DFW Kickboxing Franchise to Offer NFTs to New Members

KickHouse wants to help members learn about fitness and blockchain assets.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Dec. 28, 2021
DFW Kickboxing Franchise to Offer NFTs to New Members

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With the new year just around the corner, many will take to setting physical accomplishments as resolutions; losing weight, being more active, eating healthy and starting a rainy day fund are among the most common goals. However, according to Forbes, 80 percent of all new year’s resolutions are abandoned by February. DFW-based KickHouse, a modern kickboxing studio franchise, wants to help people achieve their resolutions by incentivizing new members with NFTs. 

With the new initiative, KickHouse will help new members make gains in the gym and in their digital wallets by offering a limited edition NFT to members who sign up for a coach-led kickboxing class before the end of January.

“When you’re intimidated by something, you can choose to shy away from it or you can tackle the challenge head on,” KickHouse CEO Jessica Yarmey said in a prepared statement. “This new year, our coaches are ready to introduce you to the calorie-torching benefits of kickboxing and you’ll also be introduced to NFTs with our KickHouse NFT collection.”  

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Founded in 2020, KickHouse offers several kickboxing-based courses that range from beginner classes to advanced, and all share the goal of building perseverance and empowerment through physical activity. Currently KickHouse has 35 locations across the country but the company hopes to grow to 100 locations by the first half of the new year. 

The combination of kickboxing with NFTs is meant to help people stick to new fitness routines while also learning about blockchain and DEFI assets, according to the company. 

The company did not provide additional details on the NFTs themselves. They will be designed by Nettie Bella, a Latina digital artist whose other NFTs feature cat renditions of superhero characters and cute puppies in the likeness of Rambo and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  

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The NFTs will become available to members starting in February and will be managed by Merchant Media, a crypto startup. 

“Helping people interact with crypto and the blockchain needs to be both fun and familiar,” Dixie Gilbert, VP of sales and marketing at Merchant Media, said in a statement. “At Merchant Media our goal is to help brands and businesses, like KickHouse, design meaningful crypto 3.0 adoption strategies through creative ideas and solutions within the Stellar blockchain.”

NFTs have become increasingly popular in recent months with several other companies launching offerings including the NHL team Seattle Kraken. To learn more about non-fungible tokens, check out Built In’s guide to NFTs

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