Introducing Built In’s 2023 Moxie Award Winners

100 women across the tech industry have been recognized for their outstanding contributions. Meet them here.

Written by Shelby Bolinger
Published on Apr. 26, 2023
Introducing Built In’s 2023 Moxie Award Winners

Women remain an underrepresented demographic in the technology industry but there is no shortage of women doing amazing work within the space. It’s why Built In is in its third consecutive year of hosting our Moxie awards which are dedicated to celebrating women’s outsized contributions — skills, leadership and accomplishments — to their workplaces, communities and industries through their skills and accomplishments. 

This year we received nearly 800 nominations recognizing outstanding women in tech.

It’s proof that not only are women making huge strides in generating success for themselves, their teams and businesses, but their efforts are being noticed. And we aim to broadcast those wins to the world. 

We chose 100 winners. Each nomination was reviewed by a panel of tech leaders whose identifying information is redacted to reduce bias. Rather than filling the list with the growing number of impactful women VPs or CEOs of the world, we chose to represent women rising in their careers who are creating change from the ground floor of tech. The result is an impressive line-up of visionaries who have broken barriers to shape a bright future of technical excellence and inclusivity for women and other demographics in this industry.

Meet the Moxie Award winners of 2023: 100 women ushering in a new era of tech.


Paige Allmendinger
Head of Safe Stays • ReloShare

What Nominator Said About Them: "Paige has single handedly moved the non-profit social services sector forward by utilizing technological solutions to one of the largest issues faced by crisis service providers, housing." 

Words Used To Describe Them: Empowering, Solution-Oriented, Innovative  


Claire Almand
Associate Director of Marketing • MPOWER Financing

What Nominator Said About Them: "Claire's impact on the professional development of young women in the tech industry is nothing short of extraordinary. Her continuous commitment to supporting and mentoring colleagues has resulted in tangible and significant benefits for these aspiring professionals."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Bold, Committed


Jackie Appell Wheeler
Senior Director, Strategic Marketing • Jumio

What Nominator Said About Them: "Jackie is universally admired and appreciated for her willingness and ability to deliver results far beyond the remit of her role."

Words Used To Describe Them: Creative, Influential, Positive


Carolina Arguelles
Director of Marketing • eMed Digital Healthcare

What Nominator Said About Them: "Carolina's exceptional expertise and solutions-oriented mindset have been instrumental in addressing challenges and propelling both her team and eMed to new heights."

Words Used To Describe Them: Impressive, Dedicated, Passionate


Arooj Aslam
Verticals Manager • SpotHero

What Nominator Said About Them: "Through her leadership and ability to quickly gain trust with internal stakeholders and external partners, Arooj has been able to contribute to the growth of the company while increasing operational efficiencies."

Words Used To Describe Them: Confident, Magnetic, Trustful


Evangeline Axiotis
Director, Publisher Account Management • Taboola

What Nominator Said About Them: "Evangeline's passion is so visible to clients she is working with that they consistently take her recommendations and increase their spend under her advice."

Words Used To Describe Them: Driven, Tenacious, Persistent


Jillian Becerra
Sr. Director of People • Unstoppable Domains

What Nominator Said About Them: "Jillian is a woman in tech who has shown outstanding personal and leadership qualities in her place of work, community and industry. She has led with empathy and resolve, inspiring others to be unstoppable."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Determined, Energized


Rita Bosch Verleye
Senior Director of Product Management • ZenBusiness

What Nominator Said About Them: "Rita is the go-to team member for complex problems within her organization and is known for her remarkable ability to bring people together and tackle even the thorniest of challenges. Her persistence and confidence in speaking up make her a powerful driver of change within ZenBusiness."

Words Used To Describe Them: Caring, Solution-Oriented, Resilient


Heather Boveri
Director of Engineering • Logikcull

What Nominator Said About Them: "Heather's advocacy for her team demonstrates her excellent leadership skills. She is always looking for ways to support and motivate her team to achieve their goals."

Words Used To Describe Them: Passionate, Dedicated, Empowering


Erin Boyd
Director of Emerging Technologies • Red Hat

What Nominator Said About Them: "Erin believes that an ego-less work culture is critical so that everybody feels empowered to come forward and all work builds on all the other work done before it."

Words Used To Describe Them: Gritty, Appreciative, Collaborative


Ariel Butters
Director of Product • Slickdeals

What Nominator Said About Them: "Ariel turns her experiences into a powerful platform of empathy and empowerment. She is so altruistic that everyone around her benefits from knowing her."

Words Used To Describe Them: Empowering, Energized, Empathetic


Selene Cabrera
Director of Product Management • Allego

What Nominator Said About Them: "Selene is a strategic leader, a skillful software executive, a super smart manager and a helpful and collaborative colleague."

Words Used To Describe Them: Creative, Passionate, Strategic


Maggie Carroll
Practice Director • Unify Consulting

What Nominator Said About Them: "Maggie levels up everyone she meets. She goes the extra mile to position her mentees to learn, gain in-demand skills and communicate with truth and empathy."

Words Used To Describe Them: Inspiring, Confident, Generous


Lisa Casner
Sr. Software Engineer • Opendoor

What Nominator Said About Them: "No task is too big or too small for Lisa to take on. When she does take on a project, she drives it from beginning to end, filling in any missing gaps along the way."

Words Used To Describe Them: Gritty, Supportive, Resourceful


Anna Chalon
Head of People • Runway

What Nominator Said About Them: "Anna is full of outsized passion for the work that she does, and it's evident from the moment you meet her. She is so passionate about the success of her team and has such a high bar of excellence."

Words Used To Describe Them: Driven, Outspoken, Inspiring


Yvonne Chavez
Product Marketing • Zendesk

What Nominator Said About Them: "It's Yvonne's leadership and relentless commitment to personal and professional endeavors that stands out against most. Performance and agility aside, Yvonne also brings a positive, energetic and collaborative spirit and is a pleasure to work alongside."

Words Used To Describe Them: Relentless, Committed, Proactive


Jen Collins
Senior Director of CX for Academies at Degreed • Degreed

What Nominator Said About Them: "Jen Collins purpose in life is to help others. Everything Jen does is driven by her passion to building meaningful careers and learning experiences for others."

Words Used To Describe Them: Collaborative, Innovative, Determined


Ximena Cortez
Software QA Engineer • Cisco

What Nominator Said About Them: "As a professional, Ximena is committed to herself and her goals. She takes great pride in her work and carries outsized passion in all the projects that she is part of."

Words Used To Describe Them: Meticulous, Reliable, Team Player


Nia Darville
Senior Manager, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Allyship (IDEA) Activations • Greenhouse Software

What Nominator Said About Them: "Nia shines in this area due to her tenacity, fearlessness and follow-through. People go out of their way to let Nia know the impact she has on their teams."

Words Used To Describe Them: Inclusive, Fearless, Tenacious


Anna Davis
Director, Strategic Projects • Fusion Risk Management

What Nominator Said About Them: "Anna's professional and personal grit, coupled with the strong relationships that she's built with her colleagues and leadership has led to her realization of what she aims for at every stage of her career, and success has followed."

Words Used To Describe Them: Supportive, Gritty, Strategic


McKenna Dean
Senior Technical Recruiter • Valon

What Nominator Said About Them: "McKenna is deeply committed to her work and fostering healthy workplace cultures at any place she works. She has built meaningful relationships with hiring managers and candidates, ensuring that every interaction is positive and productive."

Words Used To Describe Them: Committed, Passionate, Uplifting


Prabha Dublish
Senior Product Manager • Grow Therapy

What Nominator Said About Them: "Prabha is not only a joy to be around, but she's also somebody that everyone knows they can count on. She's outrageously dependable, and everything she works on comes out with structure, thought and clear communication around what all went into the process (considerations, risks, questions, etc.)."

Words Used To Describe Them: Dependable, Empowering, Hardworking


Anastasia Dukes-Asuen
Senior Director, Advanced TV and Insights • Ampersand

What Nominator Said About Them: "Anastasia has proven to be a subject matter expert in her field as well as a mentor to women working in tech/data. She influences those around her, continues to innovate in her industry and spends her spare time mentoring women looking to develop careers in technology."

Words Used To Describe Them: Innovative, Influential, Passionate


Brandi Einhorn
Education Specialist • NetApp

What Nominator Said About Them: "Brandi is always working towards bettering herself and others. She is very passionate about her role at our company and always goes the extra mile to make sure things are a success."

Words Used To Describe Them: Positive, Enthusiastic, Forward-Thinker


Sara Faatz
Director, Technology Community Relations • Progress

What Nominator Said About Them: "With Sara, the small things she does are just as impactful as the big ones. She listens to understand and never takes anyone's intelligence for granted."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Inclusive, Energetic


Rose Fidanzo
Manager Information Technology, Data Management • Ensono

What Nominator Said About Them: "One of Rose's greatest strengths is her relationship with her staff. She invests heavily in their individual lives and actively encourages their professional growth even when it may be outside of her team."

Words Used To Describe Them: Willing, Encouraging, Trustworthy


Jill Forbes
Head of Customer Success (US) • FOUNT Global, Inc.

What Nominator Said About Them: "Jill goes above and beyond for customers, teammates, her family and community. Above all, her positivity and energy are contagious."

Words Used To Describe Them: Strategic, Positive, Collaborative


Alyce Ge
Machine Learning Engineer • Cherre

What Nominator Said About Them: "Alyce's passion for her industry has allowed her to bridge the gap between business and technology. Her energy is contagious and well-known throughout Cherre and the broader PropTech/real estate industry."

Words Used To Describe Them: Dedicated, Determined, Passionate


Sam Gioia
Director of Product • Dubsado

What Nominator Said About Them: "Sam has great courage when times are tough. Sam is able to create a significant amount of structure in stressful situations that is self-identifying and easy for others to join."

Words Used To Describe Them: Compassionate, Courageous, Humble


Milica Golubovic
Senior Product Manager • CarGurus

What Nominator Said About Them: "Milica gets a lot done and brings others along. But it's HOW she does it that helps her stand out at CarGurus and make an impact that reaches well beyond her manager title and not-quite-two-year tenure."

Words Used To Describe Them: Solutions-Driven, Inclusive, Generous


Melissa Gonzalez
Supervisor, Critical Facilities • Cox Enterprises

What Nominator Said About Them: "Melissa consistently displays her commitment to herself, the company, and other women and men to set the bar to achieve excellence. Melissa pushes herself and others to extend themselves beyond complacency."

Words Used To Describe Them: Tenacious, Perseverant, Selfless


Francesca Gottardo
Director of GTM Strategy and Intelligence • Code Climate

What Nominator Said About Them: "Francesca is the rare blend of business acumen, technical prowess, and team leader that has made her a powerful and invaluable asset throughout her career. She is hyper-vigilant about identifying areas for improvement, frequently outspoken and stepping up to take on important projects to help the company achieve success."

Words Used To Describe Them: Ambitious, Talented, Versatile


Savannah Greene
Manager of Client Marketing • Popmenu

What Nominator Said About Them: "Savannah has made such a huge impact on our organization at large. She is not afraid to step in, make suggestions, provide insight or offer critiques when it counts."

Words Used To Describe Them: Brilliant, Humble, Data-Driven


Avery Haller
Executive Director of Strategy and Partnership • Health Gorilla

What Nominator Said About Them: "Avery is on a mission every day to make sure providers have the data sources needed to provide the best possible treatment for their patients."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Courageous, Empowering


Erin Koops
Director of Product Marketing • Mezo

What Nominator Said About Them: "Since joining our company, Erin has had an immediate and significant impact not only on our go-to-market motion but also on our culture. Her contributions to our commercial efforts have been critical to our success, and her level of output, quality and ability to pull people together is truly exceptional."

Words Used To Describe Them: Dedicated, Hardworking, Committed


Emilee Helm
Head of Influencers • Gamesight

What Nominator Said About Them: "Emilee has a clear vision for leading her team, takes ownership of her work, and goes the extra mile to advocate for both customers and her coworkers."

Words Used To Describe Them: Inspiring, Empowering, Solution-Oriented


Michelle Hendrickson
Director of Campaign Operations • Flytedesk

What Nominator Said About Them: "Michelle is not afraid to dive into any project, large or small. After just a few months at Flytedesk, she put together a full pricing analysis presentation for our executive team. Her attention to detail, the scope of the project, and the speed at which she turned it around amazed our team."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Determined, Inspiring


Izabelle Hundrev
Partner Marketing Manager • InStride

What Nominator Said About Them: "Izabelle fearlessly navigates the ambiguity that comes with a start-up environment and willingly shares both successes and failures with her team to ensure everyone can learn and grow together."

Words Used To Describe Them: Positive, Fearless, Innovative


Media Johnsen
Head of Technology Transformation • DISH, an EchoStar Company

What Nominator Said About Them: "As a natural problem-solver, Media has consistently demonstrated her ability to lead with innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible. What sets her apart is her eagerness to embrace new challenges across technologies, concepts, and industries, and to apply these learnings to providing innovative solutions."

Words Used To Describe Them: Curious, Creative, Persistent


Dr. Dieuwertje Kast
Director of STEM Education Programs • University of Southern California

What Nominator Said About Them: "Dieuwertje works with outsized passion when it comes to representation in STEM. The impacts of her work are shown in a variety of ways, throughout her programs, her and her staff draw-the-scientist test from thousands of their participating students on a yearly basis."

Words Used To Describe Them: Passionate, Determined, Courageous


Noel Kennebeck
Software Engineering Manager • Yembo

What Nominator Said About Them: "Noel's courage and determination have propelled her to take on challenges that many would shy away from. Noel's selfless approach truly showcases her leadership qualities."

Words Used To Describe Them: Humble, Dedicated, Enthusiastic


Sarah Krasnik
Growth Lead • Prefect

What Nominator Said About Them: "Sarah isn't afraid to speak her mind, and is constantly bringing data-driven ideas and solutions to the table in a male-dominated field. She's not afraid to take risks and be the contrarian if it is for the better of the company."

Words Used To Describe Them: Tireless, Fearless, Caring


Caryn Ladd
Director, Strategic Partnership Sales • Covered Insurance Solutions, Inc.

What Nominator Said About Them: "While highly organized, Caryn is most notably an elegant, results focused, up-and-coming leader. She sets the stage and appropriately models courage, spirit, energy, know-how and confidence which she uses as fodder for learning and being better in the future."

Words Used To Describe Them: Bold, Personable, Courageous


Ankita Lamba
Senior Security Researcher • Sonatype

What Nominator Said About Them: "Ankita continually uplifts the team with her determination and drive, and as one of its longest-standing members, has helped build it into the industry's leading resource of open source intelligence and security research."

Words Used To Describe Them: Kind, Supportive, Passionate


Courtney Lewis
Technical Program Manager • Amazon Web Services

What Nominator Said About Them: "Courtney constantly seeks out ways to empower others, deliver exemplary customer service and create her own seat at the table. While her contributions are mighty, she is often found making power moves in the background."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Empowering, Passionate


Mancy Liao
Senior Assessment Scientist • Duolingo

What Nominator Said About Them: "Mancy consistently combines her expertise to develop and implement creative solutions with dedication. When engineering resources were limited, Mancy (who is not an engineer) single-handedly developed an interactive dashboard that allows us to monitor the continuous data flow from our product."

Words Used To Describe Them: Caring, Solution-Oriented, Committed


Kaila Lim
Director of Community • The Org

What Nominator Said About Them: "Kaila is the heartbeat of our organization. Through her dedication to community-building she has singlehandedly established The Org as a key player in the founder and people-leader community in New York."

Words Used To Describe Them: Action-Oriented, Empathetic, Dedicated


Lori London
Marketing Campaign Manager • Hyperproof

What Nominator Said About Them: "Lori is a powerhouse for our marketing team who is always doing oversized contributions and inspiring others to do the same. It is rare that you come across a talent like her."

Words Used To Describe Them: Efficient, Driven, Strategic


Sam Mackowitz
Social Media Manager • Flywire

What Nominator Said About Them: "Sam is always collaborating with her teammates across the globe and always puts her team first. She is the first one to lend a hand to a teammate and always brings creative ideas and a positive attitude to problem-solving."

Words Used To Describe Them: Positive, Ambitious, Empowering


Kelly Malone
Sr. Director, Security and Trust • RingCentral

What Nominator Said About Them: "Kelly continues to pave the way for women in tech, creating space not only for her personal growth but for others along the way. She leads with inclusivity and intention, tackling difficult challenges with ease and focus, making it look effortless."

Words Used To Describe Them: Passionate, Intelligent, Courageous


Christina McCollum
Head of ESG and Diversity • SmartBear

What Nominator Said About Them: "Christina has been on a journey to improve herself and the world around her. No matter what her role, she gives it her all and puts her audience at the center of her strategies."

Words Used To Describe Them: Inspiring, Solution-Oriented, Hardworking


Zainab Merchant
Engineering Manager • Fivetran

What Nominator Said About Them: "Zainab is highly respected among her peers as she provides clear direction for her team by efficiently communicating the goals and how they align with the business outcome. She incorporates a knowledge sharing culture by documenting components and facilitating discussions across her team."

Words Used To Describe Them: Self-Driven, Optimistic, Determined


Sarah Messer
Senior Manager, Employee Engagement and Internal Communications • CarGurus

What Nominator Said About Them: "Sarah is not only the voice of our company and its leaders at times, she is also our conscience. She generously contributes to our culture beyond her day job."

Words Used To Describe Them: Passionate, Caring, Transparent


Sophie Mester
Lead Product Manager • Orchard

What Nominator Said About Them: "Sophie is always the first one to roll up her sleeves and get to work figuring out the problem and the best path forward. She leads by example and the impacts of her strong work ethic and values are evident in the way her team works together."

Words Used To Describe Them: Curious, Perseverant, Inspiring


Madison Mobley
Head of Performance Strategy & Alignment • Fairmarkit

What Nominator Said About Them: "Madison excels and thrives in her role without a blueprint or predecessor. She actively seeks challenges, consistently explores various avenues for both personal and professional growth and leads by example."

Words Used To Describe Them: Impressive, Intelligent, Relentless


Jane Modena
Senior Director, Product Management • Toast

What Nominator Said About Them: "Jane shows that she is a true leader by the ways she builds up those around her and celebrates their accomplishments."

Words Used To Describe Them: Dedicated, Driven, Enthusiastic


Erika Moore
Product Owner • Applied Systems

What Nominator Said About Them: "Erika is a problem solver and one of the best collaborators. She knows how to navigate the company to find the right people and strategize to create solutions for any issue that comes her way. She is a role model for everyone she works with."

Words Used To Describe Them: Organized, Intentional, Driven


Madison Myers
Senior Manager, Technology • West Monroe

What Nominator Said About Them: "Madison has become a go-to subject matter expert for multiple West Monroe projects and is always willing to step in and help, regardless of how large the tasks or other commitments are."

Words Used To Describe Them: Willing, Committed, Determined


Momoka Nakamura
Senior Manager, Customer Growth & Marketing Operations • Uplight

What Nominator Said About Them: "Momoka has been a rock, consistently demonstrating outsized dedication, commitment and passion. She has successfully pivoted with the changing priorities and done a great job of communicating, collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive impact."

Words Used To Describe Them: Compassionate, Community-Oriented, Committed


Arit Nsemo
Director, Customer Success • Hologram, Inc.

What Nominator Said About Them: "Arit is a true leader who supports people as individuals when it comes to career development and their personal lives. She is a tireless and fierce advocate for her team and function, and makes sure members know how valued and appreciated they are every day."

Words Used To Describe Them: Empathetic, Authentic, Effective


Melina Owusu
Manager II, SDR • NextRoll

What Nominator Said About Them: "If I had to describe Melina in one word, it would be "teacher" because she's always going out of her way to inform and inspire. I feel lucky to work beside her and from her every day."

Words Used To Describe Them: Proactive, Solution-Focused, Inspiring


Sumita Palanisamy
Director, Engineering • CarGurus

What Nominator Said About Them: "Sumita's generous spirit and drive for continuous improvement extend to her daily work. She is committed to making career satisfaction and success more accessible to others."

Words Used To Describe Them: Encouraging, Inclusive, Passionate


Heather Peterson-Speiser
Senior SCRUM Master • triValence

What Nominator Said About Them: "Heather is a constant champion of other women in tech and in business. She goes beyond her job to helps to plan offsites, ensure people feel welcomed, mentored and connected."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Compassionate, Energized


Amy Pinto-Quintanilla
Site Reliability Engineer • AMP

What Nominator Said About Them: "Amy is the most-requested support personnel within the service organization, both internally and externally, a true testament to her knowledge and grit."

Words Used To Describe Them: Clever, Fearless, Consistent


Angele Poirier
Senior Solutions Engineer • CybelAngel

What Nominator Said About Them: "Angele identifies blockers and comes with innovative solutions. She also rallies her peers and colleagues around her to create a unified team and overachieve goals."

Words Used To Describe Them: Consistent, Accountable, Skillful


Kristen Proto
Head of Cybersecurity Strategy • MassMutual

What Nominator Said About Them: "Everything Kristen does is directed toward making her team and MassMutual better. Not only is she open to new ideas and new ways of doing things, she also created a safe environment for her team to experiment, fail and succeed."

Words Used To Describe Them: Strong, Honorable, Trustworthy


Charanya Ragothaman
Senior Manager, Finance • Otava

What Nominator Said About Them: "Charanya's positive approach, winning attitude and measurable results have empowered her to quickly advance at OTAVA."

Words Used To Describe Them: Passionate, Positive, Empowering


Shreenitha Ramani
Business Technology Solutions Manager • ZS

What Nominator Said About Them: "Shreenitha can be counted on to drive solutions for complex issues, all while building strong relationships that enable her colleagues and clients to thrive."

Words Used To Describe Them: Humble, Effective, Energized


Janea Reed
Talent Acquisition Operations Specialist • Yotpo

What Nominator Said About Them: "Janea's sense of curiosity drives her to ask why our systems operate, and how they can be optimized. She challenges us to do things better: for the candidate, for the broader team and for ourselves."

Words Used To Describe Them: Curious, Smart, Relentless


Hannah Robinson
Senior Executive Communications Manager • Qualtrics

What Nominator Said About Them: "Hannah consistently leans in and engages company leadership, even when her viewpoints go against the grain. She advocates for the overlooked, lifting others up, and isn't afraid to voice her opinion."

Words Used To Describe Them: Committed, Influential, Effective


Kelsey Sampson
Senior Director Customer Success • Scuba Analytics

What Nominator Said About Them: "Kelsey is known to parachute into critical issues and find resolutions that go above and beyond. Her passion for what she does is accompanied by the peace of mind and optimism she creates."

Words Used To Describe Them: Empathetic, Purposeful, Spirited


Bogdana Sardak
Sr. Director, Risk & Resilience • Fusion Risk Management

What Nominator Said About Them: "Bogdana is an amazing problem solver and does so with passion and curiosity. Bogdana's awareness of risks combined with her infectious energy, can-do attitude, team-player mentality, and ability to remain calm under pressure make her undoubtedly a great employee."

Words Used To Describe Them: Curious, Resourceful, Passionate


Ali Sardinia
Chief of Staff •

What Nominator Said About Them: "Ali has an indomitable spirit and is the epitome of courage and determination, especially when faced with challenges or complex problems. She never wavers, thinks critically and quickly and does whatever it takes to move forward."

Words Used To Describe Them: Thoughtful, Ambitious, Strategic


Alisha Scott
Portfolio Architect • Liberty Mutual Insurance

What Nominator Said About Them: "Alisha is a thoughtful leader on both the recruiting and retention aspects of talent for our company and helps make sure talent coming into the company and those already here are diverse and inclusive."

Words Used To Describe Them: Collaborative, Hardworking, Passionate


Hiral Shah
Director of Product, Customer Data Platform • Amplitude

What Nominator Said About Them: "Hiral is a thoughtful leader and she often reminds people to think of how they'd want their children or peers to see or describe them, and to be that authentic version of themselves wherever possible."

Words Used To Describe Them: Ambitious, Authentic, Empowering


Tiffany Shields
Senior Director, Contracts and Revenue Operations • Epirus

What Nominator Said About Them: "Tiffany consistently and unfailingly takes on new challenges adjacent to her current role to move the business forward, all while lifting up teammates."

Words Used To Describe Them: Trusted, Critical-Thinker, Passionate


Shreya Singh
Business Technology Solutions Manager • ZS

What Nominator Said About Them: "Shreya takes the initiative and is not afraid to take calculated risks to achieve her goals. She is a self-starter who takes responsibility for her work and can motivate her team to do the same."

Words Used To Describe Them: Fearless, Empathetic, Positive


Nikki Slaughter
Senior Operational Excellence Manager • Vecna Robotics

What Nominator Said About Them: "As part of her commitment to improve all areas of the business, Nikki believes organizations are stronger when they embrace all forms of diversity. She believes that for the tech industry to move forward, women need to have a place at the table in positions of leadership."

Words Used To Describe Them: Innovative, Inclusive, Go-Getter


Maureen Slavin
Staff Software Engineer • Q2

What Nominator Said About Them: "Maureen's relentless tenacity, appetite for learning and pursuit of her dream job as a software engineer shows truly how hard working she is."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Tenacious, Passionate


Rylan Slocum
Audience Analytics Manager • TechnologyAdvice

What Nominator Said About Them: "Rylan is consistently recognized for her focus on driving business outcomes well outside of her direct area of responsibility. She is never content to simply do her job and call it a day; instead, she supports all aspects of the business to ensure we produce the positive results we strive for as a company."

Words Used To Describe Them: Uplifting, Positive, Tireless


Jessica St. John
Senior Project Manager • Cleartrace

What Nominator Said About Them: "Jessica leads with solutions every day. She is skilled at seeing situations at a 100 foot and 20,000 foot level. Her ability to zoom in and out, and see a whole picture allows her to generate ideas, effectively prioritize and run an efficient cross-functional team"

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Curious, Confident


Mina Stokes
Director, Talent Acquisition • Feedonomics

What Nominator Said About Them: "Not only is Mina an excellent teammate and a fantastic talent acquisition leader. She is constantly advocating for the humans involved in our processes - whether it is the candidate experience or the interviewer experience."

Words Used To Describe Them: Innovative, Caring, Inspiring


Anum Sundrani
Associate Principle - Process Automation • OCC

What Nominator Said About Them: "Anum leads by example, empowering and mentoring other women and young professionals to make sure they are also successful."

Words Used To Describe Them: Organized, Innovative, Driven


Cora Sutton
Senior Backend Engineer • Wunder

What Nominator Said About Them: "Cora is endlessly knowledgeable, kind, interesting and most importantly, makes sure everyone feels welcome, included and like they belong."

Words Used To Describe Them: Inclusive, Empathetic, Compassionate


Rebecca Taft
Manager, Engineering • Cockroach Labs

What Nominator Said About Them: "Becca is constantly thinking about ways she can leave things in a better state and moves through life with intention, figuring out ways to have a positive impact whether on the success of the company or the personal growth of those around her."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Dedicated, Committed


Mallory Tayson-Frederick
Senior Platform Integration Engineer • Outrider

What Nominator Said About Them: "Passionate about fostering diverse, efficient and adaptable teams, Mallory maintains an approach to leadership founded on collaboration communication, and motivation."

Words Used To Describe Them: Encouraging, Tenacious, Curious


Melody Tecson
Senior Director of Product Management • Belkin International

What Nominator Said About Them: "Melody takes the time to listen to everyone's ideas while challenging each person to think critically and innovatively to reach their highest potential."

Words Used To Describe Them: Determined, Courageous, Passionate


Sarah Thomas
Product Marketing Associate Manager • Gamesight

What Nominator Said About Them: "Sarah has consistently demonstrated her remarkable ability to translate her creative ideas into tangible results while simultaneously taking the initiative to lead significant projects and help rebrand Gamesight."

Words Used To Describe Them: Supportive, Resourceful, Creative


Jen Udan
Senior Developer/ Crafter • 8th Light, Inc.

What Nominator Said About Them: "Jen's commitment to equity and inclusion is a defining feature of how she leads and shows up in delivering her work and contributions."

Words Used To Describe Them: Tenacious, Enthusiastic, Collaborative


Kylie Uvodich
General Manager, Americas • SafetyCulture

What Nominator Said About Them: "Kylie has been inspirational in leading by example to show demonstrate what's possible when you pair exceptionally hard work with honing your skill sets."

Words Used To Describe Them: Honest, Consistent, Determined


Anum Valliani
Director of Product Management • Lambent

What Nominator Said About Them: "Anum's energy and dedication to the Boston ecosystem is renowned. It's not just that she's likable and knowledgeable, it's that Anum is unafraid to step into - and share - the spotlight."

Words Used To Describe Them: Energetic, Determined, Organized


Pooja Vijay Kumar
Senior Manager, Content Strategy • Autodesk

What Nominator Said About Them: "Pooja's solutions-first mindset has helped her overcome challenges and inspire others to do the same, making her a role model for women in tech who aspire to make a difference in their field."

Words Used To Describe Them: Committed, Uplifting, Passionate


Shilpa Viswanathan
Director, Value Measurement and Delivery • Bloomreach

What Nominator Said About Them: "One of the things that makes Shilpa so effective is the way she puts that know-how to work: ensuring customers avoid the many pitfalls of complex technology integrations, while at the same time imparting that hard fought knowledge to her team and colleagues."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Calm, Kind


Delaney Grace Walker
Sr. Demand Gen Coordinator • BluWave, LP

What Nominator Said About Them: "One thing I truly respect about Delaney is her relentless quest to push her own boundaries and her insatiable appetite to learn."

Words Used To Describe Them: Hardworking, Determined, Inclusive


Christina Wettersten
Engineering Manager, Planning and Controls-Mission • Shield AI

What Nominator Said About Them: "Christina's courage and passion shine through in her daily tasks. She truly goes above and beyond to add value to her team and the company at large."

Words Used To Describe Them: Committed, Empowering, Supportive


Arianna Willett
Senior Director, Security Risk & Trust • ngrok

What Nominator Said About Them: "Ari is decisive and confident but willing to pivot if the path she has chosen doesn't lead to the outcome she wants."

Words Used To Describe Them: Driven, Empathetic, Confident


Samantha Winter
Director, Product Design •

What Nominator Said About Them: "Sam leads her team with empathy and courage and has quickly earned the loyalty and trust of the organization. She is a role model for not only what a woman in tech should be, but also what a good leader should be."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Encouraging, Passionate


Sarah Worzala
HR Business Partner, DEI • OJO

What Nominator Said About Them: "Sarah's efforts have had a significant impact on the culture at OJO, making it a more inclusive and welcoming place for everyone to show up as their full and true selves."

Words Used To Describe Them: Committed, Solutions-Oriented, Empowering


Yalu Wu
Head of Product • ISEE

What Nominator Said About Them: "Yalu's energy seems boundless. She keeps all critical initiatives moving forward, accomplishing all essential business and technology milestones and she does this with a positive and optimistic mind frame, which is contagious."

Words Used To Describe Them: Courageous, Energetic, Determined


Wenshu Yang
Associate Specialist, Data Analytics • Northern Trust

What Nominator Said About Them: "Wenshu is a dedicated and diligent leader who goes leaps and bounds beyond expectations to assist colleagues."

Words Used To Describe Them: Talented, Passionate, Collaborative


You can learn more about our Moxie Awards program or our esteemed panel of judges here.


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