10 Media Companies Putting The Spotlight On Philadelphia

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jul. 10, 2020
10 Media Companies Putting The Spotlight On Philadelphia
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Philadelphia might not be the Big Apple, but between its many economic and cultural draws, as well as its proximity to New York, the City of Brotherly Love is a powerful rival to its northern neighbor. The metro’s comparatively low cost of living and various amenities have served as a magnet for creatives tired of Brooklyn's high rents and Philadelphia has a long history of arts and media culture completely unique from every other city in the country.

Philadelphia's presence in media and pop culture extends far beyond its depiction in the series, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." From news programs to sitcoms, there's no shortage of media companies producing content in and around the area. The city’s unique scenery makes it an appealing location for filmmakers of all stripes, and Philadelphia’s entertainment tax programs provide incentives to movie directors and television producers who choose to film content within its borders. There are almost too many to choose from, but to keep it brief, here are 10 of the most prominent media companies putting Philadelphia's name in lights.

Media Companies In Philadelphia You Should Know

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Comcast
  • Entercom
  • WHYY
  • Technical.ly
  • NAPCO Media
  • IOP Publishing
  • Switchboard Live
The Philadelphia Inquirer Media Companies In Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Founded: 1829

Focus: The Philadelphia Inquirer is one of the premier sources for news in the city of Philadelphia, delivering daily and hourly news stories relevant to the city, as well as coverage on national and international affairs. Their team of journalists and media professionals deliver print and digital media to their readers on a number of platforms, with the goal of engaging the city's residents in the issues that affect them. With over 150 operational years under their belt, The Philadelphia Inquirer is the among one of the top five longest continually operating daily print publications in the country, and their journalistic work has garnered them 20 Pulitzer Prizes.

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Comcast Media Companies In Philadelphia

Founded: 1936

Focus: Comcast is one of the biggest media and technology companies in the United States, providing internet, video, and mobile services to users throughout the country and the world. The company houses brands such as NBCUniversal, Telemundo and Universal Pictures under its umbrella, and delivers new and media content ranging from sports coverage to original sitcoms to viewers internationally. With headquarters in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse enclave, Comcast has delivered cutting-edge news and entertainment media for the better part of a century.


Entercom Media Companies In Philadelphia

Founded: 1968

Focus: Entercom specializes in audio and broadcasting entertainment, with a suite of media brands spanning podcast studios, digital platforms, radio stations and more. With brands like Pineapple Street Media and Cadence13 under their belt, Entercom delivers entertainment content to listeners across the globe, and manages a portfolio of over 230 radio stations in nearly every market in the United States. Entercom also works with advertisers in a number of markets by offering specialized tools to help better engage audiences and activate new listeners.


WHYY Media Companies In Philadelphia

Founded: 1954

Focus: WHYY is a radio network that connects communities across Philadelphia and surrounding regions with interactive content designed for audiences of all ages. Partnering with organizations like PBS and NPR, WHYY offers both national and local programs and coverage to serve regional needs, and the networks hosts over 70 annual events designed to connect communities of listeners across the country. 


Technical.ly Media Companies In Philadelphia

Founded: 2009

Focus: Technical.ly's web network connects audiences in local markets to news and stories relevant to their economic worlds, helping to encourage community connection and promote local events. Their news network primarily serves the tech industry, and their team of researchers and reporters help bolster the tech economy by promoting editorial content, marketing guidance and recruitment tools. Technical.ly's offices are primarily located in Philadelphia, but the company serves markets throughout the United States in Baltimore, Delaware and Washington D.C.


NAPCO Media Companies In Philadelphia

Founded: 1958

Focus: NAPCO Media delivers news to companies in the B2B industry, delivering content to packaging businesses, marketing agencies, retail enterprises, publishing companies and others. Their media wing guides their clients in leveraging media tools and platforms to build effective campaigns by utilizing digital and print channels to amplify their brands. In addition to offering media services, the full-service company provides a suite of e-learning programs, events, marketing solutions and research services to help their clients succeed. 


IOP Publishing Media Companies In Philadelphia
IOP Publishing

Founded: 1998

Focus: IOP Publishing focuses on publishing the latest news and research related to the STEM fields. By producing a range of media including academic journals, books, studies and speeches, IOP Publishing helps an international community of scientists and researchers stay abreast of the latest innovations and standards in their fields. The company maintains a global presence with additional international offices in the United Kingdom, and they were the publishers behind the first open-access physics journal to go into print.


Switchboard Live Media Companies In Philadelphia
Switchboard Live

Founded: 2016

Focus: Content creators and brands in all industries turn to Switchboard Live's media tools to promote their content across a variety of the most popular social media channels including Facebook, Twitch, Youtube and more. Working with top brands such as Zoom, Vimeo, Teradek and Telestream, Switchboard Live leverages data, digital media and targeted campaigns to help their clients boost engagement and retain audiences. 


Acclaim Media Companies In Philadelphia

Founded: 2013

Focus: Acclaim is a pioneer in video media content providing a platform that allows users to upload and organize their video files while also encouraging collaboration and discussion around their content. The company has two major products, one serving educational organizations and the other serving enterprise customers. The first product allows institutions to upload videos for class assignments and integrate assessment tools while their enterprise solutions help businesses utilize video content for performance reviews and professional development activities.

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PMTV Media Companies In Philadelphia

Founded: 1989

Focus: PMTV offers a variety of television broadcasting products and services covering everything from multi-camera broadcasting to events live-streaming. From software to hardware, PMTV produces a number of products designed to help broadcasting entities get their programs off the ground, developing webcasting technologies, satellites, specialty cameras and more. PMTV's team of specialists also provides technical assistance in setup and management to help their clients better prepare for the requirements of broadcasting.


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