Qualtrics Will Open a New Reston Office, Hire 400 Tech Positions

The experience management provider plans to more than double its D.C. team over the next five years.

Written by Charli Renken
Published on Dec. 14, 2021
 Qualtrics Will Open a New Reston Office, Hire 400 Tech Positions
Photo: Qualtrics/Facebook

Experience management (XM) company Qualtrics is opening a new office in Reston and plans to scale its local team by creating over 400 new tech jobs in the D.C. metro area over the next five years.

Based in Provo, Utah, and Seattle, Qualtrics is an XM platform offering comprehensive visualization of consumer, employee, product and brand experiences. Using a multitude of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools, Qualtrics gives real-time feedback on how to improve experiences across enterprises. It also allows companies to forecast experience quality and make informed decisions about where to focus time and resources. 

“Organizations everywhere are undergoing an experience transformation, and Qualtrics has an incredible opportunity in front of us. With its strong talent pool, Virginia is a perfect place for us to grow,” Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin said in a statement. 

The company’s new 85,000-square-foot office in Reston Station is set to open in Q3 of 2022. Employees working out of the new office will focus primarily on product innovation, including AI and ML. 

Qualtrics aims to help companies with employee and consumer experience. On the employee side, Qualtrics can help with benefit packages. Companies can gather information about what employees want out of their benefits, find areas of improvement and increase retention by tailoring the offerings. 

On the consumer side of XM, Qualtrics’ platform can comb through customer reviews and feedback from a variety of sources. If someone leaves a bad review, it’s automatically sent to a customer service representative to fix the issue. Qualtrics can even determine a customer’s satisfaction based on the tone of their voice during a customer service call. 

According to a company statement, more than 13,500 organizations and 350 state and local governments use Qualtrics to better understand their customers’ experiences. With Qualtrics’ platform, businesses can create better company cultures, attract and retain long-term customers, develop better products that serve their customers and build better brand awareness and appreciation. 

In order to continue offering quality XM features, the company plans to more than double its workforce in the D.C. area. Qualtrics is currently hiring across departments including sales, engineering, customer success and marketing. 

2021 has been a big year of growth for Qualtrics. In addition to its $23B+ valuation following its IPO in February, the company also made a number of acquisitions this year, including Clarabridge for $1.125 billion over the summer and SurveyVitals earlier this month for an undisclosed amount. 

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