13 Cleantech Companies in Houston Leading The Renewable Revolution

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Jul. 01, 2020
13 Cleantech Companies in Houston Leading The Renewable Revolution
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As the world’s undisputed energy epicenter, Houston has unsurprisingly played a pivotal role in the cultivation of cleantech across America. In fact, Houston’s sustainability initiatives are so strong, it ranks as the number one city in the nation for renewable energy use. According to The Green Power Initiative, the city relies on wind and solar energy for a whopping 92 percent of its power. Houston’s cleantech industry has made a major economic impact as well, generating $3.7 billion in VC funding, as stated by the Greater Houston Partnership. With ample funding and a growing energy tech sector, Houston rests as the heart of the nation’s cleantech revolution. 

As Houston continues to dominate the renewable energy industry, the city has fostered a collaborative cleantech community. Many of the city’s eco-conscious energy providers are dedicated to helping both homeowners and businesses make the easy switch to solar and wind energy. On the other hand, some of Houston’s cleantech companies are reinventing the ways that chemicals and even concrete are created in an effort to curb emissions and boost manufacturing efficiency. For each of these renewable energy leaders, finding cleaner, more affordable alternatives to old industry practices is essential to ensuring a greener future. Here’s a look at 13 renewable energy companies in Houston harnessing the power of nature to fuel a growing world. 

Cleantech Companies in Houston to Know

  1. Chariot Energy
  2. ENGIE North America
  3. Sunnova Energy
  4. Quidnet Energy
  5. ConnectGEN
  6. Green Mountain Energy Company
  7. Sensytec
Chariot Energy renewable energy companies Houston
Chariot Energy

Founded: 2019

What they do: Chariot Energy is pioneering a new way for people to harness the power of renewable solar energy. Utilizing AI and machine learning, the company offers homeowners and businesses a way to use solar energy without the hassle of installing rooftop panels, instead building utility-scale solar farms. Chariot Energy is dedicated to giving its customers access to clean solar energy through easy-to-understand, affordable plans.

Who they work with: Residential homeowners and businesses.

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Cemvita Factory renewable energy companies Houston
Cemvita Factory

Founded: 2017

What they do: Launched by Dr. Tara Karimi and Moji Karimi, Cemvita Factory is dedicated to developing economical carbon-negative solutions. The company’s CO2 utilization platform is designed to replicate the process of photosynthesis in order to produce industrial chemicals and polymers for energy sustainability and nutrients and facilitate bio-manufacturing in deep space. Cemvita Factory also aims to lower the carbon footprint of the mining industry by developing new methods in mineral processing and enabling the extraction of minerals needed for the future of renewable energy. 

Who they work with: Organizations involved with oil and gas production, mining and deep space exploration.


Quidnet Energy renewable energy companies Houston
Quidnet Energy

Founded: 2013

What they do: Launched by Howard Schmidt, Quidnet Energy offers an alternative approach to energy storage. The company has created a new type of pumped hydro called geomechanical pumped storage, which converts subsurface rock layers into energy storage facilities for large-scale renewables integration and grid management. Quidnet Energy’s cost-effective, reliable solution enables the wide-scale deployment of renewable energy across the power grid. 

Who they work with: Commercial organizations. 


Sunnova Energy renewable energy companies Houston
Sunnova Energy

Founded: 2012

What they do: Founded by William J. Berger, Sunnova Energy provides solar and energy storage services to residential homeowners. The company’s SunSafe panels turn sun rays into energy, which travels through an inverter and allows the energy to power each home. From this process, excess solar energy is used to charge a battery that enables homeowners to power their homes using solar energy during the nighttime. Sunnova Energy’s aim is to deliver clean, affordable and reliable energy to homeowners nationwide.

Who they work with: Residential homeowners.


Spark Energy renewable energy companies Houston
Spark Energy

Founded: 1999

What they do: Spark Energy is an independent retail energy company that provides alternative electricity and natural gas services to commercial and residential customers. Homeowners can choose from fixed-rate renewable energy plans, while small and large businesses have the option to purchase customized, long-term renewable energy plans that help protect against market volatility and utility price increases. Spark Energy currently operates across 16 states and serves 46 utility territories.

Who they work with: Residential homeowners and businesses.


IntegrateSun renewable energy companies Houston

Founded: 2016

What they do: IntegrateSun specializes in providing solar energy solutions to commercial and residential properties. The company’s solar generators are designed to require only six hours of sunlight in order to function while reducing the environmental impact and enabling homeowners to save more money. Additionally, IntegrateSun performs an in-home audit for each property to create a customized solar energy plan in an effort to decrease consumption, reduce the size of the required installation and produce lower energy losses.

Who they work with: Residential homeowners and businesses.


Green Mountain Energy Company renewable energy companies Houston
Green Mountain Energy Company

Founded: 1997

What they do: Green Mountain Energy Company delivers 100 percent clean energy to homes and businesses nationwide. The company’s Go Local Solar plan allows residential homeowners to use local solar energy from solar parks across Texas, while businesses can protect themselves from rising energy costs by purchasing customized plans that align with their economic and environmental goals. Green Mountain Energy Company supports wind and solar farms as well as landfill gas-to-energy projects across the country.

Who they work with: Residential homeowners and businesses.


ENGIE North America renewable energy companies Houston
ENGIE North America

Founded: 1981

What they do: ENGIE North America is a retail electricity supplier dedicated to shaping a more sustainable future across North America. The company seeks to help its clients run their businesses more efficiently and optimize energy use, offering solutions such as energy management products, on-site solar power system installation and digital analytics software intended to accelerate sustainability transformation. ENGIE North America’s mission is to connect society and companies to clean, affordable energy and the infrastructure that supports it.

Who they work with: Large companies, cities and residential communities.


ConnectGEN renewable energy companies Houston

Founded: 2018

What they do: ConnectGEN develops renewable energy projects in an effort to provide long-term, cost-effective and clean energy solutions. The company is currently working on a variety of projects including a 150 megawatt solar project in New York and a 500 megawatt wind project in Wyoming. ConnectGEN is driven by the aim to benefit landowners through market-leading compensation, bolster local communities, preserve the environment and create new local jobs while supporting existing ones.

Who they work with: Utility and corporate organizations.


Sunshine Renewable Solutions renewable energy companies Houston
Sunshine renewable Solutions

Founded: 2017

What they do: Sunshine Renewable Solutions offers solar panel installation services throughout Texas. Serving both residential and commercial clients, the company offers various services including consulting and goal assessment, system development, project financing, design and engineering, installation, inspection, project permitting and energy monitoring. Sunshine Renewable Solutions’ mission is to reduce clients’ overall energy consumption and empower them to produce their own energy for their homes.

Who they work with: Residential homeowners and businesses. 


Syzygy Plasmonics renewable energy companies Houston
Syzygy Plasmonics

Founded: 2017

What they do: Syzygy Plasmonics is developing a photocatalytic chemical reactor designed to reduce cost and emissions for major commodity chemicals. The company’s reactor is powered by light rather than heat from burning fuel, thus reducing carbon emissions for the products that are created. Syzygy Plasmonics’ first product will be a distributed hydrogen production system for small-scale hydrogen consumers such as manufacturers of semi-conductors, float glass and metal.

Who they work with: Manufacturers of semi-conductors, float glass, metal, food oil and LEDs and users of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.


Sensytec renewable energy companies Houston

Founded: 2016

What they do: Sensytec helps engineers accurately and continuously monitor cement and concrete conditions. The company’s software is designed to provide actionable intelligence from data gathered during design, placement and performance of concrete, thus helping owners, producers and contractors save time, costs and energy. Sensytec’s ultimate aim is to equip the cement and concrete industry with innovative technologies that are essential to the development of sustainable infrastructure.

Who they work with: Owners, producers and contractors in the cement and concrete industry.


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Adaptive Solar renewable energy companies Houston
Adaptive Solar

Founded: 2010

What they do: Founded by Richard Sherwood, Adaptive Solar installs solar panels across Houston for both residential and commercial properties. The company offers each of its customers a free consultation and estimate before performing a professional panel installation. Some of Adaptive Solar’s commercial clients include Palmer Events Center, Lennar and GSA.

Who they work with: Residential homeowners and businesses. 

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