Plano-Based VR Therapy Startup MyndVR Acquires Immersive Cure

MyndVR offers immersive content for older adults experiencing isolation. With the acquisition, the startup will be able to help veterans and individuals living in hospice care.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Dec. 07, 2021
Plano-Based VR Therapy Startup MyndVR Acquires Immersive Cure
MyndVR acquires immersive cure
Photo: MyndVR

VR is often talked about as the next frontier in gaming, however, the immersive technology has other uses that are often overlooked — therapy being one of them. Current research shows that VR is a remedy for chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, and the FDA has already authorized one prescription-use immersive reality system for therapy. 

Local startup MyndVR also sees the therapeutic benefits of VR. Looking to expand, the company recently announced it acquired Immersive Cure, a similar VR healthtech company based in Ohio. 

Launched in 2016, Plano-based MyndVR focuses on treating elder patients who may be dealing with isolation or reside in senior living communities. The startup does this through a VR headset that lets individuals experience virtual worlds or events from MyndVR’s content lineup. 

“When someone uses MyndVR, they are immediately immersed in a safe, comforting and engaging environment, transporting them out of the four walls that normally surround them,” MyndVR CFO Ted Werth told Built In. “This full immersion and sense of agency empowers individuals and gives them a sense of wonder. From there, the experience can focus on a variety of issues, from reducing stress and anxiety, to distraction from pain or repetitive boredom, to meditation and focus, to more specific physical and cognitive therapies.”

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Since launching, MyndVR has raised $1.3 million funding, according to Crunchbase

Immersive Cure similarly offers VR therapy with a focus on aiding veterans and individuals in hospice care and offers its own lineup of immersive content. The company also offers an on-the-go VR kit that includes a headset, headphones, tablet and backpack. 

Immersive Cure was launched in 2018 by Jessica Benson, who was inspired by her mother who spent 22 years living in a nursing home and on hospice care. 

MyndVR became interested in Immersive Care because of Benson’s passion for caring for older adults and because the company focuses on helping veterans and hospice patients access VR care. 

“Acquiring Immersive Cure was a natural choice as our team continues to grow,” MyndVR CEO and co-founder Chris Brickler said. “MyndVR remains focused on giving back to people in need and improving lives. Jessica [Benson] has been a leader in this space and we are excited for her to join MyndVR.”

With the acquisition, both companies will operate under the name MyndVR. Benson will also join MyndVR as VP of market development. Werth and Benson added that the acquisition will allow MyndVR to help hundreds of thousands of individuals in the U.S., Canada and Australia.