Everything You Need to Write a Sales Operations Manager Job Description

Sales operations managers makes sure sales teams are running as efficiently and productively as possible.

Written by Bailey Reiners
Published on Jan. 31, 2019
Everything You Need to Write a Sales Operations Manager Job Description

Every engine requires a dependable supply of oil to ensure it runs smoothly and consistently. In business, that oil is the sales operations manager.

As your sales team starts to scale, it’s crucial to have someone in place that can handle the big picture operational requirements, but hiring that expert isn't always easy.

Whether you’re a job description expert or you’re just starting out, this guide — with real examples, a template and salary information — will help you write a stellar sales operations manager job description.

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What Does A Sales Operations Manager Do?

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Sales operations managers make sure sales teams are running as efficiently and productively as possible. This is a mid-to-upper level role that often requires a bachelor’s degree in sales or business or the equivalent in work experience as a sales operations representative or a sales operations analyst.

Much of their role revolves around optimizing the company’s digital CRM — customer relationship management — system to ensure there is clear and effective communication between the sales team and clients. Their role also includes a healthy amount of data tracking and analysis to provide stakeholders with recommendations and insights to improve performance.

Sales operations managers interact with all levels of the sales team. For new sales team members, they help with training, onboarding and mentoring. With sales leaders and managers, they help make data-driven decisions and recommendations for improving the sales funnel and process.

Outside of the sales team, sales operations managers often work alongside the marketing team to build a lead qualification process, arrange email campaigns and share information to create marketing content, like eBooks, white pages, blogs and case studies.


Five Sales Operations Manager Job Description Examples

Now that you have a baseline understanding of what a sales operations manager does and how they contribute to the sales team, let’s dig a bit deeper to see what they do on the day-to-day and what is expected of them from an employer.

We pulled five real examples of sales operations manager job descriptions from our seven online communities. While these are real job descriptions, we have removed some information to protect the privacy of the companies that originally posted them.


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Sales Operations Manager Job Description: Example 1

As a Sales Operations Manager you will be part of our Operations Team and responsible for providing broad operational day-to-day support with ownership of our CRM, [redacted]. You will create reports for Account Executives and Sales Managers/Enterprise Sales.

Representatives as well as monthly reports for C-Level. Ensuring use of consistent Sales KPI definitions across company is your responsibility. Moreover, you will work with Finance, HR, and Sales to develop sales incentive programs and compensation planning in order to increase sales productivity.

What is waiting for you?

  • Support the sales team using [redacted] with process improvement, measurement, tracking and analytics relevant to their functional areas
  • Partner with Sales and Marketing department to refine lead qualification process, analyze and report on campaign performance with reporting and dashboards
  • Enhance sales productivity by enabling the team to work smarter by simplifying processes
  • Create monthly content for executive presentations and board reporting
  • Track and analyze key metrics including pipeline growth, win/loss rates, and quota attainment
  • Own the end-to-end process of tracking the sales funnel and operational metrics and delivering regular insights to the business; define and deliver techniques to improve the funnel performance for sales management.
  • Assist with on-boarding and training new sales talent on [redacted]
  • Refine customer segmentation, assist with territory management, and create a plan to enhance renewal and upsell processes
  • Maintain regular check-ins with Sales Managers/Enterprise Sales Representatives and others who contribute to opportunity development to determine how sales opportunities are tracking against plan and identify any problems for internal review and problem solving
  • Maintain procurement and contract records

What are we looking for?

  • 3-5 years of experience in sales operations as a [redacted] subject matter expert with proficiency creating reports, optimizing processes, training new hires, and managing dashboards
  • Bachelor's degree required; technical or business-related field preferred.
  • Ability to understand high-level sales strategies, translate them into system and process requirements, and ensure local execution and business impact.
  • Advanced Excel skills with a strong understanding of [redacted], other CRM applications and email marketing strategies.



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Sales Operations Manager Job Description: Example 2

[redacted] is searching for a Sales Operations Manager to help support our sales team as we manage incredible growth and new vertical expansion. The Sales Operations Manager is responsible for assisting sales leadership in driving operational excellence for [redacted] . They also assist with the day to day administration of [redacted] and operational tasks.

This role is a high value-add business partner to the sales organization, enabling revenue growth and increasing sales productivity by providing effective methodologies, efficient processes, value-added information and sales tools.

More specifically, you will be…

  • Managing and maintaining sales data in [redacted] (CRM) and other software programs
  • Providing models and organizing statistical studies for the Sales Department
  • Recognizing, developing, and implementing process improvements within the Sales organization, as well as hand-off processes from SDR to Account Executives to Implementation/Onboarding
  • Developing and maintaining daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports and Key Performance Indicators
  • Managing and maintaining sales process adherence with Sales Representatives
  • Partnering with Sales Leaders to create and maintain sales forecasting models and data
  • Assisting the Sales Leaders with Pipeline and Opportunity inspection
  • Preparing Quarterly Business Review presentations
  • Creating and maintaining Sales Department policies, procedures, training manuals, and sales-related resource material
  • Assisting with the onboarding and training process of new Sales Representatives
  • Assisting with the development of Enterprise Account onboarding processes

You will excel if you have...

  • 3+ years of experience - 1+ in a sales role and 2+ in Sales Operations
  • Proficiency with Salesforce
  • Proficiency with Google Suite and Microsoft Office
  • The ability to understand the strategic direction and goals of the Sales Department and support appropriate processes to facilitate achievement of business objectives
  • Well-developed capabilities in problem-solving and crafting efficient processes
  • A result and success oriented mentality, conveying a sense of urgency and driving issues to closure
  • An ability to initiate and build relationships with people in an open, friendly, and accepting manner
  • An innate drive to innovate and optimize the use of available resources
  • Comfort with adapting and adjusting to multiple demands, shifting priorities, ambiguity, and rapid change



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Sales Operations Manager Job Description: Example 3

As Sales Operations Manager, you’ll play a critical role in improving and scaling our sales operations to help [redacted] effectively and efficiently serve our quickly-growing customer base.

Manage the tools and systems that are critical for our sales process, including CRM

  • Participate in company-wide effort to research and select a new CRM
  • Quarterback process on behalf of Sales to transition from current CRM to new CRM, including developing transition plan, researching best practices, implementing changes
  • Set up dashboards and reports, both in CRM and beyond, to track sales operations and cross-functional efficiencies, and identify areas for improvement
  • Research and manage integrations between Salesforce and other systems including Zendesk, Looker, Mailchimp and Heroku
  • Identify, build, and manage additional non-CRM sales tools and systems that enable efficient sales and cross-functional collaboration
  • Train sales team to utilize systems that increase sales efficiency, including CRM and additional sales operations tools

Manage relationship with third-party printing partner

  • Oversee annual process of updating printed materials for upcoming sales year
  • Oversee ongoing order placement, ensuring accuracy and efficiency
  • Manage ongoing quality of printed materials, including upfront effort to implement new QA process
  • Work with third party partner to manage additional print projects outside of standard Printed Materials
  • Annually evaluate ROI of current setup versus other vendors and structures

Oversee execution of “post-sales” activities including contract management, customer tracking, and cross-functional coordination

  • Codify existing post-sales activities and research potential opportunities to increase efficiency via new systems, tools, and/or processes
  • Oversee Sales portion of cross-functional compliance tracking including ongoing data entry and annual improvement initiatives

Ideal candidates will have:

  • 3+ years of work experience in business, sales, or education technology
  • Deep knowledge of and experience with managing a sales operations systems, including [redacted]
  • Ability to take ownership of projects from planning through to execution
  • Proficiency in Excel, data analysis, secondary research
  • Strong attention to detail, and superior organizational skills
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize to manage multiple projects on tight timelines
  • Commitment to [redacted]
  • Desire to join [redacted]



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Sales Operations Manager Job Description: Example 4

[redacted] is looking for a Sales Operations Manager to assist in improving the reliability of sales forecasts and sales effectiveness. Reporting to [redacted], this role will own the [redacted] sales forecast and will be responsible for building processes that will aid with improving its accuracy.


  • Build and help to standardize business reporting for strategic analysis and internal business review
  • Define weekly, monthly and quarterly objectives for sales team
  • Enhance sales productivity by enabling the team to work smarter by simplifying processes and evaluating new tools
  • Support on-going analysis of sales team’s performance and effectiveness of different plays
  • Report on process adherence by different sales teams
  • Coach and mentor junior members of the team
  • Refine customer segmentation, assist with territory management, and help create a plan to enhance upsell, cross-sell and renewal processes
  • Support sales spiff programs by updating performance, reporting and communication to participants to drive success


  • 5 years of sales or sales operations experience. Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel (data filters, VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, Data connections, Macros)
  • Familiarity with CRM systems ([redacted] preferred)
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to use any BI tool is a plus



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Sales Operations Manager Job Description: Example 5

As the Sales Operations Manager, you’ll create scalable processes that ensure best practices in lead generation and database management. You’ll also conduct data analyses that will be used to inform strategic decisions across the entire marketing team and other parts of the business.

As one of the most exciting [redacted], we’re focused on finding the best talent and building the best team to continue accelerating our rapid growth.


What you will do:

  • Serve as primary system administrator for the [redacted] environment with 50+ users, managing basic admin functions including user account maintenance, reports and dashboards, workflows, and other routine tasks
  • Manage transition from [redacted] to [redacted]
  • Own the end-to-end process of tracking the sales funnel and operational metrics and deliver regular insights to the business. Define and deliver recommendations to improve the funnel performance for sales management
  • Enhance sales productivity by enabling the team to work smarter by simplifying processes and evaluating new tools
  • Produce and review actionable and accurate sales reporting for reps, managers, sales leaders, and executive team
  • Improve renewal and upsell processes as they relate to [redacted]
  • Support sales competitions by reporting on performance and managing communications to sales leaders to drive success
  • Identify and make recommendations to eliminate sales process bottlenecks and inconsistencies
  • Manage and admin all technical aspects of key sales systems (Salesforce, Outreach, Zoom Meetings, and more)
  • Create and maintain documentation on sales processes, policies, and create and provide relevant sales training materials to assist with onboarding new sales talent


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
  • 3+ years of sales operations experience including experience as a Salesforce.com administrator
  • Salesforce.com Admin (201 & 211) certified preferred
  • Sales Cloud and Developer certifications preferred
  • Proficiency in marketing automation systems as they relate to Salesforce.com preferred
  • Strong data management abilities
  • Strong analytic skills and proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Roll-up-your-sleeves approach with a willingness to take on "non-role-specific" marketing duties as needed to support the team and business
  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident (We will not sponsor at this time)



Sales Operations Manager Job Description Template

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While you can’t copy and paste these job descriptions for your own purposes — yes even mundane job description plagiarism is frowned upon — you can utilize this handy sales operations manager job description template and adapt it for your own purposes.

We’ve gathered the most popular responsibilities and requirements found in sales operations manager job descriptions, and left a few fill-in-the-blank sections to customize to your company’s requirements. Make sure to adapt it to reflect your company, culture and expectations so that candidates know exactly what to expect when they apply.  

Company Bio

[Use this section to provide a high level overview of your company, culture, perks and benefits, career development opportunities and anything else that will get candidates excited about your company.]

Job Description


  • Boost sales productivity by refining customer segmentation, simplifying the sales process and identifying pain points at every stage of the sales funnel.
  • Track and analyze KPIs for growth, win/loss rates, upsells, renewals, quota attainment and identify individual performance areas for improvement.
  • Manage sales contracts, track customers and coordinate cross-functional activities across departments.
  • Present quarterly progress reports to stakeholders with actionable sales goals.
  • Partner with Sales and Marketing teams to define lead qualification process and analyze campaign performance.
  • Form strong relationships and maintain regular contact with Sales Managers, Sales Representatives and Sales Leaders.
  • Collaborate with Finance, HR, CSM and Sales to develop sales initiatives programs.  
  • Onboard, train and mentor the new sales team members.
  • Develop sales-related resource documents, including training manuals, procedures and policies.


  • X years experience in sales or business role.
  • X years experience in sales operations.
  • Bachelor’s degree in sales or business-related field OR the equivalent in work experience.
  • Strong understanding of high-level strategic direction and sales goals.
  • Proven excellence multi tasking, prioritizing projects and meeting deadlines and goals.
  • Confident with onboarding, training and mentoring the sales team at every stage of their careers.
  • Experience with [insert CRM system].
  • Proficiency with [insert other related digital analysis platforms].


Sales Operations Manager Salary Information

The hard part is over. You’ve learned how a sales operations manager will contribute to your company, and you're a bit more prepared to write a cohesive job description that will attract top candidates.

But wait, there’s more! The salary is an essential part of every job description, but knowing what a competitive salary is within your market and industry can be challenging. To help you determine an appropriate salary range for top candidates, we’ve included the average salary for sales operations managers in seven of the top hiring markets. Check out each bullet for more detailed information.

Cross Market Average Salary for a Sales Operations Manager: $97, 276


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