5 Solar Companies in Melbourne to Know

These companies are helping Australia adapt to solar energy.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jan. 17, 2024
5 Solar Companies in Melbourne to Know
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Australia is a leading country in terms of the percentage of people relying on renewable energy to power their homes. Powering the country’s advancement of solar energy are a host of Melbourne companies increasing access to renewable power and creating new green solutions. We rounded up some of the top solar companies in Melbourne you should know.

Top Solar Companies in Melbourne

  • Solstice AI
  • Allume Energy
  • Elecsome
  • Simply Energy
  • Total Solar Solutions


Top 5 Solar Companies in Melbourne

Using artificial intelligence and geolocation capabilities, Solstice AI can identify solar panels in large areas and forecast the total solar output in that region. According to the company, this type of data is beneficial when analyzed with socio-demographic data to identify new areas that are ready for solar energy. 

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Allume Energy is increasing access to solar energy for people who live in apartment buildings. Through its SolShare solution, large buildings can install a single rooftop solar system and distribute power to different units. According to Allume, SolShare works for apartment complexes of varying sizes.

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Elecsome is a recycling company that upcycles dead or damaged solar panels into new products. Currently, Elecsome uses solar panels to create a nano-engineered concrete mix that uses less sand than traditional mixes. Going forward, it’s hoping to develop new products through solar panel upcycling. 

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Simply Energy, an Australian company, provides solar solutions to residential homes. Through the company’s website, residents can check if they’re eligible for solar energy and will get matched with an installer who will integrate their home into the solar grid, provided they meet certain criteria. 

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Total Solar Solutions installs solar energy systems on residential homes and commercial buildings. The company takes control of the complete solar installation experience and handles everything from consultation to sales and installation, with no work subcontracted to other solar companies.  

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