thought leading company, making us the top choice for technology talent looking to elevate their careers. 

It is an exciting chapter in our journey, and I am confident that our trailblazing efforts will not only redefine the legal tech landscape but also position Fulcrum GT as the go-to destination for top-tier technology talent seeking to make a lasting impact in their careers. 

The future is bright, and Fulcrum GT is at the forefront of shaping it.



Grocery TV

Kaveet Laxmidas
Senior Staff Engineer • Grocery TV

Grocery TV is an in-store retail media network with 20,000 displays in grocery stores across the US


What’s in store — see what we did there — for Grocery TV in 2024? 

Excitement is in the air at Grocery TV. In 2023, we took a renewed look at the changing landscape of retail media and saw the potential for a new solution that prioritizes ease of use, flexible integration, and a “native” look and feel in the retail environment. In our time as a company, we’ve learned that place-based media isn’t just about screens — it’s about delivering contextually relevant, non-intrusive messaging to the right people.

Our learnings led to our development of a new hardware and software platform with three main goals — any screen, any location and any scale. So, in 2024, you’ll see Grocery TV across a growing number of store areas including entrance, pharmacy, deli and more in several shapes and sizes. We’re excited to give our new and existing retailers unprecedented tools to communicate with their shoppers through new products that were designed with their distinct needs in mind.


“We’re excited to give our new and existing retailers unprecedented tools.”


Over the next year, we’ll continue to add team members in New York and in Austin to support expansion of our footprint in-store, across the country and into ambitious new products.


What will that work look like over the next year? 

Our biggest successes as a company and as a product have all started with a dedication to anticipating, meeting and exceeding the individual needs of our customers and retail partners. Physical retail is an expansive space with plenty of history and its fair share of outdated misconceptions, and we’re excited to play a large role in modernizing how brands and retailers think about digital messaging in physical spaces while leveraging their unique qualities.

Grocery TV’s 2024 is about deepening this commitment to a space and product we already greatly believe in. In launching our new media formats and marketing tools in the upcoming year, we’ll not only continue to add to the in-store experience but also celebrate it for what it is — as a hub for diverse local communities all over the country. Our work over the next year will be an exercise in spreading awareness and inspiring appreciation for physical retail as a premium media destination in the rest of the digital out-of-home industry as we climb towards 5,000 installed locations.

For myself on the technology team and for my talented team members at Grocery TV, this means cultivating a spirit of experimentation, collaboration, and curiosity in everything we do — nobody designs or builds the perfect product in a bubble. Our team is hard at work setting the standard for a retail-first digital media network by building the frameworks and foundations we need to continue understanding our customers and thinking about brick-and-mortar retail as a rich ecosystem.




Scott Hertel 
Co-founder and CTO • Osano

Osano is a data privacy platform that helps organizations build, manage and scale their privacy programs.


What are some exciting initiatives for Osano in 2024? 

Going into 2024, Osano is launching new initiatives to explore the use of machine learning and generative AI technologies, both for internal operational processes as well as new and enhanced product features. The use of AI presents unique opportunities within the data privacy space, especially related to object classification, policy content generation and analysis, and efficient privacy request routing and anomaly detection.  

Osano intends to fully explore the opportunities in this space and take full advantage of these emerging technologies. With that in mind, we are kicking 2024 off with an AI-focused hackathon with our growing engineering team. Every member of our engineering team will learn about and work with generative AI technology to find opportunities that contribute to our 2024 AI-enablement push.


What will your role look like with these changes? 

When Arlo and I founded Osano, we have always been about democratizing data privacy compliance by helping businesses to build their comprehensive data privacy programs in a proactive, transparent way. We believe employing AI and ML technologies will help our customers massively improve compliance and scale their data privacy operations.  


“We believe employing AI and ML technologies will help our customers massively improve compliance and scale their data privacy operations.”  


I will be analyzing and researching new opportunities for AI technology within our data privacy platform. I’m also excited to bring on new engineers with deep experience in machine learning and AI. I am excited to work with them on how we grow our internal and platform products with this advanced technology.  

With these efforts, our customers will be able to implement and improve their data privacy programs and operations faster. In turn, this will enable them to meet their compliance obligations, foster trust among their partners and customers, minimize the risk of data breaches, ensure ethical use of data and improve their brand perception.




Mary-Lou Smulders
CMO and Head of Government Affairs • Dedrone

Dedrone protects people, property and data from threatening drones while enabling “good” drones to fly. 

What are some exciting initiatives for Dedrone in 2024?

Dedrone is a leader in airspace security. With more customers around the world than any other airspace security company, we enable our clients to protect people, property and information from the threat of drones, while enabling the “good” drones to take off — pun intended. 

The simple fact is that no security company can build a barrier strong enough or high enough to protect itself from a drone, so we need a tech solution to protect us from the persistent and escalating drone threat. At the same time, the “good” drones will dramatically improve our lives and increase GDP by completing tasks like acting as first responders, delivering medical supplies, retail packages and more. 


“We enable our clients to protect people, property and information from the threat of drones, while enabling the “good” drones to take off — pun intended.” 


By combining advanced sensor-fusion technology with AI-driven pattern recognition software, our solutions enable early and reliable drone detection, pilot location and advanced warning in the event an unauthorized drone approaches a secured area. Our customers include national governments, public safety agencies, sporting stadiums, prisons, private research facilities, critical infrastructure sites like airports and power plants, data centers, VIPs and more.  


What are your major expansion plans this year? 

We have two major areas of expansion this year: Counter-drone solutions and DedroneBeyond, our solution to enable Drone as First Responder, orDFR, programs. DedroneBeyond allows first responders to send drones into a situation, decreasing response times, improving response accuracy and helping to keep our first responders safer. At the heart of both solutions is our software. 

At Dedrone, we are constantly pushing the capabilities of AI in airspace security to drive safety and security for our customers. These two solution sets will form the platform for growth for Dedrone in the next few years. 


What impact will this initiative have on your industry?

Dedrone is leading the way in the emergent industry of airspace security. Relevant to both public safety and national security, our dual-use technology has received some of the highest level of accolades including CNBC’s Disruptor 50 in 2023, and, in the public safety sphere, DedroneCityWide made TIME’s Best Inventions list in November 2023. I look forward to helping to continue our positive momentum this year as Dedrone’s CMO.




Jeremy Sadwith
VP, Engineering  • Kargo

Kargo creates cross-screen ad experiences and ad tech solutions for brands, retailers and publishers. 


How has Kargo grown in the last few years? 

Kargo has historically been known in the ad tech industry as a major player in a more specialized advertising niche, creating unique and engaging ad experiences for mobile devices on premium editorial websites. Over the past couple of years, we’ve started shedding that single-screen label as we’ve expanded our bread-and-butter innovation to desktop and video, while building powerful solutions for a wide range of advertising clients. With recent acquisitions in retail and TV advertising, we’re excited to show the industry that we’re now an influential player across all the screens where you view content.

With each of the last 3 years closing as Kargo’s best year of growth ever, 2024 is our next inflection point, and we’re going to be shooting for the stars. Integrating our core business, acquisitions and innovative new products into a cohesive platform will help us rocket upwards.


“2024 is our next inflection point, and we’re going to be shooting for the stars”


How has the Kargo team come together to make these ideas into a reality? 

It’s relatively easy to build a single product with a strong engineering team. What gets difficult is when you need to integrate multiple products into a single platform in a way that makes logical sense for your clients and your business. And that needs to scale — to the tune of billions and billions of requests each day across the world in our large-scale distributed infrastructure. 

Along with the rest of Kargo’s engineering and product teams, we started the process in early 2023 of integrating our different pieces more tightly into our ecosystem. In 2024, we’ve created a mandate for ourselves to take our ideas of what these products could look like as one enterprise-level platform, and turn them into a reality. 

By year’s end, Kargo will be a one-stop shop for most advertising needs, and we’re going to be loud about it. Come help us take the ad tech industry to the next level. 




Sergio Garzon
Strategy and BI Manager • MyBambu

MyBambu is a mobile app offering financial solutions, aiming to bring accessible, trustworthy and affordable services to everyone, regardless of their immigration status.


What are you most excited about heading into 2024 for MyBambu?  

The corporate mission of MyBambu is to meet the financial needs of the migrant community in the US. We have been launching products and services that aim to solve those needs and 2024 will be no exception. In this new year, we will have a great expansion in our portfolio of solutions to meet the requirements of immigrants who often cannot access financial products or must pay excessive costs to afford them.


“In this new year, we will have a great expansion in our portfolio of solutions to meet the requirements of immigrants who often cannot access financial products.”


What will your role look like with this expansion? 

My role at MyBambu focuses on providing business insights through data analysis that improve the decision-making process across the key areas of the company. From there, my team creates strategies that allow the sustained growth of our product portfolio, maintain the right functioning of internal processes and allow the planning and deployment of new services that respond to the demands of our target market.



Bloom Credit

Dmitriy Rozensweig
Senior DevOps Engineer, Platform Team Lead • Bloom Credit

Bloom Credit helps companies launch lending products, report consumers’ payments and create innovative credit experiences. 


How have you seen Bloom Credit change?

I joined Bloom Credit around the time that the company pivoted from a B2C product to a B2B offering. What’s really exciting for me this year is the growth that we’re seeing — both in terms of the number of fintechs that we are now working with, but also the increasing number of transactions that existing clients are performing. I watch the volume climb higher and higher on our DataDog dashboards every month. It tells me that we’ve found product-market fit, and validates the company’s decision to change its focus to B2B.


“It tells me that we’ve found product-market fit, and validates the company’s decision to change its focus to B2B.”


What impact will your role have on Bloom Credit’s success in the coming year as a tech leader? 

As the tech lead for Bloom’s platform team, I am responsible for all our infrastructure located in AWS, where security, reliability and scalability are not just buzzwords when it comes to our tech stack. For security, we are continuing to invest heavily in both the AWS security suite, like GuardDuty, and DataDog’s excellent monitoring and alerting tools. 

In the reliability domain, we leverage AWS multi-AZ and multi-region setups and are planning to adopt chaos engineering practices this year to find which components do not meet our standards. As for scalability, we are preparing our network and resources to withstand ten times our maximum traffic. Test, evaluate and try to “stretch” our scalability again. These three rudimentary pillars will pave the way for our engineers and operations teams to rely on our infrastructure confidently.

As a fintech, we do not have the luxury to be complacent on any of the infrastructure basics. Security is paramount to both our customers and ourselves. Reliability helps everyone sleep better at night. And scalability minimizes guesswork from our stack. While leveraging tools from AWS, DataDog, Temporal, Akuity and so on, we are always improving and 2024 will be both busy and exciting for the Bloom platform team.


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Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Shutterstock and listed companies.

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