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There are thousands of tech companies in the U.K. that provide clients with custom software solutions. These companies differ from in-house developers and often provide greater software expertise in a particular technology sector or coding language. Here are some of the top software companies in the U.K. you should know.

Top software companies in the United Kingdom

  • Redgate Software
  • Imaginary Cloud 
  • Andersen
  • Itransition 
  • Rootquotient
  • Goodcore Software


Top Software Companies in the UK

Redgate Software makes end-to-end software for database development and administration, server development and performance optimization. Its products support hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world working in businesses of all sizes. Redgate products are equipped with tools to improve productivity and reduce errors.

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Imaginary Cloud is a custom software development company with offices around the world. It specializes in web and mobile applications and develops software in a specialized manner to reduce and minimize tech debt. In hiring, Imaginary Cloud focuses on being a “human-centric” employer and provides benefits to improve work-life balance, such as remote work and personal stipends. 

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Andersen makes custom web and mobile software and has worked with companies such as Samsung and Mercedes-Benz. The company also specializes in managed delivery, which helps clients deploy software as smoothly as possible. Since launching in 2007, Andersen has expanded past its London headquarters and now has a global presence. It even hosts free conferences for people to learn about software development. 

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Itransition’s in-house engineers develop software solutions for a wide range of clients in various industries, including fintech, retail, IT and healthcare. The company also offers DevOps services, data analytics and robotic process automation for SMBs and Fortune 500 enterprises alike. 

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Rootquotient is a custom developer that uses the Agile framework to build, deploy and collect feedback on its work. This framework enables the company to work closely with clients and deliver timely results. In addition to software development, Rootquotient also provides data analytics services to help clients make informed business decisions. 

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Goodcore Software develops custom web, mobile and cloud applications using a robust tech stack. Since launching in 2005, the company has worked with clients in a wide range of industries, including sports, healthcare, finance and education. 

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