12 San Antonio Companies Heating Up the City’s Tech Scene

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Nov. 02, 2020
12 San Antonio Companies Heating Up the City’s Tech Scene
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While there may be regions that are more synonymous with facilitating the development of technology, such as Silicon Valley or even nearby Austin, many of the most exciting companies pushing the boundaries of modern technology call San Antonio home. From the affordability of the city to its rich culture, there is no shortage of reasons why talented tech professionals are migrating to San Antonio. With exceptional companies advancing capabilities in fields like healthcare, logistics, software, and education, it is a perfect place for creating outstanding work with massive impact. 

San Antonio's tech scene is continuing to grow, seemingly by the minute, but these are the 12 tech companies you should know about right now.

Tech Companies in San Antonio to Know

  • Blue Duck Scooters
  • Silotech Group
  • WellAware
  • Wytec International
  • Jungle Disk
  • Merge Labs
  • H-E-B
H-E-B Tech Companies San Antonio

Founded: 1905

What they do: H-E-B remains rooted in its beginnings as a small grocery store while developing modernized technology to address the changing needs of its customers. The company is seeking to enhance customer experiences with services like curbside and home delivery, creating the technology to manage an ever mobile workforce. Combining a personal approach with advanced thinking, H-E-B is making grocery shopping effortless and maintaining strong relationships with communities.   


Blue Duck Scooters tech companies in San Antonio
Blue Duck Scooters

Founded: 2018

What they do: Blue Duck Scooters is bringing a new, convenient method of transportation to San Antonio, providing an app-driven electric scooter program that helps people move more effectively than ever before. Users can use the company’s app to track, scan, register and park scooters throughout the city, with fleets available for communities and corporate campuses as well.


Silotech Group tech companies in San Antonio
Silotech Group

Founded: 2008

What they do: Silotech Group offers a wide range of IT, cloud and cyber services that ensure companies of all sizes have access to the technology they need to push their business ahead. The company’s array of capabilities feature services like penetration testing, countermeasure development, cloud adoption, disaster recovery, social engineering, and communications unification, delivering IT excellence so clients can continue to grow.

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WellAware tech companies in San Antonio
WellAware tech companies in San Antonio

Founded: 2012

What they do: WellAware is a simple but fast IIoT platform that allows organizations to effectively manage data in crucial situations. The platform is designed for businesses and organizations in industries like healthcare and oil to facilitate safe equipment monitoring, control chemical operations, and assist in air purification processes, with clients including BP, Citgo, Chevron, and Ecolab to date.  


Wytec tech companies in San Antonio
Wytec International

Founded: 2011

What they do: Wytec International facilitates business, enterprise and citywide growth by providing broadband, DAS and 5G-preparedness capabilities that allow for powerful communications. Operating as three companies, Wytec Business, Wytec Enterprise and Wytec City, the organization is focused on ensuring both private and public connectivity so data can be shared securely and at lower costs.  


Flightpath Finance tech companies in San Antonio
Flightpath Finance

Founded: 2015

What they do: Flightpath Finance is dedicated to the success of SaaS companies, providing a platform for forecasting revenue, expenses and bank balances for creating clear pathways to growth. The platform is integratable with both Quickbooks Online and Xero, with tools included for revenue forecasting, autopilot forecasting, hiring planning, targeting scenarios, comparing forecasts to actuals, and viewing full representations of operating models. 


Jungle Disk tech companies in San Antonio
Jungle Disk

Founded: 2006

What they do: Jungle Disk is a cybersecurity partner to small businesses, helping them avoid the threat of major data losses that too often become insurmountable business obstacles. The company’s cybersecurity suite includes automatic data backup and password management capabilities, with security awareness training available so companies can learn to defend themselves from phishing, ransomware and more.  


Merge Labs tech companies in San Antonio
Merge Labs

Founded: 2014

What they do: Merge Labs creates intuitive teaching aids and simulation devices that puts AR and VR technology into the hands of students and teachers. The company’s technology allows students to interact with 3D digital objects to find a more in-depth understanding of STEM topics, with curriculum designed for multiple learning levels to accelerate learning in all students. 

FunnelAI tech companies in San Antonio

Founded: 2017

What they do: FunnelAI helps companies discover customers and move products more efficiently than ever before, operating a platform that filters and sorts through millions of public social media posts to discover high-intent prospective customers ready to convert in real time. Utilizing powerful AI and engagement technology, FunnelAI allows businesses to start direct conversations with qualified prospects and better forecast profits into the future.


Fetch MD tech companies in San Antonio
Fetch MD

Founded: 2013

What they do: Fetch MD is an app-based healthcare platform that operates in the most pressing moments to bring urgent care providers directly to patients. Available for treating symptoms and injuries like flus, viruses, minor injuries, respiratory infections, skin lacerations and overall wellness checking, Fetch MD operates on a simple, flat-cost platform to ensure patients get the help they need with no obstacles in between.


TrueAbility tech companies in San Antonio

Founded: 2012

What they do: TrueAbility has worked with organizations like Google, VMWare, Relativity and Digital Elastic to provide assessment and certification programs that bring out the best in every workforce. Assessments from the company are all cloud and performance-based, managed by dedicated specialists to ensure employees have opportunities to grow and demonstrate their capabilities. 

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Dauber tech companies in San Antonio

Founded: 2015

What they do: Dauber is helping modernize the trucking and construction industries, helping them take steps to operate paperlessly and digitally. The intuitive platform provides the technology and support needed to automate dispatches and share information in real time, featuring fleet performance reporting, paperless ticketing, responsive route optimization, touchless ticket approval, driver support and rapid invoicing at the tap of a finger.


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