12 IT Companies in Pune to Know

Home to some of India’s largest IT parks, this up-and-coming IT hub is becoming a choice destination for thousands of industry professionals.

Written by Brooke Becher
12 IT Companies in Pune to Know
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Rose Velazquez | Jun 14, 2024

Thanks to its dedicated IT parks and world-class universities, Pune has developed into a top-ranking IT hub. This western Indian city’s relatively low cost of living and agreeable year-round weather have attracted IT professionals and industry giants alike, housing branch offices of Infosys, Satyam, IBM and Wipro.

Pune’s growth can also be credited to its location, just 150 kilometers from the country’s economic capital, Mumbai. And it’s only going to get more competitive: In 2023, the state approved a new policy that aims to create millions of jobs for the IT sector.

The following Pune-based companies are doing their part in the city’s reinvention as a premiere IT hub. 

Top IT Companies in Pune

  • Phi Commerce
  • Lentra
  • Mindbowser
  • Intangles
  • Pharmarack
  • E42
  • GIBots
  • Coding Invaders
  • Metashop
  • WorqHat

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12 Top IT Companies in Pune

John Deere serves the agriculture and construction industries, building advanced machinery that enables precision operations. Its technology includes software systems for managing job sites and equipment performance. The company has a technology center based in Pune where engineers and IT professionals work on product design and supporting John Deere’s global business operations.


Healthtech company Zocdoc’s searchable platform is built to make it easy for patients to find and schedule appointments with medical providers that are covered by their insurance and meet their care needs. The company also offers tools and solutions to support medical practices, enabling them to attract new patients and enhance the patient experience. Zocdoc’s tech serves primary care physicians along with a range of medical specialists, including dentists, psychiatrists and dermatologists.

Zocdoc Is Hiring | View Open Jobs


Phi Commerce is a fintech company that helps clients process digital transactions through its unified payment processing platform, PayPhi. With real-time dashboards and API-based protocols, PayPhi enables businesses to collect payments, automate subscription-based transactions, implement lending and tokenization programs, facilitate payouts and even split invoice payments in a series of transactions. The platform, which supports more than 270 payment options, has powered over $1 billion in transactions to date. Phi Commerce also serves some of India’s top private sector banks, billion-dollar conglomerates and educational institutions.

Phi Commerce is Hiring | View Open Jobs


Lentra is a software-as-a-service company with a lending platform that caters to a wide variety of sectors. Whether businesses are helping their clients make a down payment on a house, invest in continuing education or finance supply chain operations, this ISO-certified company has built service-specific architecture across its highly configurable platform suite. These applications streamline enterprise operations with data-driven decision making tools, flexible pay-as-you-go schemes, AI-assisted video chats that authenticate documents in real-time, streamline credit enquiry processes and gauges customer interests using behavioral algorithms. On average, Lentra processes about two million loans every month. 

Lentra is Hiring | View Open Jobs


Mindbowser is an IT company that modernizes a businesses’ digital profile and performance with the latest technology. This company has two focuses — digital transformation, which creates a user-friendly, reliable website with clean codes, optimal engineering and better automation, as well as product engineering, which digitizes customer behaviors into data that can be used for actionable insights. Mindbowser’s team of web and graphic designers, mobile engineers, software testers and developers and business analysts have worked cross-industry with more than 1,500 brands in seven countries. 

Mindbowser is Hiring | View Open Jobs

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Intangles is an AI-powered digital twin company that provides predictive analytics to the transportation industry. Using machine learning and metadata, its platform provides real-time dashboards that help fleet supervisors maintain vehicles; monitor fuel levels, wastage and emissions; locate vehicles and assets en-route; “keep score” of driver behavior and detect breakdowns before they occur. With an estimated three million AI models in training, Intangles’ tech can make about one billion operational predictions per day.

Intangles is Hiring | View Open Jobs


Pharmarack is a healthtech startup that has developed one of India’s largest B2B e-commerce platforms that powers the value chain of the pharmaceutical Industry. The SaaS application connects more than 250,000 chemists, hospitals, stockists, distributors and assorted retailers to a sole network, where they can access clear visibility of inventory, data-driven market insights and automated payment processing integrations in one place. Pharmarack is supported by 17 pharma companies in total, including all top five leaders by market capitalization. 

Pharmarack is Hiring | View Open Jobs


E42 is a deeptech startup building a no-code, natural-language-processing platform that creates AI-employees designed to supplement a human workforce. While the company itself is building cognitive automation processes with human-like communicative ability crossed with robotic speed and accuracy, the platform acts as a marketplace where businesses can browse a library of worker-bots-for-hire programmed to take on the roles of receptionists, customer service agents, HR representatives, lab assistants and sales associates, to name a few. Clients that have onboarded these fully customizable, security compliant AI-coworkers have reported a return of investment as early as two weeks out from deployment, and an average of 82 percent gain in efficiency. 

E42 is Hiring | View Open Jobs

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GIBots is a deeptech company that helps enterprise-level businesses extract data and automate decision-making as they digitize their operations. The startup’s no-code, SaaS-based automation platform hosts thousands of bots built with generative AI, NLP and machine learning capabilities. These intelligent systems can digitize legal, logistics and loan documents; verify background checks; process invoices; reconcile data and manage order fallouts. Now deployed by more than 250 global clients, GIBots have saved an estimated 148,000 hours of labor.

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Coding Invaders is an edtech company that offers professional courses in data science, data analysis, programming and IT management via its online platform. The IT academy, which offers one-to-one mentorship and job-placement assistance, was created to boost employability in India. How it works: students learn job-ready skills in virtual classes sized at 20-25 people, completing 10 projects over the course of eight or nine months (depending on the subject). Upon completion of all modules, students then work with career services to draft a CV, participate in mock interviews and find job placement.

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Metashop is a deeptech startup that enables users to create photorealistic 3D models at scale by simply uploading a short video. Its AI-software uses neural radiance field technology (NeRF), a deep learning technique, to produce complex 3D scenes from partial 2D imagery. Eliminating the need for LiDAR, this tech makes 3D assets accessible to anyone with a smartphone and may be of special use for those in 3D-editing, e-commerce, gaming and visual effects.

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WorqHat is an AI-powered company that enables users to design and deploy their own custom apps and workflows with its no-code, drag-and-drop platform. By connecting to WorqHat’s deep-learning language models through its suite of APIs, companies of all sizes can modify their internal tools and customer portals with features that automate interactive, customer-service chatbots, generate text and images for product descriptions and blog posts or even analyze content for security purposes.

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