11 Marketing Agencies in Detroit With the Chops to Drive Successful ROI

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Oct. 19, 2020
11 Marketing Agencies in Detroit With the Chops to Drive Successful ROI
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When it comes to creating and scaling a successful marketing plan, there's never been a moment in time with more options to choose from than right now. The combination of traditional marketing methods and digital techniques have provided today's marketing agencies and professionals with the ability to build campaigns that reach audiences on multiple levels. Targeted advertising and multi-channel capabilities have opened the door to understanding audience behavior. Though this has led to a saturation of the digital market, it has also created the opportunity for brands and campaigns that perfectly blend creativity and strategy to rise to the top and capture large market shares. 

The marketing revolution has made its impact on a global scale and Detroit is no exception. The following eleven marketing agencies in Detriot have the capabilities and expertise to deliver meaningful solutions with definite impact to companies at any stage of growth. 

Marketing Agencies in Detroit to Know

  • Wolverine Solutions Group
  • Agency 720
  • MCCI
  • Quikly
  • The Outloud Group
  • BLVD
  • MILO
Quikly marketing agency Detroit

Founded: 2012

What they do: Quikly is an automated technology platform that mixes data science and marketing psychology to multiply sales with little effort. The “urgency marketing” platform operates through social, mobile and media platforms to alert users to upcoming sales, product scarcity, and other motivating factors, providing a continuous cycle of acquisition, retention and reactivation.


Wolverine Solutions Group marketing agency Detroit
Wolverine Solutions Group

Founded: 1978

What they do: Wolverine Solutions Group helps deliver strategic growth solutions to businesses in healthcare, government, insurance and additional industries by helping them understand their data and reach the right customers effectively. The agency offers a mixture of data analysis, direct mail, digital marketing and additional services that promote effective manners of facilitating growth and facing challenges head-on. 


Agency 720 marketing agency Detroit
Agency 720

Founded: 2009

What they do: Agency 720 is a national, full-service marketing agency with local account and media expertise, presenting unprecedented power and accountability to its clients. Creative design, content creation, media buying, social media, digital marketing, local field marketing and experiential marketing services from Agency 720 provide focused solutions to long-term growth across industries.

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MCCI marketing agency Detroit

Founded: 1993

What they do: MCCI offers turnkey, integrated solutions that allow its clients to launch exceptional marketing campaigns to continuously grow their audiences and ROI. The agency’s all-encompassing set of capabilities span advertising, marketing, strategy, consulting, PR and media methods, constructing campaigns for clients that combine solutions for impactful growth. 


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Waymark marketing agency Detroit

Founded: 2010

What they do: Waymark knows that growing companies need to be able to produce content quickly, so it has created a platform that allows organizations to create their own professionally appealing commercials in just minutes. The Waymark platform offers access to a variety of commercial templates for brands to work within and blend their own content into, with several collections of templates available to choose from to fulfill brand and advertising needs in industries like automotive manufacturing, food service, retail, real estate and many more.


The Outloud Group marketing agency Detroit
The Outloud Group

Founded: 2007

What they do: The Outloud Group is committed to providing its clients with access to a robust network of influencers with the skills and expertise needed to bring attention and shine to products of all kinds. Dedicated to providing tangible, lasting results and connecting with quality influencers across top platforms like TikTok, Twitch, Facebook and more, The Outloud Group develops key connections with both creators and brands to form lasting relationships.


BLVD marketing agency Detroit

Founded: 2013

What they do: BLVD is an African-American owned and operated agency that has a goal of helping clients better connect and communicate with underserved and diverse markets, forcing them to confront and change existing perceptions to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Through advertising, strategy, brand development, communication design, experiential marketing and several other factors, BLVD provides an access point for reaching consumers with products that have impacts on entire communities.

MILO marketing agency Detroit

Founded: 2016

What they do: MILO blends strategy and creative truths as old as the industry itself with new technology and fresh mindsets to deliver marketing and advertising solutions that check all the boxes for its clients. An independent, full-service agency, MILO excels at digital marketing, SEO, website development, social strategy, and most importantly, delivering amazing experiences to its clients’ customers.


WebPossible marketing agency Detroit

Founded: 2011

What they do: WebPossible’s digital marketing and web design capabilities allow the agency to maintain a singular focus throughout the scope of its work — help clients succeed online by getting noticed by the right people. Services from the agency include website design, PPC advertising, SEO, Google MyBusiness management and overall website management, allowing clients to generate more revenue regardless of where they need assistance.


The Marketing Co. marketing agency Detroit
The Marketing Co.

Founded: 2014

What they do: The Marketing Co. aims to step up what companies can expect from their digital marketing efforts, delivering a range of top-quality services that empower brands to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Online advertising with a blend of creativity and data, multi-channel digital marketing efforts, focused branding and several other services are available from the agency, with locations in Detroit and Los Angeles for widespread reach.

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Spotlight Grabber marketing agency Detroit
Spotlight Grabber

Founded: 2005

What they do: Spotlight Grabber is a creative marketing agency with the tools needed to build exhilarating campaigns based on logic, leading to smarter solutions with local and national reach. From website design and branding campaigns to experimental activations, social media management and content creation, Spotlight Grabber relies on a spirit of collaboration and data-driven insights to deliver clients with effective marketing solutions that represent them perfectly.

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