Holding multiple positions in the span of a few years can sound like a dream come true for a young professional seeking career growth. Add in that those positions span different disciplines, and the career journey is evidence not only of growth but of a company culture that embraces cross-functional collaboration and exploration. 

Enter Workrise, where “learn and grow” is not only a core value, it’s a way of life for team members.  

For Haley Balod, who has been with the company for six years, this culture has led her to roles in sales, sales leadership, project management, program management and product management. 

Although her journey at Workrise has been impressive, Balod emphasizes that it hasn’t only been about her own growth. 

“The values-driven culture at Workrise hasn’t just propelled my own career — it’s allowed me to actively contribute to the growth of others,” said Balod, now a senior product manager. “It’s a cycle of learning, mentorship and professional victories that extend far beyond the confines of our organization.”


“The values-driven culture hasn’t just propelled my own career — it’s allowed me to actively contribute to the growth of others. It’s a cycle of learning, mentorship and professional victories that extend beyond our organization.” 


Balod took a moment to reflect on her journey while at Workrise. 

“I’ve realized how deeply intertwined Workrise’s core values have been with pivotal moments in my career,” said Balod. “Embracing these values — prioritizing collaborative problem-solving over individual recognition, striving for excellence in every role, taking ownership of our mission and embracing continuous learning — propelled me through six promotions in just five years.”

Balod noted that she has had the privilege of mentoring and promoting several individuals within the organization, witnessing firsthand their growth and subsequent successes. 

In Balod’s current position, she leads efforts to develop product offerings for customers. 

“My professional growth at Workrise has been a dynamic journey, marked by an array of skills learned and diverse stretch projects undertaken,” she added. 



Workrise offers supply chain and workforce management solutions that make it easier for energy companies, energy services companies and energy workers to work together to deliver the projects that power our world.

 Workrise team members work in a modern, well-lit office space with wooden desks. 


Initially immersed in sales, Balod honed her acumen and enhanced her professional network by working directly with some of the world’s largest companies. It was during this time that Balod was able to pursue certifications in project management to assist the company in cross-departmental collaboration. Balod moved to the Integration Management Office to further develop a nuanced understanding of mergers and acquisitions. After some time there, she shifted into management, where she worked on strategic problems like large-scale system redesigns. 

“It was Workrise's unwavering support that allowed me to delve into new territories and enabled these transitions — which is a testament to the diverse and comprehensive growth opportunities that Workrise provides,” said Balod.

Balod is not the only one who sees a direct connection between Workrise’s values and a flourishing career journey. 

“‘Learn and grow’ has been a core value at Workrise for years,” said Director of Revenue Operations Jacob Gritte. “This mindset proves to be necessary as we continue to strive to be client-driven, and not everyone at the company has the opportunity to meet with clients. A culture and mindset of growth that was focused on understanding our clients and industry has made our company more effective.”

Gritte joined the company in February of 2017 and has since held over ten different roles. Now, as the director of revenue operations, he primarily partners with finance teams on budgeting, forecasting and cost tracking. Even at the director level, Gritte is still learning and aiming to move up in his career. 

“My manager and I have identified a skill I would like to grow this year — one in which he has significant expertise,” said Gritte. “He brings it up monthly and uses relevant instances throughout the month to pause and coach me on this topic.”

Gritte also identified cross-functional leaders who have tenure in their expertise. He tries to leverage those relationships when a project overlaps with their fields. 

“Over the years, Workrise has had different mentorship opportunities as well as coffee meet-ups with cross-functional co-workers,” said Gritte. He noted that taking advantage of those opportunities has helped him make unexpected connections.

“Workrise has encouraged me to grow as a problem-solver, have flexibility, listen earnestly, be level-headed, trust and strive to be accessible to cross-functional team members,” said Gritte. “These are skills that have shaped me as a professional.”



  • Own the mission
  • Raise the bar
  • Learn and grow
  • Solutions over egos


Director of Sales Matt Crook sees the big picture power of incorporating values like “learn and grow” into the company’s ethos. 

“When everyone is aligned with a simple — yet audacious — goal of transforming how business is done, acknowledging where you’re strong and where you’re weak becomes a welcomed exercise versus trying to hide gaps or push away problems,” said Crook.

Crook notes that professional development is the catalyst for up-leveling every person at the organization. At Workrise, he sees that in round-tables, training and mock simulations.

“These trainings allow elasticity in thought processes that produce outsized results,” said Crook. “We can leverage our experiences in a pseudo-structured environment, attended by our peers who are eager to learn and grow as well, and bring our thought processes and knowledge together to ensure we thinking about problem-solving in a pragmatic way that will produce results and solutions that are impactful in practice, in real-time.” 


 Team members gather around a conference table.


Crook started out in the oil and gas industry through fabrication, even fixing machines during his breaks. By 2018, he became fascinated by tech-enabled solutions in the industry and moved into the realm of sales. 

“My aspiration is to become the tip of the spear, leading a company in the oil and gas space that delivers unparalleled value to everyone who is in the industry,” added Crook. 

Workrise takes a unique approach to career growth, using the “learn and grow” value as its guiding light.

“In terms of career advancement, Workrise's commitment to promoting from within, coupled with its open-door policy for pursuing new opportunities, has enabled me to take on roles with more responsibility, higher compensation and increased influence within the organization,” concluded Balod. “Workrise has been instrumental in helping me make substantial progress toward my career goals to learn and grow.” 


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