How to Convert Jupyter Notebook to PDF

Converting your Jupyter Notebook to PDF is a useful way to share your processed data set. Here’s how to do it in four simple steps.

Published on Feb. 14, 2024
How to Convert Jupyter Notebook to PDF
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While working on my Jupyter Notebook, I sometimes want to share my processed data set — complete with the plot and markdown explanation I created — in a readable format. Luckily, there’s an easy way to convert Jupyter Notebooks into PDF files. As an example, I’ll convert the notebook below to a PDF.

How Do You Convert Jupyter Notebook to PDF?

  1. Install the necessary package.
  2. Run this code: pip install -U notebook-as-pdf.
  3. Run this code: pyppeteer-install.
  4. Download the file as a PDF.

Here’s the Jupyter Notebook in its original format.

Jupyter Notebook
Screenshot by the author

And here it is as a PDF.

Jupyter Notebook as PDF
Screenshot by the author

Now, here’s how you too can convert your notebook in a few simple steps.

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4 Steps to Convert Your Jupyter Notebook to PDF

First, install the necessary package. For this example, I’m installing the package notebook-as-pdf. Next, run the following code in your command prompt.

pip install -U notebook-as-pdf

You’ll also need a setup for Chromium to perform the HTML to PDF conversion. Then run this code in your code prompt.


Now, open the notebook you want to convert to a PDF. In your notebook, click the file menu bar, select “download as,” then select “PDF via HTML.”

Image circling “Download as” and “PDF via HTML (.pdf)”
Screenshot by author
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Just like that, your notebook is a PDF file. And if you’d rather use a command prompt to convert the notebook, you can do so with the following code.

jupyter-nbconvert --to PDFviaHTML example.ipynb

Because I titled the example Jupyter Notebook example.ipynb, the result is titled example.pdf. This is everything you need to know to convert your Jupyter Notebook into a PDF file. It’s simple, but it’ll prove useful in the long run.

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