37 Top Companies in Dallas You Should Know

Dallas is a bustling hub of technological innovation. Check out the companies making it happen in the Lone Star State.

Written by Sunny Betz
37 Top Companies in Dallas You Should Know
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Margo Steines | Jan 31, 2024

With bold and innovative companies lining its streets, Dallas has a knack for attracting professionals who have something to prove. The area already resides within the second-largest state in the U.S., and it demonstrates an even greater persona rooted in a tradition of ingenuity. Tech companies and professionals can experiment with fresh ideas in various sectors, displaying a fearlessness that rivals that of the riders at local rodeos. As a result, some have labeled the city the next potential Silicon Valley

The maverick spirit is alive and well in Dallas, encouraging veteran businesses and recent startups alike to leave their mark. Whether somebody’s interests fall with energy production or app development, there’s a good chance companies in Dallas are making strides within their desired field. See how these businesses are embracing the city’s creative mentality and contributing to the thriving tech scene in Dallas.

Top Companies In Dallas To Know

  • AT&T: 240,000+ employees
  • Texas Instruments: 29,000+ employees
  • Pinnacle Group: 8,000+ employees
  • Telvista: 7,000+ employees
  • Solera: 4,000+ employees
  • Mercado Labs: 3,000+ employees
  • Tellabs: 2,500+ employees
  • Infogroup: 2,000+ employees
  • Capital One: 48,000+ employees
  • Palo Alto Networks: 10,100+ employees


Top Companies in Dallas 

Founded: 1985

Number of employees: 501 - 1,000

Their focus: Software & Electronics Design

Their story: Altium makes software that automates circuit board design processes for electronics engineers. Its design tools include schematics and layout programs as well as design editor tools. Engineers can use these tools to help them create circuit boards for consumer goods with electronic components.  


Founded: 2001

Number of employees: 501 - 1,000

Their focus: E-commerce & Events

Their story: Vivid Seats is a ticket exchange and resale company that offers a secondary market for live event tickets. Its platform, which receives and holds payment on behalf of sellers until after buyers have attended ticketed events, serves both casual users who want to sell a ticket they can’t use and professional resellers, who enjoy a free point-of-sale system though the cloud-based SkyBox platform.


Founded: 1912 

Number of employees: 45,000+

Their focus: Insurance 

Their story: Liberty Mutual Insurance is restoring people’s peace of mind with comprehensive policies. Navigating the company’s site, customers can customize insurance plans for vehicles, properties, and businesses. In addition, Liberty Mutual Insurance features a startup environment in Solaria Labs, studying how to implement the latest technology into the customer experience. 


Founded: 2017 

Number of employees: 280+ employees 

Their focus: Real Estate 

Their story: Revantage is a corporate services company supporting high-quality real estate services from North America to Asia. As a Blackstone company, Revantage provides the tools and talent to help other Blackstone companies thrive. With the insights of Revantage, businesses can effectively manage properties in logistics, retail, hospitality, and other industries. 


Founded: 1799

Number of employees: 302,000+

Their focus: Fintech 

Their story: JPMorgan Chase has become a leader in the financial sector, offering solutions to the individuals and groups who need it most. Customers can personalize their investment options while enjoying online and mobile banking platforms. In addition, JPMorgan Chase is committed to the equitable distribution of wealth. With efforts to support workers and small businesses, the financial powerhouse is setting an example for other institutions to follow. 


Founded: 1981

Number of employees: 74,000

Their focus: Healthtech & Insurance 

Their story: Cigna delivers a healthcare experience that touches every aspect of a patient’s life. The company offers a complete approach that aims to ensure people experience complete confidence in their physical, emotional, environmental, financial, and social realms. Combining consultants and advisors with thoughtful programs, Cigna guides patients through their journeys to total personal well-being. 


Founded: 1995 

Number of employees: 2,100+ 

Their focus: Online Dating     

Their story: Relationships have forever changed within a digital landscape, resulting in more people meeting online through platforms created by Match Group. Tinder highlights the company’s diverse portfolio, which has helped people of different races, sexual orientations, and geographic areas connect. In a high-tech world, Match Group continues to provide creative ways for people to seek out the right partner.

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Founded: 1967

Number of employees: 256,600+

Their focus: Information Technology 

Their story: Technology has placed an abundance of benefits at the feet of businesses, and Capgemini is determined to help organizations take advantage of every opportunity to streamline daily tasks. The company assists businesses with migrating to the cloud, simplifying supply chains, automating basic tasks, and more. There’s no limit to what tech can do, so Capgemini is ready to help companies reach their full potential.   


Founded: 1979

Number of employees: 17,800+

Their focus: Consulting 

Their story: Businesses should never make a decision based on guesswork, and they’ll never have to with the insights of Gartner. The organization creates a plan for action that is founded on thorough research and analyses. Whether a company wants to develop a marketing strategy or ramp up efforts on cybersecurity, Gartner has the tools and the knowledge to craft a solution that works for all parties involved.


Founded: 1942

Number of employees: 6,800+

Their focus: Fintech & Consulting

Their story: Integrity and transparency are key for an organization to build trust with its members, so Crowe steps in to offer the highest-caliber service possible. The consulting firm can provide companies with peace of mind by conducting comprehensive audits and keeping leaders up to speed on the latest tax laws. Crowe also taps into industry experts and efficient platforms, providing tailored guidance for each business.


Founded: 1947

Number of employees: 67,300+

Their focus: Information Technology 

Their story: It’s become essential that people remain in touch with each other and their surroundings, so Jacobs has made this reality the focus of its mission. The organization has built more enduring infrastructure and intelligent connectivity solutions while managing to address issues related to the earth’s resources. A sustainable world is a real possibility, thanks to the efforts of companies like Jacobs.


Founded: 1998 

Number of employees: 251,000+

Their focus: Fintech

Their story: As a network of international firms, PwC is uniquely equipped to handle issues regarding numerous aspects of a business. Realigning an HR department, completing a transition to the cloud, and navigating international employment laws are all within the wheelhouse of PwC. Plus, the company features alliances with many tech industry leaders to ensure its solutions remain at the forefront of innovation.


Founded: 1847 

Number of employees: 293,000+

Their focus: Security Technology 

Their story: Siemens boasts a diverse portfolio that has resulted in countless products, including efficient car engines, sustainable transportation systems, and intelligent building designs. Although the company has spread its reach across a range of industries, its goal of creating secure and innovative solutions never changes. Siemens brings creativity to any task with its advanced tools and flexible mindset.


Founded: 2007

Number of employees: 2,000+

Their focus: Information Technology & Security

Their story: It’s not easy to tell when or how a virus will infiltrate a company’s defenses, so Tanium is taking proactive measures to meet threats before they cause any damage. The organization provides a comprehensive plan for monitoring and addressing potential problems, resolving disturbances before they become larger issues. A Tanium platform enables IT and security teams to collaborate, resulting in a more collective and convenient effort to secure a company’s data. 


Founded: 1911

Number of employees: 533,800+

Their focus: Information Technology 

Their story: When it comes to getting the most out of data, IBM offers a host of solutions that work for various companies, from automotive businesses to healthcare entities. Cloud-based software makes it easier than ever to arrange and sift through data while AI technology eliminates mundane tasks with automation. It’s become crucial for a business to remain agile, so IBM places this value at the center of its strategy.


Founded: 1967

Number of employees: 24,200+

Their focus: Information Technology & Business Services 

Their story: NTT DATA Services understands the challenges of keeping pace with a rapidly moving world, so it tailors solutions to the needs of various businesses. From cloud-based software to AI technology, the company finds ways to rearrange data, protect information, and better connect businesses to employees and clients. Navigating a digital landscape isn’t familiar for all organizations, but NTT DATA Services has the tools to give companies the confidence and competitive edge they’ve longed for.


Founded: 2007

Number of employees: 1,800+

Their focus: Cloud Software & Security

Their story: Companies would never have a single data breach in an ideal world, but Datto, Inc., understands the importance of respecting all possible scenarios. In the event that a problem does occur, Datto, Inc., provides organizations with ways to recover folders, files, and even small business servers. The company’s cloud-based technology adapts well to Microsoft Azure and other platforms, providing a flexible yet reliable solution for businesses looking to secure their most valuable information.


Founded: 1912

Number of employees: 108,500+

Their focus: Aerospace & Security  

Their story: While Lockheed Martin has dabbled in areas such as sustainable energy, the company has made a name for itself specifically in the aviation industry. Lockheed Martin harnesses the potential of the latest technology to develop advanced aircraft and high-tech solutions that enhance the capabilities of flight. With satellites and other spacecraft under its belt, this organization has plans to expand its innovative approach.


Founded: 1981

Number of employees: 250,500+ 

Their focus: Information Technology

Their story: The workplace has become a hybrid environment where humans and technology must collaborate to achieve success. Infosys makes this transition as smooth as possible. A team of experts can guide businesses on various subjects, including how to adopt AI technology and train employees to adapt to a changing workspace. Learning how to accommodate new types of software isn’t easy, but the professionals at Infosys make it much more manageable.


Founded: 2005 

Number of employees: 10,100+

Their focus: Cybersecurity

Their story: As people’s personal and professional lives become increasingly digitized, Palo Alto Networks has stepped up to deliver a range of cybersecurity solutions. Relying on cloud-based technology, the company is able to pinpoint potential problems and sniff out viruses before they do any damage. Palo Alto Networks protects data with plenty of resources, from firewalls to other anti-malware products.


Founded: 1994

Number of Employees: 48,000+

Their Focus: Fintech

Their Story: As the first bank to embrace an all-cloud approach, Capital One is primed to deliver even more efficient customer experiences. A mobile app streamlines online and in-person shopping while virtual card numbers enable customers to purchase items without giving away their actual card information. People can look forward to simpler and safer banking with thoughtful technology at their fingertips.  


Founded: 2008

Number of employees: 1001-5000

Their focus: Home loans

Their story: PennyMac is a financial partner to home buyers at any stage of the game, helping them acquire the funding they need to make their dream home a reality. Services are available for acquiring a mortgage loan, refinancing and more, with online tools for comparing loan options and calculating mortgages available as well.


Founded: 1882

Number of Employees: 2,000+

Their Focus: Energy

Their Story: Luminant is a power generation company that manages mining, marketing, trading and energy development projects across the state of Texas and beyond. The company's focus on sustainability powers their purchasing of wind and solar energy across the nation, generating over 39,000 megawatts of power throughout the United States.


Founded: 1999

Number of Employees: 1,200+ 

Their Focus: Cloud Computing

Their Story: ACTIVE Network is a digital marketplace and intelligence data provider that offers event organizers the option to implement software into their planning and hosting administrations. Their products and services enable event organizers the ability to create virtual events through a pay-per-transaction subscription model, making it easier for enterprises to continue to use events to boost revenue and spread their brand story.


Founded: 1876

Number of Employees: 240,000+ 

Their Focus: Telecommunications

Their Story: AT&T is an international telecommunications company that delivers wireless calling, both local and long distance, for individuals and companies across the globe. Partnering with mobile device leaders like Apple, the company develops a swath of both wireless and wired text, voice, data, and internet services for a subscriber base of over 110 million customers. For over 100 years, AT&T has been one of the biggest communications companies in the world, and recently teamed up with WarnerMedia to deliver media and entertainment content via their devices to their broad consumer base globally.


Founded: 1930

Number of Employees: 29,000+

Their Focus: Semiconductors & Computers

Their Story: One of the biggest and most recognizable embedded processor developers, Texas Instruments engineers semiconductor technology for use in cell phones, calculators, and other devices. From LED lights and electronics chips to solar energy processors, the company produces tech for use in a broad range of industries, and their products can be found at use in medical organizations, educational institutions, automobiles and individual enterprises. Texas Instruments brings in an estimated revenue of round $1 billion, and their engineers and designers are based all over the world in research centers in Dallas, San Francisco, Germany and India.


Founded: 1996

Number of Employees: 8,000+

Their Focus: HR Technology

Their Story: Pinnacle Group delivers IT-powered workforce and staffing solutions to companies across the United States and Canada. The company offers payroll, contractor compliance, and vendor management software to companies in nearly every industry. The company also boasts the status of being the first woman and minority-owned company to become a Beeline Certified Strategic Partner. 


Founded: 2005

Number of Employees: 4,000+

Their Focus: Software

Their Story: Solera is a software and data company that provides integrated technology and services for companies in the automotive and insurance industries. Their software has been implemented in pioneering technologies such as connected automobiles and self-driving vehicles. Their products aim to connect mobility tech and insurance data to help keep drivers safe. Solera additionally develops software designed to help consumers protect the security of their personal digital assets, helping process over 300 million transactions across the globe every year.


Founded: 2018

Number of Employees: 3,000+

 Their Focus: Supply Chain Technology

Their Story: Mercado Labs helps companies gain control over their supply chains by providing enterprises with a cloud-based platform where they can connect with their employees, suppliers, partners and everyone else involved in their operations. Their technologies help companies reduce risks to their assets while in transit and improve the efficiency of their distribution, offering compliance maintenance services as well to ensure they can remain up to date on the latest legislation.


Founded: 1974

Number of Employees: 2,500+ 

Their Focus: Telecommunications

Their Story: Based out of the North side of Dallas, Tellabs is a telecommunications company that serves industries from entertainment to healthcare, providing companies and organizations globally the ability to integrate telecom software into their daily operations. Offering both enterprise and broadband solutions, Tellabs' product suite includes a number of LAN and ethernet options, and their team additionally provides technical support services to help companies integrate and install new technologies seamlessly. 


Founded: 1979

Number of Employees: 1,300+

Their Focus: Enterprise Software

Their Story: BenefitMall offers software-powered benefits and payroll services to companies throughout the country. Partnering with both insurance carriers and enterprises, BenefitMall works to help companies provide worker's compensation, retirement plans, and other benefits to their employees. Their technology suite assists companies in conducting paperless payroll operations, making it easier to compensate employees on time and simplifying the benefits enrollment process.


Founded: 2005

Number of Employees: 1,200+

Their Focus: Enterprise Technology

Their Story: MOURI Tech works with both private sector and public sector companies to develop cloud technology, advanced analytics, and other solutions aimed at boosting enterprise success. Working with companies in transportation, energy, automotive and other industries, MOURI Tech provides enterprise tech solutions to clients across the globe. Their service suite includes app development, robotic process automation, DevOps services, workforce management software and many other products.


Founded: 1882 

Number of Employees: 1,000+

Their Focus: Energy

Their Story: TXU is one of the biggest power and energy companies in the state, providing Texans with electricity plans that match their incomes, budgets, and specific energy needs. Offering a range of plans for both individuals and businesses, TXU works to develop clean energy options in addition to traditional power solutions to help transition to a greener model of energy. The company additionally provides products such as smart thermostats and smart home technology to help customers implement technology to help understand their energy footprints.


Founded: 1988

Number of Employees: 1,000+

Their Focus: Shipping & Transportation

Their Story: Omnitracs collaborates with shipping companies to deliver software technology designed to simplify and streamline fleet management operations. With a product suite including GPS tracking, maintenance tech, radar and fuel efficiency tracking, Omnitracs helps companies take care of both their drivers and their supplies by maintaining their safety and helping customers receive their products faster.


Founded: 2002

Number of Employees: 400+

Their Focus: Hospitality

Their Story: DerbySoft leads the competition in hospitality software, partnering with hotels and other travel organizations internationally to develop web marketing infrastructures and boost search-based discovery. In addition to their Texas offices, DerbySoft's international teams work out of locations in Shanghai, Beijing, London, Barcelona, Nanjing and Tokyo, serving an international community of supply partners and enterprise clients.


Founded: 1997

Number of Employees: 7,000+

Their Focus: IT

Their Story: Telvista is an information technology company that provides outsourced communications software for companies in telecommunications, technology, travel, retail, and other industries. Their contact center and social media solutions help their clients reach partners and customers in an effective manner, helping businesses stay relevant and competitive in their markets. Their goal is to help companies reach their full potential by leveraging all available channels to spread their brand message. The company works with both startups and Fortune 500 companies to reach their objectives.


Founded: 1972

Number of Employees: 2,000+

Their Focus: Marketing

Their Story: Data Axle offers analytics services for sales companies, helping them develop effective direct marketing strategies based off of real data from their customer bases. The company's services help brands develop email, database and paper marketing campaigns with the help of big data, delivering specified lead generation and helping to boost acquisitions and revenue. The company has provided sales technology to leading global companies including Allstate, eBay, Marriott and Aetna.

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