How One New Leader is Hitting the Ground Running at Center

Personal investment and a focus on community power the fintech company’s fast-paced work environment from the first day on the job.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Mar. 12, 2024
How One New Leader is Hitting the Ground Running at Center
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When Brad Elfman joined Center, his first two weeks were spent connecting with dozens of the company’s hybrid employees. 

“The platform and strategy session was my highlight,” said Elfman, the company’s new senior director of embedded sales. “The talent and diversity of backgrounds that it promised — and delivered — resulted in a productive outcome, leaving us with clear goals, ownership and the drive to execute.” 

Elfman was impressed with his new teammates’ potential, and with everyone’s alignment to clear goals, making him feel like he had a “smooth runway for takeoff.” 

*One meeting with Chief Revenue Officer Maureen Rhodes, though, gave him a deeper insight into Center’s culture and the value its leaders place on their relationships with each employee.

“Mo knew the name of every partner, kid and pet from across our revenue leadership team and shared personal anecdotes like attending colleagues’ weddings over the summer,” he said. “It wasn’t just about the fun facts she remembered — it was about the sense of personal investment and community I felt out of the gate.”

Built In learned more about Elfman’s experience joining the company and what he is looking forward to as his team continues to race ahead.



Center offers a connected corporate card, expense management and travel solution. The solution brings real-time visibility into employee spending, streamlines expenses and gives finance teams enhanced controls and insights.


What was the onboarding process like for you?

Brad Elfman
Senior Director, Embedded Sales

Starting at Center was superior to any other remote onboarding I’ve experienced. The executive team, starting with the CEO, thoroughly introduced their roles along with the company’s foundation, vision and operating principles. I was also lucky to benefit from initial in-person onboardings which helped me form meaningful connections with my colleagues. 

I can’t help but praise Center’s talent acquisition team. The interview process was seamless and set the stage for success from the get-go. Their approach during onboarding has raised the bar for talent organizations everywhere.

“Their approach during onboarding has raised the bar for talent organizations everywhere.”


What pleasantly surprised you after you joined?

The genuinely cross-functional nature of the work here at Center, particularly within my business unit, was a delightful surprise. While many companies claim their teams operate cross-functionally, it’s the real deal at Center. This collaboration has not only made “all-hands-on-deck” a practical reality but also fostered a deep trust within the team.

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What are you most excited to accomplish with your team?

Spend management is a vast market, and we’re only beginning to tap into it. As we delve deeper, the platform work we’re doing is aimed at revolutionizing the modern spend management category while building on Center’s impressive achievements over the last several years. I’m particularly excited about forging strategic partnerships within the ecosystem.


How are you looking forward to growing at Center?

Supporting a platform that caters to small businesses and multinational corporations is no small feat. It’s about balancing the needs of both legacy systems and innovators, which is as challenging as it is rewarding. This role pushes me to grow, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of solving complex problems and building alongside my colleagues and our partners at Center.


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Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Center.

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