5 Tech Companies in Edmonton to Know

Edmonton tech companies are reeling in investment dollars and developing emerging tech like blockchain and AI.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Apr. 03, 2024
5 Tech Companies in Edmonton to Know
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Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and a tech powerhouse in Canada. Despite a slowdown in private equity, which has long fueled startup growth in the region, Edmonton and Alberta-based tech companies still closed millions of dollars in financing deals in 2023 and are continuing their hot streak. Below are some of the region’s top companies to know as tech becomes ever more important. 

Top Tech Companies in Edmonton to Know

  • Intuit
  • Bitcoin Well
  • Wipro
  • Concentrix
  • Jobber


Top Tech Companies in Edmonton

From tax software to credit monitoring platforms, Intuit specializes in consumer-facing financial software. The company also owns the popular newsletter platform Mailchimp, which is widely used for email marketing. Intuit is headquartered in Silicon Valley but maintains a sizable presence in Canada with offices in Edmonton and Toronto


Bitcoin Well is a blockchain startup that develops and operates crypto ATMs and a trading platform. Its ATMs are dispersed throughout Canada and enable investors to buy and sell bitcoin. Meanwhile, its digital platform can do much of the same but includes convenient features like automatic investments and bitcoin bill pay.  

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Wipro provides tech development and consulting services to clients in multiple countries. The company employs thousands of talented tech workers and provides AI, cloud, cybersecurity and data services. 


For years, Concentrix has worked with businesses to expand their data and digital capabilities, and it’s helping clients adapt to the age of AI. Its current lineup of AI services includes AI assessments, roadmaps, self-service bots and automated QA testing. It also helps companies across multiple industries implement the new tech. Apart from AI, Concentrix also provides engineering and data analytics services. 

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Jobber is a home maintenance platform where service businesses can list their offerings and secure work. According to the company, its platform provides visibility for businesses and helps them win more jobs.

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