5 Multinational Companies in Mumbai

Mumbai has a collection of tech, food manufacturers and financial companies.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on May. 03, 2024
5 Multinational Companies in Mumbai
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Mumbai is India’s most populous city and financial headquarters. Several banks and financial institutions have corporate offices within the city limits, which has attracted a number of other major businesses to the area. Below are some of the top multinational companies with offices in Mumbai to know.  

Top Multinational Companies in Mumbai to Know

  • Mondelēz International
  • Enfusion
  • Morningstar
  • Salesforce
  • Wipro


Top Multinational Companies in Mumbai 

Mondelēz International is an American food and beverage manufacturer. It’s the parent company behind iconic snack brands Oreo, belVita and Trident Gum, among others. Mondelēz International has a global presence with over 90,000 employees, many of whom are tech workers in fields like engineering and finance. 


Enfusion develops SaaS software for investment institutions. The software eliminates information boundaries and provides real-time financial data needed by asset managers, traders, CFOs and other finance professionals to enhance their trading operations. Enfusion is headquartered in the United States but has offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. 

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Morningstar develops financial software products, including Pitchbook, a popular field guide for investment firms, and Morning Direct, a fintech tool for managing assets. In addition to its software, the company provides in-depth research and data on several financial markets. Morningstar has its headquarters in Chicago and maintains an office in Mumbai.


Salesforce is a global software company known for its popular CRM platform and products like Slack, Tableau and MuleSoft. Known for its corporate-grade software, it has also developed an AI platform that integrates with its existing CRM platform. The platform, Einstein Copilot, is a chatbot that guides users through app processes and can also generate copy.  

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Wipro is a global IT and consulting company. Its expertise ranges from custom application development to AI platforms and cybersecurity consulting. Wipro originated in India and still maintains several offices throughout the country. However, the company expanded internationally due to significant growth and now maintains offices in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. 

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