What Is Search Engine Marketing With Google Ads?

Google Ads, commonly known as AdWords, is an online advertising product created by Google to offer a pay-per-click (PPC) platform, allowing companies to display ads to consumers above organic results on Google’s search engine results pages.

Written by Matthew Urwin
Published on Dec. 16, 2021
What Is Search Engine Marketing With Google Ads?
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Shelby Cunningham | Aug 11, 2022

Google Ads offers three different types of ads that can be run — search text-based ads, image-based display ads and video ads. With this recommender system, companies can target potential customers with specific keywords while only paying for the ad placements that result in website clickthrough.


How much do Google ads cost?

The cost of Google Ads depends on various factors, but an average cost-per-click is around $1 to $2.

Marketers can only develop an estimate rather than a set price when budgeting for Google Ads due to the nature of the platform. Google Ads involves a bidding process, rewarding companies that pay more per click with better ad positions. Because Google Ads isn’t always a set price, Google provides a budgeting tool to ensure companies don’t spend more than they want. With that said, Google Ads is a very popular advertising platform and businesses should research competitors to determine if ad space is the best space to allocate their resources.


Are Google Ads worth it? 

While the landscape of search engines is always shifting, Google Ads still offers essential support for expanding a company’s digital presence.

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing, and Google Ads helps businesses capitalize on this reality. By combining keywords and search queries with search results placement, Google Ads reaches consumers with relevant interests and needs. Even with privacy trends gaining steam, Google has developed other methods to match companies with consumers who are likely to become customers. 

Google Ads also serves as a potent tool that lets businesses outshine larger competitors. If a company outbids others on the most-searched keywords, they can gain more web traffic and place their counterparts further down the list. There are numerous benefits that come with Google Ads, making it a necessary platform for companies looking to grow their customer base through a steady online presence.


How do I make a Google ad?

A company should set clear boundaries for its Google Ads campaign, finalizing costs, a call to action and other details.

To get started, a business can sign up on the Google Ads website. Team members should already have an understanding of the target audience, budget, keywords, and goals in play. It also helps to create a clear call to action that will drive the campaign. Whether marketers want consumers to visit a site or download an app, obvious goals result in straightforward copy and consumers who know what they’re getting out of each click.  

After they’ve signed up, companies must choose where they want to place ads, how much to pay for each click and the content each ad will include. By designing a complete Google Ads strategy ahead of time, marketing teams will have more guidance to execute a plan tailored to the needs of their company and potential customers.

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